Fillers To Remove Dark Circles

Fillers To Remove Dark Circles – Do you suffer from dark circles under your eyes? These small problems can lead to a tired, old and weak appearance. You may have heard that dark circles under the eyes appear when we are tired. While this may be true in some cases, there is no specific universal cause for this problem. In this article, we will dive into the causes of dark circles and treatment options for each.

The aging process can cause fat loss in the face, often causing a gap under the eyes between the lower eyelids and the top of the cheekbones. Patients who suffer from this fat loss often complain that they look tired or old.

Fillers To Remove Dark Circles

Fortunately, with recent advances in aesthetic medicine, there are now dermal filler products designed specifically for this sensitive area, as well as treatment protocols to ensure safety. It is important to find a doctor who has experience with this particular injection technique. Dr. Bernie Lalonde of Chrysalis Rejuvenation Clinic has been performing filler treatments for tartar for over 10 years. With care, precision and a keen eye for the art of facial injection, Dr. Lalonde creates a natural, relaxing look that returns youthful volume to a small but very important focal point.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes Why We Have Them And How To Treat Them

Short answer, no. Not all HA filler products are created equal. Fillers with different density, consistency and molecular weight. Products that can be used to enhance the cheekbones or jawline are not suitable for sensitive areas such as the eyes. At Chrysalis, Dr. Lalonde uses Teoxane’s

The periorbital area (eye) is a highly vascular area of ​​the face. With this, Dr. Lalonde uses a small needle to create an opening around the cheek and inserts a blunt pocket (a small tube about the width of a small needle) to go up into the tear groove and precisely insert the filler. Where should it go? This technique ensures that the blood vessels around the eyes do not break and the best part is that the treatment is almost painless. In addition to a lighter and more relaxed appearance (which you can enjoy immediately), the signs of treatment are almost invisible!

Since the tear trough area does not have much movement, the product is unlikely to shrink too quickly. It can last up to 18 months, but most patients return once a year for a refill.

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UV exposure and genetic factors are the main causes of hyperpigmentation in the eye area. This problem is more common in ethnic men and women whose skin naturally contains more melanin. Although those who suffer from this problem may not have volume loss (as mentioned above), the darkening of the skin in the eyelids can cause the illusion of deep or sunken eyes.

Under Eye Filler Vs. Prp Injections For Dark Circles

Treatment of hyperpigmentation is possible and quite simple, but it takes time. Laser treatment is an option for severe cases, but products that inhibit melanin are the easiest and most effective way to reduce dark circles and circles.

. Active ingredients such as hydroquinone, arbutin and kojic acid are formulated as a supplement and applied to the skin daily. These ingredients disrupt the biochemical processes that produce melanin in skin cells – thus stopping the problem at its source!

At Chrysalis Rejuvenation Clinic, all new patients receive a consultation and skin assessment to discuss their specific needs and be advised which lightening agent is best suited for their condition.

The small veins under the eyes are probably the most common reason we see darkness. We all have small vascular lesions in this area, but some skin types (especially fair skin) will notice it more.

Dark Circles Treatment In Mumbai

Treatment is very quick and requires little or no downtime. The ND Yag laser (1064nm depth) is applied directly to the vein from start to finish, closing it, often removing it immediately!

This procedure is done only after inserting an intraocular shield inside the eyelid like a contact lens. Put a few drops of anesthetic on the shield and it slides down easily and makes you uncomfortable. This shield makes it completely safe for doctors to treat blood vessels in the upper and lower eyelids, up to the eyelash line.

It is not uncommon to see full results after just one treatment, but in some cases subsequent treatments are necessary. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is often used in beauty treatments as an injectable dermal filler to temporarily add volume to the face and fight the signs of aging. Hyaluronic fillers under the eyes are injected under the eyes to widen the pores and create a more youthful appearance.

Although sometimes dark circles under the eyes can be the result of fatigue, allergies and dehydration, they are often caused by the natural aging process. As you age, your body produces fewer new skin cells, which can cause the skin under the eyes to thin. You also start to lose fat and collagen which helps your skin to be elastic. As a result, the blood vessels under the skin become more dilated, which can cause darkness around the eyes.

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Treatment For Dark Circles

Hyaluronic acid can be injected under the eye to restore volume in the tear ducts. This basically creates a layer between the blood vessels and your eyes, which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Hyaluronic acid can also be used – often in combination with other treatments such as laser resurfacing – to treat eye wrinkles. With age, the body’s production of collagen, fat and elastin begins to decrease, which can cause wrinkles under the eyes as the skin around them loses its elasticity. Hyaluronic acid works by restoring volume under the eyes, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and static wrinkles.

In some cases, dark circles under the eyes are caused by hyperpigmentation rather than volume loss. Fillers cannot correct hyperpigmentation. Instead, you can consider laser treatment or chemical peels. Talk to an experienced cosmetic supplier for more information new wrinkles

Although fillers are often used in anti-wrinkle treatments, they do not actively prevent new wrinkles from forming. Depending on the specific condition, products based on botulinum toxin such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin may be very effective options.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles In 2020

Hyaluronic acid injections are non-invasive procedures that are usually performed in your provider’s office. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes or less from start to finish.

Your procedure begins with having your provider clean the injection site with an antibacterial solution. Your healthcare provider may use an anesthetic to help with the discomfort, although most people find the injection not particularly painful. The injection itself only takes a few minutes, followed by a gentle massage while your provider places the filler for optimal results.

After the procedure, you may receive an ice pack to reduce swelling. Your doctor may tell you to avoid touching the injection site for several hours after treatment and ask you to refrain from drinking alcohol and vigorous exercise for the next few days as these activities increase the risk of scarring. For safety and best results, it is important to follow your supplier’s instructions exactly.

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Hyaluronic acid injections are often effective in treating dark circles under the eyes, and most people say they are satisfied with the results.

Are Filler Injections Safe For Removal Of Dark Circles Under The Eye?

For example, research published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery studied the satisfaction level of patients using hyaluronic acid fillers to treat infraorbital hollowing (loss of volume around the eyes that causes dark circles). About 71% of patients were satisfied with their results, leading the researchers to conclude that the treatment “has a high patient satisfaction and an acceptable safety profile for the correction of infraorbital hollowing”. How long do under eye fillers last?

It is important to note that dermal fillers are not a permanent solution for dark circles under the eyes. You can expect results to last about six to nine months, after which time the hyaluronic acid will break down and be absorbed into your body. You can repeat the treatment if you want to maintain the results. Side effects and precautions

Injections under the eyes are generally considered very safe. However, there are still some important risks and side effects to be aware of. wound

Bruising is one of the most common side effects associated with hyaluronic acid injections. According to research from the University of California, some studies have found that bruising occurs in 19-24% of patients, while other studies show that the rate can be as high as 68%.

Botox Under Eyes: Effectiveness, Side Effects, And Alternatives

Most patients find that the bruising and swelling tend to disappear within a few days. Your doctor may recommend using Arnica cream to reduce scarring and discoloration.

There is also a risk that the treatment may cause hyperpigmentation (dark patches of skin) due to the way the skin reacts to injury. According to a study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, people with dark skin are at risk of hyperpigmentation.Irregularities.

Skin fillers can also cause bumps, lumps and other irregularities. Sometimes this problem will resolve itself

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