Green And Grey Living Room Ideas

Green And Grey Living Room Ideas – Whether it’s green walls or a few like green foam throw pillows, adding a splash of green has the power to completely transform any living room. If you want to feel amazing, be sure to drench yourself in colors like black moss and emerald green. Do you want a little peace? Paint your walls in soft colors like mint. And for those who want to make a big difference, there’s always the tried and true green lime. If you’re not sure which color is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to see our hand-picked collection of the best green living rooms by designers and visionaries around the world.

The green walls in this modern living room go well with the white entertainment console and armchairs. Combining green and white is a great way to get a fresh and refreshing design. We love that beautiful ottoman coffee table!

Green And Grey Living Room Ideas

An unusual combo of dark green walls and a coral accent sofa makes this room a modern space. A modern pink sofa not only adds visual interest to this room, but also ensures that the red accent pillows and rug don’t give off a spooky Christmas feel.

The Colour Collections

Large windows that let in plenty of natural light ensure that this home is never darkened. Try pairing rusty orange with dark green for a similar tribal vibe.

Kelly green and wood pieces make this room feel fresh, yet elegant. Combining green pieces such as a luxurious sofa, ottoman coffee table, and wood near the console is a great way to bring a sense of nature to the home and the perfect combination to give the living room a new beauty.

A sense of nature is evident in this living room with the use of natural wall art, large windows and unique ceiling furniture. The addition of orange accent pillows adds a pop of color to offset the green walls.

An oversized rug, floor-to-ceiling artwork, and a marble fireplace provide a unique feel to this upscale living room. Since the green walls are the only bright color in this room, it just goes to show that you don’t need a crazy paint color to pull off a great living room design.

Mint Green Living Room Ideas For A Quick Room Refresh

Orange and green are the perfect combination for those who want to make a statement. Take a note from this living room design and add a different color behind the bookshelf. It’s a great way to not only display shelves on the wall, but this creative design can be used to add some color to free standing shelves.

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A bold green and gray pairing may be just what your living room needs. Remember that small changes in your environment can have a big impact. Try a floor lamp to add soft lighting for a cozier feel or if you want to add a functional statement piece, you can always try a unique coffee table.

This Asian inspired living room design strikes the perfect balance of calm and elegance. Black and white keep the balance between bowls and vases. If you love the look, be sure to check out today’s inspired designs for inspiration and ideas.

Proof that small living rooms can be stylish and functional. A bright pop of lime green found on the ottomans, throw pillows, and vases in this modern living room plays wonderfully against the green sofa cushions and wooden beams. The combination of light color combined with wood is a good way to help create an attractive and pleasant environment.

Welcoming Green Living Room Decor Ideas

High gloss, decorative green walls complement the large windows in this modern living room. The addition of green makes a monochromatic room feel lively and welcoming.

A rustic piece like this beautiful lounge chair is a great way to add a fun moss green feel to a room, without getting your hands dirty with paint. This chair is made of velvet grass, but is also available in other colors and fabrics.

A pink accent wall is combined with close minty hues to create a calm atmosphere in this living room. To ensure that such a small space does not look too busy, curtains have been used to hide any hiding in the bookshelves that can make the room feel crowded. The television is mounted on the wall and above the floating tv stand.

Dark and dramatic, a pink ceiling lamp, a dark green sofa and a designer table lamp enhance the beauty of this living room. Of course, two lion heads hanging on the wall doesn’t hurt either.

An Earthy, Eclectic Sage Green Living Room

If a mid-century living room is what you are looking for, green can play an important role. The bright green wall in this design goes well with the black leather chairs, large ottoman, and brown ceiling. One of our favorite pieces in this room is a mid-century coffee table called the Noguchi table, designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

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A large chevron carpet and boldly patterned green curtains make this a fun place to entertain. There are plenty of living areas with soft blue sofas, white ottomans and sky blue accent chairs. Large, bright and blue lamps for the living room table near the fireplace.

The white carpet in this living room contrasts well with the green walls and teal sofa cushions to create a soothing atmosphere. With the addition of matching flooring and a table lamp, it’s a great place to curl up with a blanket and read a book or watch your favorite TV shows.

White always runs the risk of feeling sterile and empty, but not in this living room. A green accent wall, glass coffee tables with warm wood bases, orange throw pillows, and a pile rug in this room strike a balance of calm and style.

Awesome Living Room Ideas With Gray Walls

This open concept living room is simple, yet full of style. A flat screen TV is featured with a green background and built-in cabinets. These cabinets are a great place to store DVDs, video games, and any other items that can clutter up a room. By decluttering your living room, you can make room for fun statement pieces like the three decorative vases shown in this design.

Flow is important in good design, especially in open spaces, and color can help you achieve that goal. Here we see the same green foam on the wall of the living room that is taken to the dining room and placed on two chairs. Color continuity is important to tie this area together. Note that clean, bright whites and modern grays are also used in both rooms.

In this living room, green is not only included in the color of the paint and pillows, but also in the plants on the wall shelves. This long and narrow room benefits from over-bed mirrors as well. Not only are they stylish, but they help the space look spacious.

In this living room, the plants not only bind to the green lounge chair, but also soften the look of the concrete wall. Love houseplants, but don’t know what to get? Be sure to check out the houseplant post we featured a while back where we discuss delicious, yet easy to care for plants.

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Blue And Gray Living Room Ideas That’ll Amaze You

Small, but elegant and majestic, this cozy space benefits not only from the setting of a large window in bright green, but also from small details, such as a variety of throw pillows and green vases. See more photos of this beautiful living room <a href="http:///green-and-gold-interior-with-modern-eclectic-vibe-includes-floor-plans" target="

Simple, stylish, and modern are just a few words that come to our mind when we see this amazing living room. When you work with such a small space, everything is important, which is why we love the color green and it goes with the book, not to mention the beautiful pictures printed by Tuan Anh Le. These nature inspired artworks are available here. Also, do you like the type of tables you see here? Check out our post on nesting coffee tables there.

This fun living room has a retro vibe with a sputnik chandelier, tiled floor and low furniture. Light colors have been cleverly used in this space with light green wallpaper and sunny yellow pictures. Visualizer, Mario MaleŇ°, knows that you don’t need to use a lot of color, you need to use it well.

This charming Scandinavian-style room is a small, but powerful space. Although many people would not think of putting a loveseat in the bedroom, this design makes it work by tying the green cabinets in the color of the sofa. See more of this home here

Modern Floor Carpet For Living Room, Emerald Luxurious Anti Slip Geometric Area Rug For Bedroom Home Decor, Dark Green & Golden A 63x91inch(160x230cm)

Color blocking the walls in your living room can have a big impact. It is not only modern and stylish, but it can create other needs

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