French Bedrooms Ideas

French Bedrooms Ideas – There are many things to love about decorating in the French countryside. Even if your personal style leans in different directions, you can find things to appreciate.

Colors, textures, luxury all come together in a perfect scene that will make you feel as if you have entered a peaceful French cottage.

French Bedrooms Ideas

So if you feel like it, why not make sure your bedroom is decorated like your living room? Here are 20 tips for creating the coziest French country bedroom, effectively designing a space you’ll never want to leave.

Refined French Country Bedroom Décor Ideas

As with any room you’re decorating, start from the basics. Find a nice classic floral rug that will give you lots of neutral tones and roses and a place to spread your slippers. (via Roman Tourist)

No matter how big your room is, your bed will be the main piece of furniture. So when you’re designing a French country bedroom, you’ll want to make sure your headboard is as big, big and ugly as you can stand. A nice padded or tufted headboard will help you for all those Saturday mornings when you want to curl up with a book and a nice orange juice. (via Cottage Check)

If you have space for furniture besides a bed and chest of drawers, choose something in a beautiful fabric, tufted of course. Because you can’t find a French country bedroom without an armchair or a bench. (via thistlewood farm)

And speaking of bedding, you’ll want to make sure to add a few inches to any bedding you buy for the space. Whether it’s a beautiful white curtain or a delicate skirt, the fabric should dust the floor like a real French country bedroom. (via BHG)

Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas

Is there an empty corner in your room? Fill it with a comfortable chair covered in a soft, sand-colored fabric. The French pride themselves on giving themselves time to relax and escape, so it seems fitting to dedicate a corner to practicing the art of relaxation.

If you look at French country decor, you’ll see some whitewashed wood. This is what the Earth’s vibration goes through. Give your room a pop by painting a wooden piece of furniture, or painting the floor or ceiling white. (via The DIY Mom)

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One of the best parts about French country decor is the ability to create a vintage piece with pure colors. Go to your local antique store for a piece of furniture and pick out something old and worn around the edges. .

Bedrooms need lots and lots of pillows, no matter where you sit, lie down or even rest for a minute. Stock up on linen pillows because your French country bedroom will need them. (via @brittanyork)

Bedroom Ideas: How To Decorate A Large Bedroom

When it comes to hanging things on the wall in your French country bedroom, you definitely go for all the scrap metal you can find. Those gilded frame mirrors? accepted A large framed picture? done Give your inner luxury lover full blast on your bedroom walls. (via Edith and Elaine)

Last but not least, your French country bedroom will need a sparkling chandelier. Every good French country room has one, so don’t let your bedroom get overlooked. Whether he is tall and thin or short and stocky, these sparkling crystals will make a big difference. (via Linzi & Co.)

Although many people don’t overuse wallpaper, it can really take your French bedroom to the next level. Look for wallpaper that is pale and light and maybe European themed if you can find it. And don’t be afraid to try a unique or floral print! For more wallpaper ideas, check out this feature on Decor Pad.

By adding round furniture to your interior, you will feel luxurious and your room will look authentically French. Headboards are often easy to find in round shapes, but you can also find chairs, tables and sofas. These pieces are often easy to obtain from second-hand or antique dealers. La Maison Boutique showcases some stunning round pieces in their example of a French bedroom.

Best French Country Bedroom Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

If you decide that wallpaper is not exactly your style, then it is better to leave the walls completely white. Or maybe give them a fresh coat of white paint. This way, the decorations you hang and the antique furniture you collect will really be the focal point of the room. Of course, there are many options when it comes to choosing white, so check out the real house painting guide with a vintage look in mind.

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For rooms without a closet or for those who need more closet space, a boudoir would be the perfect addition to your French bedroom, like the ones featured at L’Essenziale. Boudoirs are great because they’re like a clean slate, you can paint them or remodel them as you’re already moving into your room. It’s also easy to hang a mirror inside a door and add drawers or shelves to suit your storage style.

Old beams and walls are generally considered undesirable, but they may actually be what your room needs. Instead of trying to cover up these features, paint them to match your room’s decor, as shown in this room on House Beautiful. Just make sure you use proper care when sanding and refinishing old beams.

A ceiling is a very common decoration in a traditional French bedroom and will easily add a more dramatic look to your French country bedroom. Canopies are available in all colors and styles, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that will go with your room! You can also opt for more decorative ceilings like the cable design studio.

Incredible Country Bedroom Ideas For You

Plants and other flowers are a staple of French country bedrooms, so don’t be afraid to add a nice pop of color in the form of flowers or other plants. The French country cottage even goes so far as to say that a room is not complete without a plant. If you’re not keen on having something live in your room, silk flowers look just as beautiful and can add the same element as live flowers.

Many are afraid to add prints to their decor, but prints are a beautiful and traditional part of the French country bedroom when used correctly. As mentioned, prints can easily be included in your choice of wallpaper, but they should also be used as accents in your furniture and bedding. Pick up a printed pillow like these from Cable Design Studio, or consider a printed rug or printed curtains to bring the room together.

Paintings are an unusual feature in many French themed rooms. Choose a garden or nature scene to bring a sense of calm to your space. You can also choose a simple flower picture to add color to the wall without going too crazy. For those feeling really adventurous, you can also try adding a silhouette or image of a famous person like those on Curated Interior.

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Sometimes installing a chandelier may not be an option for your home. If this is the case, you can still achieve French country lighting by investing in unique sconces or a lovely antique floor lamp like the one at Cathy Cove Home. In addition, you can choose some tall candles in traditional bronze or copper holders as decorations, which can also be used for lighting.

Style Your Bedroom Like A Parisienne

There is nothing more pleasant and elegant than your own impeccably styled French country bedroom to retire to. Whether you use all of these tips in your space, or just a few, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the amazing atmosphere you’ve created. And you’ll love your new bedroom so much you’ll never want to get out of bed! Emily Behl has been writing about fashion, lifestyle and home decor for six years. In 2015, she graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA with Honors in English and Creative Writing and has been creating editorial and branded content ever since. He has previously written for Hanker, Burt + Co, Martha Stewart Living, Cole Hunting, Fashionista and Racked, in addition to creating copy for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Opening Ceremony and Steve Madden.

If you were a design-savvy person in the late 1990s, you’ll remember that the French country aesthetic was a common feature of home decor magazines, catalogs, and of course, HGTV. If so, let’s be the first to say that French country is back—but before you start dreaming of this former trend, know that the new French country is far from what you remember.

With no chicken motif in sight – take a breath here – the new French country map is a refined, often understated look, more associated with modern farmhouses, steep chapels and

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