Handicap Bathroom Fixtures

Handicap Bathroom Fixtures: Promoting Independence and Safety for Everyone

Bathrooms serve as a sanctuary for most people. It is a place where we freshen up, recharge, and relax. However, for those with disabilities or mobility issues, bathrooms can become uncomfortable and even dangerous spaces. Fortunately, there are now handicap bathroom fixtures that can help promote independence and safety for everyone.

Handicap bathroom fixtures are essential components of an accessible bathroom. They cater to the specific needs of individuals with disabilities or limited mobility, allowing them to perform personal care activities independently and safely.

One of the most important handicap bathroom fixtures is the grab bar. Grab bars are sturdy bars attached to walls that provide support and balance for individuals when standing up from a seated position or transferring from one area to another within the bathroom. They come in different lengths, types of material (stainless steel or plastic), shapes, and designs.

Another popular handicap bathroom fixture is the raised toilet seat. Raised toilet seats elevate the height of the toilet bowl, making it easier for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities to sit down or stand up from the toilet. This fixture can also prevent falls by reducing the distance between sitting and standing positions.

Handheld showerheads are also excellent additions to an accessible bathroom. Not only do they provide flexibility in terms of water placement during bathing activities, but they also eliminate unnecessary movements that may cause discomfort or pain in individuals with limited mobility.

For wheelchair users, installing roll-under sinks is highly recommended. These sinks have open space under them so wheelchair users can comfortably position themselves under it while performing personal grooming tasks.

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Other recommended handicap bathroom fixtures include non-slip mats on wet surfaces such as floors and shower areas, lever door handles instead of traditional knobs for easy opening/closing without twisting wrists, automatic faucet sensors that don’t require hand manipulation – especially useful if arthritis affects hands’ dexterity.

In conclusion, having an accessible bathroom doesn’t only benefit those with mobility issues or disabilities. It is an inclusive design that promotes independence and safety for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Installing handicap bathroom fixtures provides a more welcoming and comfortable space for all individuals in our homes, offices, and public spaces.

ADA Compliant – American Standard Brands

ADA compliant products are designed to make their use easier, safer, and more comfortable for people with disabilities or limited mobility. From faucets and tubs to sinks and toilets, American Standard has a selection of ADA products to compliment nearly any bathroom design. *Meeting ADA is not a requirement for private residences.

Bathroom Safety – Lowes

Handles for toilets are another popular safety feature. Our toilet safety rails and frames are easy to attach and add extra support and comfort for getting up and down. In addition to accessibility essentials, we also carry everyday safety items like bath and shower mats, adhesive treads for bath and shower floors, and handheld shower heads.

Handicap Bathroom Fixtures

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Handicap Bathroom Fixtures


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