Fly Bar Stool

Fly Bar Stool – This is Big Block’s version of the Hoss Fly Barstool – as the name suggests, it’s a barstool powered by a 572 cubic inch V8 engine that produces 727 hp at 6,300 rpm. and 680 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm. .

The real reason is that it’s not clear why anyone would want a bar stool with the same power as an 1980s Formula 1 car, but the fact that it has an open hood means you won’t hear the owner’s explanations. their opinion.

Fly Bar Stool

No one knows who invented the bar stool, an innovation whose creator has long been forgotten in the annals of history.

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The fuel tank and radiator are at the rear, the driver sits on a padded seat above the carburettor and the front legs are on either side of the steering column.

We know with reasonable certainty that the Hoss Fly is the most powerful chassis in the world – more power than any Formula 1 car in history.

Hoss Fly was founded in 2007. in the small town of Friedens, Pennsylvania. The town has more than 1,500 residents, some of whom spend their days building kits to turn American V8s into bar stools.

The company offers three kits, the most expensive of which is the Hoss Fly Raw Kit at $8,900. Next up is the Small Block Deluxe kit at $9,900 and the Big Block Deluxe kit at $10,900. The example you see here is the big block version.

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It’s not publicly known how many Hoss Fly door kits were sold or how many were made, we’ve just seen them come up for sale quite often and this is the first time we’ve seen one pop up with a big block engine installed.

The Hoss Fly Bar Stool you see here uses a 572 cubic inch (9.37 liter) Chevrolet engine capable of producing 727 hp at 6,300 rpm. and 680 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm.

The ZZ572 Big Block V8 weighs around 580lbs depending on final spec and the Hoss Fly kit weighs ~200lbs for a total weight of ~780lbs giving it 2,050hp per ton.

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It’s not clear how a car this small and light can get so much power to work, although we do know it has a top speed of 25mph at 5000rpm.

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The padded seat is mounted directly on the carburettor behind the small steering wheel, the driver sits on top of the engine with his feet on either side of the steering column.

Behind the engine you will find the fuel tank, transmission and radiator. The exhaust system consists of separate open tips that point upwards and backwards, like many drivers, of course everyone within 100 meters must wear industrial ear protection to prevent deafening.

If you would like to learn more about this Hoss Fly or register to bid, you can click here to visit the Mecum listing. It should hit the auction block in late March and is being offered without reserve.

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The Hoss Fly

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The world’s fastest doorstop A completely useless car made for people with more money than brains. In fact, Jay Leno has one and said of his wealth, “I’m the club president with more money than brains.”

Built by the people who built the Boss Hoss V8 motorcycle. You can buy a kit to add to your engine, or you can buy it ready-made. In addition to the Chevrolet V8 engine, they have a hydrostatic transmission that will propel them forward at 25 mph and reverse at 5 mph. It has all the options, including electric start and a patriotic color scheme.

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Fly Bar Tampa

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In 1965 recorded Pontiac GTO video at PHS. Tri-power, ps, p 4 disc wheels! Engine: Tri-Power 389 Transmission: 4 Speed ​​$91,998 $957/month Just when people were learning that mechanical bulls were dangerous but fun, along came the Hoss Fly V-8 Barstool. Hoss Fly Inc. was built in Frieden, Pennsylvania, and offered V-8 powerplants in kit or fully assembled form. From frame and chassis construction, Hoss Fly can provide customers with everything they need to build, build for them, or provide everything except a small engine.

This Hoss Fly bar stool uses a massive 572 CI Chevrolet V-8 engine and automatic transmission. Engine with Holley air cleaner, MSD exhaust and eight-row exhaust, beautifully painted in red and silver with a black and silver sports frame and chassis. A Grant GT steering wheel helps direct the Barstool, which is emblazoned with the Hoss V-8 logo.

The information on the website is provided as advance auction information. Images, footage, descriptions and other information are provided by the consignor/seller and are believed to be reliable, but Auction does not verify, warrant or guarantee this information. The lot and information displayed in the auction block auction supersedes any previous description or information. is not responsible for information that may be changed or updated prior to the auction. The decision to purchase should be based on the buyer’s personal inspection of the lot prior to the auction. which holds the record for the largest engine of any production motorcycle.

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While the Boss Hoss is a series of road legal motorcycles, the Hoss Fly is designed as a new illegal vehicle with a top speed of 25 mph, 2,000 pounds, and a great amount of room in the back. pickup truck

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The driver sits on a bar stool atop a V8 air filter engine, the steering is done by a vertical cable connected to the front wheel, and there are two pedals – the right pedal is the accelerator and the left pedal. used to select forward or backward.

There are two main categories of Hoss Fly: the small version and the big cat. The Hoss Fly small block has a 347 cu. in. (5.7-liter) Chevrolet V8 crate engine capable of 250 hp, these engines respond well to performance development and can be produced in excess of 500 hp, but I’m sure you’ll agree that 250 hp is more than enough for a door station.

The exhaust tips are short and not exactly quiet, the low carb and air cleaner have the aforementioned barstool seat, and there’s a rear-mounted radiator with an electric fan to keep things cool.

Allow the wheels to be mounted front and rear and on smooth looking go-kart wheels, a 5-gallon twisted aluminum fuel tank is mounted in the rear, and power is sent to the rear wheels through a transmission. Hydrostatic. There isn’t much information on the braking system used by the Hoss Fly, but it should be possible given the power rating, not to mention.

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