How To Make Strawberry Moonshine

How To Make Strawberry Moonshine – One of the things I look forward to most in spring is fresh strawberries at our local farmers market. They have such a short season where we live that we have to make the most of them while we have them, and I figured what better way to enjoy strawberry-infused moonshine year-round.

This recipe is really easy and when done will give you 2 liters of Strawberry Infused Moonshine. Prep time is 5 minutes, total time to complete is 20 minutes.

How To Make Strawberry Moonshine

STEP 4 – Leave for 4 weeks in a cool dark place. Shake the jar every two days to aid the infusion process. After 4 weeks, strain strawberries through cheesecloth. Re-bottle Strawberry Moonshine with extracted fruit.

Strawberry Coulis {strawberry Sauce}

At this point you’ve finished making Strawberry Moonshine and I don’t have a sweet tooth so I usually stop at this point. However, if you prefer strawberry liqueur, you can follow steps 5 and 6 below to make it.

Step 5 – In a small saucepan add 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Boil and stir for one minute. Remove from heat and allow simple syrup to cool.

Step 6 – Add simple syrup to Strawberry Infused Moonshine until desired sweetness is achieved. Glycerin can also be added to help your Strawberry Moonshine liqueur thicken and smooth.

Strawberry-infused Moonshine tastes great on its own, but if you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding vanilla bean, lime, orange, or lemon zest to your base. If you’ve had success with strawberry infusions, why not share your successes or failures with us. Please leave a comment below, we are always happy to hear from our readers.

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Here’s a video I found that does a great job of showing how to make fruit-infused vodka. Sometimes watching a video is easier than reading instructions. There’s something special about making your own moonshine. Not only is it fresh, but you also get a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve made a delicious drink.

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Moonshine isn’t hard to make if you know what you’re doing or are good at following instructions. You can find many different recipes online to use and help perfect your moonshine.

Getting fresh fruit is important when using fruit in any type of beverage. You might think that using slightly stale fruit won’t affect the flavor, but you’d be wrong. Fresh fruit adds a punch of flavors that will really get your taste buds moving. If you don’t believe us, try making moonshine with aged and fresh strawberries and compare.

Well, it doesn’t actually age, but when you’re ready to moonshine, you should let it sit for about two weeks. It is generally recommended that you refrigerate your moonshine for a while so the flavors can really develop. This is the case with most moonshine you make, and while some can be stored at room temperature, refrigeration is usually a better option in the meantime.

Strawberry Moonshine Recipe D.i.y

Many people may think that Strawberry Moonshine only has strawberries in it. However, adding lemon juice to the moonshine adds a little kick to the flavors. Lemon flavors blend perfectly with strawberry flavors, just the right amount of flavor to enhance the overall flavor profile. You want to make sure you don’t overpower the strawberries by adding too much lemon juice. So for every pint of strawberry puree, add 2 cups of lemon juice.

Obviously you don’t use whole strawberries in moonshine. You want to blend the strawberries into a complete puree. Make sure the puree is not thick and is fully blended.

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When you store moonshine in a glass jar, you want to make sure to remove all the pulp from it. The pulp actually distorts the flavor of the moonshine, especially since you’re keeping it refrigerated for 2 weeks. To remove the pulp, all you have to do is use a strainer.

The importance of using glass bottles to store moonshine cannot be overemphasized. Mason jars allow moonshine to develop its full flavor when stored because it allows heat and cold elements to pass in and out of moonshine while storing.

Strawberry Salty Dog Moonshine • Taylor Bradford

Our free eBook details how to make your first syrup, successful fermentation, and even includes three easy-to-make moonshine recipes! Summer is almost here, and that means warm weather, back porches, pool parties, and the occasional fruity cocktail!

This Homemade Strawberry Moonshine recipe is the perfect summer treat and so easy to make at home.

The real moonshine is illegally distilled alcohol – we don’t make our own alcohol here (that would be a big no-no) but fruit wine.

This is just like the fruity ‘moonshine’ you’ve probably seen in the store, but it’s fun to make your own! Plus, you know exactly what’s in it.

Palmetto Strawberry Moonshine Likör 0,7l Flasche

This Strawberry Moonshine is delicious and a beautiful red. Super festive summer parties and events! (Adults only, of course!)

To make it easier for you to recreate this Strawberry Moonshine recipe, I’ve included links to shoppable ads where possible. The disclosure policy is available here.

Fill the rest of the glass bottle with vodka (or everclear if you prefer) and store in a cool, dark place. A refrigerator is perfect for this.

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Let the strawberries soak in the wine for at least two days, but no more than five days. Strain the strawberry moonshine to remove fruit pieces. Add your red glitter, shake well, and enjoy (responsibly, of course!)

Strawberry Moonshine Recipe

If you like your drinks sweeter, look no further than this Strawberry Lemonade Moonshine! It’s super easy to make—you just add homemade lemon syrup to your Strawberry Moonshine.

Place lemon juice, sugar, and water in a saucepan over medium heat until liquid is reduced by half. It will have a syrup-like consistency. The simple syrup is added to the finished Strawberry Moonshine to taste.

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Note: Nutritional information is a rough estimate only; actual values ​​will vary based on exact ingredients used and recipe quantities prepared.

Midnight Moon’s Strawberry Moonshine Recipes

Calories: 288 kcal | Carbohydrates: 2 g | Sodium: 1 mg | Potassium: 55 mg | Sugar: 1 g | Vitamin C: 21.2 mg | Calcium: 6 mg | Iron: 0.1 mg

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