64 Curtains

64 Curtains – Sheer curtains provide privacy while letting in sunlight, helping you connect with the world outside the window.

Sheer curtains let in sunlight but provide privacy, making them perfect for layered windows.

64 Curtains

You can hang the curtains on a curtain rod through the hidden tabs or with rings and hooks.

D Shiny Snow Scenery 64 Curtains Drapes

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ADDED ASSETS We’ve already done some windows in these wastelands, so we decided to add more infill. They have a nice smooth appearance .5

Combines with the Dynah design Combines with the Vilborg fabric design. Complements the decor and color palette of my home. very nice 4

Polyester is a durable, wrinkle-resistant, easy-care material that is ideal for many home décor products, including rugs, cushions, comforters, and pillows. The downside to virgin polyester is that it is made from oil, coal, or natural gas. This means that if we use virgin polyester, we are depleting the planet’s natural resources. Our response to this is to replace all of the virgin polyester in our products with recycled polyester. In 2020, we reached the milestone of replacing 79% of virgin polyester used in textiles and accelerating the transition to using only recycled polyester across our entire range of polyester-based products.

Amazon.com: Balsacircle 52 X 64 Inch Blue Chevron Blackout Window Drapes Curtains 2 Panels With Grommet Top

Originally, all polyester was made from petroleum-based raw materials, which are non-renewable, but we are switching to using only recycled polyester. The good news is that polyester can be recycled over and over again without negatively affecting the quality of our products. When we make products with recycled polyester, we breathe new life into non-biodegradable materials and reduce the amount that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. Instead, PET and other polyester sources are used to make textiles, storage boxes, kitchen fronts, and even lamps. Recycled polyester is just as good as virgin polyester in terms of appearance, quality and function, and produces around 50% less CO2 emissions. And the material is just as clean and safe in every way.

Recycled polyester relies less on petroleum. The amount we convert is equal to the amount of virgin fossil fuel extracted from our polyester feedstock (this excludes possible dyeing and other post-production treatments of recycled polyester). With a few exceptions, the challenge is not the recycled conversion of polyester itself, but making it available to all at an affordable price. Buying products with a low environmental impact often carries a higher price. We want to change that by making recycled polyester products more affordable and accessible to many people.

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Is committed to ending reliance on virgin fossil materials and using only renewable or recycled materials by 2030. We are accelerating this movement in our polyester offerings and working to replace all virgin polyester in our textile products with recycled polyester. In 2020, 79% of the virgin polyester used in textile products was replaced by recycled polyester. Quantitatively, this means that we converted 130,000 tons of recycled polyester and saved 200,000 tons of virgin polyester. We have not yet reached our 100% goal, but we have come a long way and overcome many obstacles along the way. These volumes lead the way in the transition to recycled polyester, and we hope that our decisions can inspire and motivate change throughout the industry.

We require that all recycled polyester used in our products come from a recycler that meets the Global Recycling Standard, and product traceability is ensured through supplier requirements. By using only recycled polyester that meets global recycling standards, we ensure social, environmental and chemical practices in our recycled production. We believe that the GRS standard is the best standard on the market. We work with our partners and organizations in the textile industry, such as the Textile Exchange, to further improve standards for recycled materials, including traceability of materials outside of recycling facilities.

Blackout Linen Curtains With Grommets 30 Colors 1 Panel

We want to have a positive impact on the planet. One way to do this is to make products from recycled polyester. If we do this, PET bottles and other sources of polyester will find a new life in textiles, storage boxes, kitchen countertops, and even lamps. By using them, you can enjoy exactly the same quality and function as virgin polyester products. And of course they are just as clean and safe in every way. And perhaps best of all: it also contributes to saving new raw materials.

Sheer curtains are a simple and decorative way to create privacy, even if you live in a densely populated area with windows facing the street or other houses. When designing the sheer curtains, I had the idea that they would work independently and in conjunction with a blackout curtain. I have designed some with graphic patterns, others with more romantic patterns, and I have also worked with woven and knitted materials, so there is sure to be something for everyone! It is no longer compatible with previous versions of the web browser to ensure the security of user data. . Update to the latest version.

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Glam White Velvet Curtain Panel Assorted Colors 64 84 90 96 Inch Long 53 Inch Wide Curtains Tieback Window Treatments

It is single layer. To add lining to the curtain, also select LINING at the bottom of the lining option.

Hilja Curtains, 1 Pair, Gray, 57×98 ½

If you select two panels (a pair) from the “drop-down” list, you can get an additional 30% off the price of one purchase.

* Width: Each panel is 53 inches wide for a total width of 106 inches per pair.

2 PANELS (1 pair): 106 X 64″/ 270 X 163 cm / 53″ W (135 cm) each panel

2 PANELS (1 pair): 106 X 84″/ 270 X 214 cm / 53″ W (135 cm) each panel

Nigel Set Of 2 Curtain Panels

2 PANELS (1 pair): 106 X 90″/ 270 X 230 cm / 53″ W (135 cm) each panel

2 PANELS (1 pair): 106 X 96″/ 270 X 244 cm / 53″ W (135 cm) each panel

Curtains are made to order at the time of purchase, so please allow 3-10 business days for the curtain to be made.

To ensure the best fit possible, please take the time to carefully measure your window. For accuracy, we recommend using a metal tape measure.

Nicole Miller Circuit Curtain Panel, 52×84, Chambray Blue

The first step is to decide if you want your curtains to hang from a rail or a pole, which should be placed 6 inches (15 cm) above the window and extend 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) on each side. . .

Flat panels with peg hooks (at the top of the tape) and sharp pegs attach to the top of the backrest. You can hang the Pin type on the curtain rod or the curtain clips and curtain ring on the rod as our post picture.

Post top type, any post can be covered with post pocket panels. a pocket is sewn to the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod is inserted.

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Grommet (grommet) curtains are distinguished by the perforated nickel metal rings at the top of the curtain. The curtains are hung on a curtain rod through the grommets, so the curtains can be hung with a soft cloth. They are easy to hang and give any room a sleek, modern look.

Pro Space 50 In. Wx 96 In. L Indoor Outdoor Curtains Window Curtain (1 Panel) Ouchm5096dbtb

Estimated Arrival The estimated delivery date is based on the date of purchase, the recipient’s location (actual or inferred), the seller’s processing time and location, and the shipping company. Other factors, such as shipping company delay or placing order on weekend/holiday, may delay item arrival on this day. Know more

All products can be made in custom sizes, please contact us for details and pricing before purchasing.

** If you want to place an individual order, it is recommended to use a proper query before ordering.

To continue with 1 pair of lined curtains, sew 2 sheets of lining to the 2 curtains. So this is the same as making 4 total curtains.

Medieval Fantasy Theme Purple Dragon Kitchen Window Curtains, Home Decorations Window Drapes, Window Treatment Sets With 2 Panels, 62x64in

This means that the price of curtains will vary depending on whether you want lined curtains or not.

If you just want to change the length to 78″, please request 84″ length for option, then you can leave custom note for “78” length.

If you need a liner (opaque or non-opaque), you can first add the curtain length and style to your basket, then add the separate liner option to the bottom of the basket.

If you want a total room darkening effect and insulation against the cold, choose a Blackout Liner for your curtains.

Blackout Tab Top Curtain, Light Grey, 269 64

If you want to filter out just a little bit of light, choose Regular Liner (Privacy). The lining is always sewn directly onto the curtains.

However, we recommend that you avoid using Unlined to protect the material from excessive sunlight.

** If the width is larger than the standard width of the curtain, it is 1.5 or 2

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