Houston Renewable Energy Companies

Houston Renewable Energy Companies – A dynamic business environment combined with an increase in venture capital funding has created fertile ground for companies of all stages aiming to propel our world through the global energy transition. As the energy capital of the world, it has become a hub for startups and venture capital firms investing in the region’s energy future. Get to know them.

Ionada, based at Halliburton Labs, is a low-cost startup that uses the latest in digital technology to reduce emissions in the marine and power generation industries. The company says its expertise and global network provide startups with the perfect platform to meet demand to scale their businesses.

Houston Renewable Energy Companies

Energy Transition Ventures invests in startups in categories leading or leveraging the energy transition, including distributed energy, electricity, mobility, resource efficiency and enabling technologies. ETV’s recent investments include green hydrogen company Ohmium. Dronebase, a renewable aerial inspection company; And Resilient Power, a power electronics startup launching a new generation of EV fast charging products.

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Fysikes Biosolutions produces renewable green fuels by producing hydrogen and condensed CO2 directly from air capture and industrial CO2 capture technologies. As a result, biosolids have a variety of applications, such as fertilizers, feed additives, water treatment, and even as sustainable reducing agents in steel and cement production.

KWT X-VAP develops a solar thermal system to purify water without consuming electricity or fuel. This technology will provide end users with a sustainable source of fresh water from previously untapped sources with less dependence on energy or fossil fuels.

Pressure Corporation deploys waste pressure power systems that convert industrial waste pressure into clean energy with zero capital required from host facilities. By converting wasted mechanical energy from depressurization plants into clean electricity, the company provides industrial facility owners with a mechanism to meet growing corporate ESG goals and increasing demands from regulators and policymakers.

Renewell transforms millions of inactive oil and gas wells, along with their supporting infrastructure, into the world’s lowest-cost, most flexible GHG reduction and energy storage devices. The prototype loads the energy storage device into an oil well by lifting a cylindrical weight above the oil well.

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Today’s grid-scale energy storage technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, are less clean than clean energy sources such as solar and wind due to manufacturing methods, short lifetimes, and toxic byproducts. By introducing a highly efficient, affordable and clean alternative to lithium-ion batteries in industrial applications, Revterra says it will enable greater integration of renewable energy.

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Join Big Partnerships and the Center for the Future to discuss its role in the energy transition at Chevron’s Future of Global Energy conference June 28-30.

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Industry Taxes and Incentives Why Businesses Are Examining Regional Data Surviving Talent Innovation Americans want to switch from natural gas, coal, and oil-fired power plants to renewable energy if wind and solar farms aren’t close to home; University of Georgia. Mark Milligan. , Houston Chronicle / Staff Photographer

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Announces Agreement To Create Independent Renewable Power Company

A Houston-based energy technology and infrastructure company is teaming up with the city of Abilene for one of the largest projects in the region’s history.

Lancium announced plans Tuesday to invest $2.4 billion over 20 years to build large-scale, renewable energy-powered data centers in Abilene and Taylor County. Abilene is located in central Texas, six hours northwest of Houston and two and a half hours from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

According to the release, the project will start with a capacity of 200 MW with an expansion capacity of over 1 GW.

Lancium and its customers plan to create 57 full-time jobs and build their own “clean computing campus” on 800 acres in Taylor County and Abilene, pending annexation within city limits, the release said. The new development is expected to cement the region as a major supplier of renewable energy and host bitcoin mining and other energy-related applications, the statement said.

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The project is scheduled for completion in early 2022 and will initially include 100,000 square feet of industrial electrical utility equipment and data servers.

“We are very proud to be part of the community and building our flagship clean campus in Abilene,” said Michael McNamara, founder and CEO of Lancium.

“We chose Abilene for our second clean campus because of its ideal location, abundant wind and solar energy, high-quality workforce and opportunities for future growth. We believe the city, county and everyone would like to thank the partners who worked together. to help make this important milestone possible.Economic Development Group.

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The agreement is pending final negotiations with Taylor County, the City of Abilene and the Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA).

Renewable Energy: Evolution, Not Revolution

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams said Abilene is known for its skilled workforce. “This opportunity to bring high-paying, quality technology jobs to our community is one of the many ways we continue to build a better future for Abilene families.”

Misty Mayo, DCOA President and CEO. He said the plan would “ensure the vitality of the community by diversifying our economy.”

“Over the next 20 years, this project is expected to have an economic impact of $993.4 million on Taylor County and the city of Abilene,” he said. “This is exactly the opportunity that DCOA needs to find and benefit our community.”

Environment Fifth Ward residents resent EPA advice to avoid pollution; “What’s on us is on us” After finding dioxin in soil samples, federal environmental regulators advised residents to shower after gardening and to prevent children from playing in the dirt. Emily Fox Hall Houston-based solar energy services company is expanding in its hometown with a second location in West Houston and plans to expand its workforce.

Growing Houston Startup Supports Wind, Storage Companies With Renewables Field Services

As demand for renewable energy in the U.S. soars, solar services provider Sunova Energy is nearly doubling its real estate footprint in Houston as it aims to grow its customer base by the end of next year. Double.

The solar energy provider recently signed a contract for 64,000 square feet of office space off Beltway 8, where it plans to build a customer service center. The facility is located off North Eldridge Parkway in West Houston.

About 120 customer service representatives are expected to begin moving from Greenway Plaza to the new digs next week, where Sunova still plans to keep its 71,000-square-foot headquarters.

Sunova Energy’s expansion strengthens Houston’s renewable energy sector, which has grown significantly over the past decade since CEO John Berger founded the company.

Atlas Renewable Energy

“The company is experiencing some pretty impressive growth, and we want to make sure our level of service matches that growth,” said Kelsey Hultberg, Sunova Energy’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “There’s no better place to do that than our backyard.”

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The company earlier said it plans to double its customer base by the end of 2023 from the end of 2021. Sunova had approximately 176,900 users as of September 30, 2021.

Although supply chain constraints and rising solar prices are dampening residential solar growth, the U.S. Department of Energy still expects small-scale solar installations to add 4.4 gigawatts in 2022 and 2023. Solar energy is expected in Texas. They will be able to generate 19,520 megawatts of electricity by December 2022, according to the Texas Electric Reliability Board, the grid operator. One megawatt of electricity is enough to power about 200 homes on a hot summer day.

Sunova Energy is securing future growth with its new call center in West Houston, said Alan Bock, vice president of customer relations. The new space will accommodate future additions to the customer service team, though Bock declined to provide specific growth projections for the executive. In addition to recruiting, investing in technology and automation can also help build a broader customer base.

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Sunova has call centers in Belize and El Salvador, but Houston is the main customer service center. Sunova Energy has approximately 800 employees in 25 states, including approximately 425 employees in Houston.

Sunova worked with Cushman & Wakefield’s Chad Beck and Chris Oliver to sign the seven-year lease in January. The lease included furniture that allowed the company to operate out of some space on the first floor of the building while construction began on the rest of the space.

Working with the architectural firm Gensler, Sunnova plans to build wellness rooms and maternity rooms for employees, as well as a large cafeteria, break room and lockers. The new facility will also include a large training lab where employees can get up close and personal with the solar panels and battery storage packages that Sunova customers have installed on their properties.

The company chose West Houston.

Fracking Has A Bad Rep, But Its Tech Is Powering A Clean Energy Shift

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