Easy Diy Curb Appeal Projects

Easy Diy Curb Appeal Projects – First impressions are so important, especially when buying a home. You recognize a charming house when you see one and want to stop and stare. When we bought our current house, I knew it could use some sprucing up. It wasn’t in bad shape, but it just needed a few simple, refreshing updates. I always wanted a front porch, so I was glad this house had one. You can have a lot of fun charming a porch. You can see the before and after from the outside of our home and the easy things we’ve done add appeal. If you’re looking for mega charm or just something unique, today I’m sharing 7 simple and easy home decorating ideas that are budget friendly and something you can do in a weekend. These are simple ideas and projects that you can do yourself. But if you want to make big changes, painting the outside of the house (see my painting suggestions) is always an easy way to update. Replacing old windows with new ones or building an awning or porch is also a great way to add curb appeal.

Choose a nice paint color, grab a brush and paint your front door! Easy to update and add some oomph. My girlfriend paints her front door a different color every year. Red for fall, yellow for spring! It provides a cheerful and inviting welcome to all its visitors. Paint is an instant way to boost your home’s aesthetic!

Easy Diy Curb Appeal Projects

There are so many beautiful large ceramic planters to choose from and I’ve listed a few of my favourites. Planters instantly add color and personality to your home. This is a project that can be completed in an hour. I also like to have a cute watering can nearby so it’s easy to water my plants.

Easy Ways To Increase Curb Appeal: Porch Makeover Reveal

Sit down! Sit back and relax! Do you want something to drink? If you have the space, add a porch swing or chair. Place a decorative cushion on a bench in the veranda. If you don’t have a porch or space near the front door, place a bench elsewhere at the front of your home. This is a welcome signal. Another way to add appeal but to the back of your home is to add an outdoor table and lounging area.

Laying out your welcome mat is a fun way to add warmth and is another way to invite your guests. Make sure to wipe it often. Discard your mat if it has taken a beating. Welcome mats are budget friendly!

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Updating your outdoor lighting is an easy way to give your home a cool look. Replace old sconces and add landscape solar lights to highlight your home’s best feature. I’m including a few of my favorite outdoor lighting sconces below.

When we first moved in, we ended up ripping out a lot of the plants because they were randomly placed and they didn’t build up and embellish the elements of the house. We have added flowering landscape plants for every season, so that we always have a continuous flowering plant. We pruned our evergreens that were overgrown. This is an easy weekend project and really makes a huge difference to the look of a home!

Improving Our Curb Appeal A Diy Landscape Project

If your front yard looks like a dump, clean it up! Take the weekend to pick up your junk and drop it off at the dump. It’s worth the time and energy to clean up and clean up the clutter. Clean up and remove all the fairground stuff, such as wind chimes, butterfly flags, streamers – it’s time to take those stuff and move it to your backyard. be lucky. I’ve rounded up some of the best easy ways to do just that!

There are so many reasons why you would like to improve the appearance of your home. Not only will you fall in love with your home all over again every time you come home, but the curb appeal is very important if you’re thinking about selling your home. According to this research, 99% of realtors will tell you that attractiveness is very important in attracting a buyer.

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a great time to get outside and do some simple front yard landscaping to enhance your look. There are so many ways you can do this. I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to boost your look on a budget!

This simple front yard landscaping post contains affiliate links, but nothing I wouldn’t heartily recommend anyway! Read my full disclosure here.

Of The Easiest Curb Appeal Projects That Will Change Your Home — Bees And Roses. Gardening Tips And Hacks

The most extensive update you can make to improve your appearance is to paint your exterior. If you’ve been around here for a while you know we saved tons of money by painting our exterior ourselves.

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While it’s not the most budget-friendly update you can make, it makes a world of difference! Getting rid of unsightly chipped or faded paint will definitely add to your look. (FYI, this is the main exterior color if you’re wondering).

If you’re not going to paint the entire exterior of your house, you can still make a dramatic transformation by painting your front door.

I told you all about choosing paint colors for the front door here and then showed you how to paint a door. (FYI this is the color of our front door if you’re wondering).

Easy Ways To Add Curb Appeal On A Budget With Diy

First impressions are everything. If you are looking for a simple way to brighten up your home, facade decorations are the way to go.

Do you want to give your home an extra look? Give your skinny porch posts a makeover! This tutorial will show you how to strengthen your boring porch posts and add column covers for great appeal!

Want to add some life to your porch? Download these easy DIY planter box plans and learn how to build these modern farmer’s boxes.

Even if your home doesn’t need a new paint job, simply washing it off will definitely improve your appeal. Emily from Small Stuff Counts shares in this post how to clean the outside of a home without a pressure washer.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping & Curb Appeal Ideas

Creating clear borders on your flower beds is a great way to enhance your simple front yard landscape.

I love how Amanda from Love & Renovations placed this flower bed under a tree and gave it a clear (and colorful) border with concrete borders.

Speaking of redecorating flower beds, how about a retaining wall?! Amanda from A Crafted Passion added a ton of curb appeal to their front yard by adding a DIY retaining wall to the flower bed in front of their front porch (and for less than $200).

Instead of a flat and boring flower bed with no dimensions, they created interest in the frontage of their house by leveling the flower bed and adding the wall. I love how it turned out! Amanda also reports that the wall is still standing after three years!

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Landscaping Ideas For Maximizing Your Curb Appeal

Another easy way to improve your front yard landscaping is to add dark mulch to your flower beds. We call this our dark mulch miracle! I was shocked by the transformation.

The flowers really seemed to “pop” a lot more with the dark mulch and it looked more modern. (FYI, this is the mulch we used if you’re wondering).

Keeping the trees in your front yard is not only great for your curb, but also essential for safety. Dead branches can become dangerous hazards that can fall on your home (or you) when a storm comes up.

If you’re into tree pruning yourself, you’ll definitely want to read this post from Sarah from Ugly Duckling House on tree pruning and pruning.

Easy} Diy Curb Appeal Projects!

Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters gives us a great example of what can happen if you neglect shrubs in your front yard for too long. Sometimes in these cases it is best to remove all overgrown landscaping and start over.

You have to check out her dramatic transformation when they decided to give their front yard landscape the lumberjack treatment AKA get rid of everything!

Related Reading – Check out our fall cleanup checklist for other things to do on a regular basis to maintain your landscape!

Once you’ve got all your overgrown landscaping out of the way, it’s time to add some serious appeal to your home with fun DIY projects like this modern house number sign from Amanda at A Crafted Passion.

Curb Appeal Landscaping

I love the texture the wood shims create on this, just like this DIY wall art with wood shims we made!

Giving your porch a little makeover is a great way to improve its appearance and you can do it on a budget!

Pick up an old mailbox and give it a little makeover to make it pretty and VOILA… it instantly becomes a great place to store your tools in your yard.

For this DIY, I used floral napkins on top applied with Mod Podge, and

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