Group Puppy Training Classes Near Me

Group Puppy Training Classes Near Me – We run several group training classes for small groups of dogs, from new puppies to adult dogs that need more life skills.

Personal training events are tailored to your needs, whether in your home or in a prearranged public place.

Group Puppy Training Classes Near Me

We offer different training packages especially for new puppy owners before the puppy comes home or during the first few weeks of ownership.

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We offer a wide range of training options for puppies and dogs of all ages to meet your (and their) individual needs.

Our group training classes are based in Leyland, but we usually travel up to 10 miles for private training, covering most of South Lancashire.

Our 7 week basic puppy course is intended for puppies up to 18 weeks of age on the day the course begins. These classes are held at Halls for All in Leyland. Normally we have courses every three weeks. In these courses, we go over all the important basic training skills a puppy should learn at a young age. In addition to personal training, participants also have access to the private Puppy Training Center on our website, where you can view all the training material and also video demonstrations supporting all the exercises done during the course.

We have a maximum of 6 puppies in each class so there is plenty of space between the puppies and individual attention from the monitor so the pup gets the most out of her time with us.

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For pups who have completed our puppy training courses or have been with us one on one, these classes will help you progress your training from a basic level, developing real life training skills. In these classes, we work through the Confident Canines Life Skills Award program so you can see how well your dog is doing compared to a measured level of achievement.

If one-on-one private training sessions are better suited to your needs, the sessions are tailored to cover specific topics that you may need help with. These sessions take place at your home or at a public location agreed upon prior to the session. It is essential to book in advance!

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If you’re about to welcome a new puppy home, we offer a variety of puppy training packages designed to help you prepare for a new puppy and can help you through the first few weeks of bringing your puppy home. It is essential to book in advance!

As well as being our Head Trainer, Emma is a Canine Hoopers UK Accredited Trainer and a Platinum Pro UK Hoopers Trainer, training dogs at competition level. She runs Canine Hoopers trial workshops as well as regular Hoopers classes for those looking for something a little different (but also fun!) to do with their dogs on a regular basis. If you wish, there is also the possibility of doing one-on-one Hoopers workouts.

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We offer a variety of fun training workshops to hone your training skills and most importantly; have fun with your dog! Choose from: Reliable Recovery, Lead Walking Skills, Dog Rings, Scent, and Dog Parkour.

In addition to formal training sessions, Emma has built a strong local community of dog owners and regularly hosts walks, outings and socials for like-minded owners to meet, socialize with their dogs and practice training. if they want!

Emma has been an absolute blessing, because rescue pointer X has turned our lives upside down.

The basic items she helped us create made our lives so much easier and turned our stressed out dog into a relaxed and happy family member.

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It’s still a work in progress, but Emma’s no-nonsense, practical training techniques will definitely get us there.

She has trained us to train our puppy! We currently have an 11 week old puppy who sits, lies, relaxes and sleeps in his crate, walks well on a leash and is currently learning to remember.

Our pup left in the best possible way, thanks to Emma, ​​her skills, knowledge and her patience! Thanks!

Emma is very knowledgeable and very professional. She is always ready to answer any question, no matter how silly they sound!

Basic Obedience Training

Woody had a blast learning the basics of being a self-assured and well-behaved pup. I will definitely be attending future classes to develop the skills that Emma has to offer.

Charlie came to us at 8 weeks old with separation issues and had no training. We now have a puppy who can sit, lie down, stand up, settle (both in and out of the crate), walk comfortably on a leash, allow for health checks, fall on command, and stay still.

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The range of services he offers covers everything you need at a really affordable price.

Emma is a great trainer who gives her all, you can tell that she really cares about you and your dog and she wants you to be successful in your training, whatever it is. Nothing is too much!

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Our Labradoodle Alvin is halfway through his puppy school classes and he couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

She has taught us as much as she has taught him! Emma also runs puppy (and dog) play classes on the weekends, which is a lot of fun for her, since she loves hanging out with her furry friends of hers.

Our pup Dennis was a big problem when we brought him home so 1-2-1 training was definitely needed.

Emma came over and immediately took to getting to know us and our pup. Dennis absolutely loved him and soon learned where the pocket of the treats was kept and that he had to sit for them.

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Everything he has learned over the months has come from constant contact with Emma and participation in social playgroups etc. I can not recommend enough! Thanks!

JASON’S WONDERFUL DOG! I have a rescuer who was locked up and starved for the first six months; he was not expected to survive. When I got him at 7 months he was crazy never been home and had no life experience so I decided to train him 1:1 because he was too old for puppy classes.

Emma trained both of us extensively over several weeks until she was well established enough to attend class. He is now 2 years old and works at Chorley Hospital as a registered PAT therapy dog ​​with older patients. He is very easy going and loves to meet new people.

This change is due to Emma’s input and advice. He still has “quirks” from his past, but he attends Emma’s dating sessions and is a wonderful companion.

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GREAT SUPPORT – We just want to say a big thank you to Confident Canines for all their help in training the crazy Sprooodle (and us).

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Confident Canines have been amazing in supporting us and our dog. From the first week we got the puppy Emma was supportive and knowledgeable and our dog absolutely loves her!

I would definitely recommend Confident Canines for 121 sessions and group classes; our dog has loved them all!

I would just like to thank Emma for showing us in the most easy to understand way how to train our little Chihuahua ‘Louis’ to be well mannered, demeanor and very social doggies.

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We signed up for a six-week puppy course and it was a blast. We looked forward to each session. Unfortunately, I was absent for the last two weeks of the course. No need to worry though as Louis’ “dog dad” Hooman continued to ride for me and together we learned some great results.

Not only is Emma a genius, she is a truly lovely lady who I highly recommend to anyone considering taking her very informative (and great fun) dog training courses.

Emma came to our house for individual training before group puppies and was very informative. We then took our pup on a 6 week puppy training course and it was informative for us and good for our pup.

We now attend social sessions and hope to continue training as he knows her (and she knows her quirks) from her and we know he is a good trainer.

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If you want the best for your puppy or young dog, you should contact Emma at Confident Canines.

I have just completed the Puppy Foundation course with my GSP Foxy and both she and I are enjoying it immensely.

Emma has a wealth of knowledge that she imparts in a friendly, supportive and structured way, and she would highly recommend Confident Canines to anyone looking to do the best for her dog.

Emma practiced 1-1 at home with our pup and I found her to be patient, confident and very competent. The training sessions were informative and a good foundation for growing our pups into very obedient and likable youngsters.

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We have also participated in group training sessions with each other.