How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets – Google Sheets is a great tool available online that allows multiple people to create, edit, read and make the necessary changes at the same time. Although this is important, some information entered by others can cause some confusion.

It is therefore necessary to check the information options available to the user in such cases. The valid drop-down list is perfect for this, as it ensures that only the necessary data is entered. With it, any expansion should be created and used in step-by-step guides and much more conveniently! Follow these instructions to get started creating dropdown lists in Google Sheets.

How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

A drop-down list is commonly known as a method of data validation that can be applied to specific cells in a specific worksheet, so that the information entered in the sheet does not differ from the defined expectations.

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You can create, edit, and modify dropdown lists on any device that runs Android, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, or macOS. However, with an iOS device, you can only see and use the Google Sheets dropdown menu.

The first step, of course, is to open the files associated with Google Sheets by clicking on the menu on the device. Follow the steps listed below:

Select the cells you want to appear in the drop-down menu by dragging your mouse over them or using the Shift+arrow command. You can select as many cells as you want.

In the top menu, click on “Data” and select “Data Validation”. Alternatively, you can click on the clear cells and select “Valid Data”.

Dropdown Menu (combo Box) Guidelines

In the Data Validation view, you’ll see several editable options in the design drop-down list:

“List of items” allows you to enter a list of predefined data items, which can be numbers or text. Enter them in the box below and separate each one with a comma.

If you select a rule that provides a dropdown list, you will be prompted to choose whether you want the user’s dropdown list to be visible or whether the user is allowed to enter information that will then be known as an authenticator. . Both modes can be assigned by selecting “Show dropdown list in cell” or not.

How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

Next is “View”, which allows the user to be provided with guidance on what data is expected to be entered into the selected range of cells.

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The Dropdown Column

Even then you can determine whether erroneous data is rejected using the options under “Weak Data”. If you select “Show Warning”, the user will be allowed to enter invalid data into the form, but it will be highlighted. This status is great for gathering new information that is not listed in the list. With “Input Reject”, invalid input is not accepted.

Interestingly, it doesn’t end there. Colors are a useful tool in data collection because they help sort answers faster. They can also attract users, especially children. If you use Google Sheets as a free questionnaire, or just want to organize your data more easily, consider color-coding drop-down lists.

You can achieve this using the “Conditional formatting” option. This is what you will do;

Now you are fully informed about how to create a dropdown menu in Google Sheets, try it out and adjust it to your heart’s content! If you want to learn more tips and tricks, check out this Google Sheet. After a little practice, you’ll be able to create a drop-down list in Google Sheets.

Add Items To The New Dropdown List

Wendy is a data marketing fanatic who enjoys reading detective stories or new cake recipes. He writes articles on the latest industry updates or trends. Inconsistent data can create problems in Google Sheets. A misspelled word, a botched entry, or a typo can lead to reports or orders — a message or an error. Especially in larger lists, names are inserted differently (e.g. “touchscreen” or “touchscreen”), numbers (e.g. “10” vs. “ten”), or dates (e.g. “January 2020”, “2020-01” , or “January 5, 2020”) may cause problems.

If you have a Google Sheet full of data entered inconsistently, it may take some time for the cell to have consistent content. A series like this (Index | Sort) or find and replace actions (Edit | Find and replace) can help convert the number of entries in a set of normalized cells.

Data validation helps ensure that people are entering data. In Google Sheets, this feature allows people to be selected from a list, or the system can import data with a specific format. The first line, the cell list, works well when the possible input options for the cell are known and includes a list that is not too long. The second line, Data Validation, works best when the contents of the cell must meet specific conditions (eg be valid on a date or be valid on a date before or after a given date, providing a checkbox level, etc.).

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How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

You can add Data Validation to a cell in Google Sheets in a desktop browser (such as Chrome on a laptop or desktop or Safari on iPadOS) or on the Google Calculator for Android page. The Google Sheets app for iOS supports selecting from a list of data in the input, but does not include the option to add new data to the validation cell.

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Seriously, you can even add dropdown options to highlight natively formatted files with Google Sheets. If you open an XLSX file in a browser – on the desktop or in the Android Sheets application – Data Validation is available, just like in the original Google Sheets. Excel will keep your original XLSX format even after you make changes in Google Sheets. (If you want to add a drop-down list in Excel, see How to add a drop-down list to an Excel cell. For more Excel tips, see 56 Excel Tips Every User Should Own.)

In both cases below, you need to open the Google Sheet you want to edit and select the cell (or cells).

The following steps provide a list of options that can be selected in the room. You can enter a list of options with data validation, or enter options into cells elsewhere in the Google Sheet, and then specify data validation for that cell option.

1. In the browser, select Data | Data validation. In the Google Sheets Android application, in the three vertical dots (top right), then tap Data Validation (figure A).

How To Create A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

Select data Validate data in Google Sheets on the desktop site to create drop-down lists or validate entered data.

In the Google Sheets app for Android, in the vertical three-dot menu (top right), then tap Data Validation (figure B).

In the Google Sheets Android app, click the three vertical three-dot menu, then tap Data Validation to set drop-down or validation options for selected cells.

How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

3. If you want to insert a list of cell, cell cell somewhere else in your Google that contains a list of things, you want that option to drop.

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4. If you want to list Items, enter the menu options as you want them to appear, with each item separated by a comma. In the Google Sheets Android app, click More on the line below the List of Items option, then enter your list with each item separated by commas.

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5. Review the invalid data option to activate. While the default is Warn when non-appropriate data is selected, you can change it to Reject Import to keep the data in the valid cell.

6. Optionally, you can select the check box next to Layout, then enter the text to explain what the input cell is. In the Google Sheets Android app, move the task slider under Appearance to the right, then click Edit, enter text to explain what the input is, then click OK. If you don’t do this, when someone enters data that isn’t valid, the system displays the standard “something went wrong” message and violates the cell’s validation rule (Figure C).

Enable the view option and add validation support text (above). When people enter incorrect data, this text shares how the entry can be corrected. If the help text is not effective, a generic message is displayed after the invalid entry (below).

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If you use Google Sheets, do you use Data Validation to validate data – especially for shared sheets? And, if you’re importing data into the Google Sheets mobile app on Android or iOS, will the dropdown list make data entry faster and more efficient? Let me know how you use the datasheet validation features by commenting below or on Twitter (@awolber).

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How Do I Add A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

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