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The DXRacer is our top recommendation for anyone who wants a great seat without spending a lot of money. Our judges rated this chair as one of the more comfortable. He brought a chair that cost hundreds of dollars. But this office furniture is surprisingly comfortable and comfortable. and very durable with almost no damage throughout our testing. If you are looking for a good office chair on a budget, the DXRacer is a good choice.

Dxracer Office Chairs

This model is best for short work. Because it’s more important to value and beauty than comfort and durability.

Dx Racer Dxracer Iron Series Oh/is166/ne High Back Boss Executive Chair Pu Office Gaming Chair(black/green)

Our most important criterion – and the one that immediately comes to mind when we think about this product – is comfort. Calculate how many hours they can sit continuously in each seat before feeling uncomfortable.

The majority of judges rated the DXRacer seat highly, with only two members of our panel feeling it was closer to average compared to some of the more expensive options in our test room. The seat is on the firmer side but still provides plenty of padding when sitting for long periods of time, the Racer’s backrest is more crowded. with only one negative judge The height of the backrest doubles as headrest. which most of our testers like.

The lumbar support is pretty aggressive on this chair. with a curvature that is heavier than other models Some models in our testing process This makes the chair uncomfortable if your spine has a weak S-bend.

If you’re tired Some of our customers find that they sweat more when sitting in this chair. especially in the place where the lumbar support is located This makes it difficult for people living in hot weather.

Dxracer Craft Classic Gaming Chair Review

The story with the armrests of this chair is the same, only one judge scored below the top. These high scores mean that most test takers are happy to sit in this chair for eight to ten hours a day. While some people can sit comfortably for 12 hours or more. Even the smallest judges about this chair find that it is suitable for four to six hours of sitting.

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We watched the road. Where you can adjust the seat and its range of movement for armrests, backrest and seat. These factors are used to determine the overall score, again, DXRacer does very well in this measure.

The backrest has adjustable lumbar support in the form of a movable pad. This is unique compared to well-maintained products and provides very heavy support. A cushion like this doesn’t just move up and down. But it’s also completely removable, which gives the Racer another level of customization. Easy vertical placement and removal. But it is important to remember that without this mat, there is almost no support at all, which is something to consider if you do not like heavy lumbar support.

The armrests are almost completely adjustable. They let you move forward and backward, up and down, and turn, although you can’t adjust how close you are to them. However, for this issue, most of our judges were happy with them and rated them all very well. .

Dxracer Vs Respawn (2020 Comparaison)

This lever allows you to lock the seat in the reclining position. which is somewhat characteristic

The reclining lever is also very responsive. This makes it easy to position this chair in an ergonomic sitting position. Although the armrests can be crushed under the seat. depending on the height of the table

We think the DXRacer can last for years with regular use without excessive wear.

For further analysis of the team We have given each chair in the office to clearly and measure long-term work. Although it is difficult to determine the long-term performance after only a few months of testing on one machine But we spent some time researching user experience to find problems happened. We are also looking for damages. that happened when we tried. Overall, these ratings represent a total score. But because these seats are very expensive. We think this is an important indicator that deserves attention. We are happy to report that DX scores highly on this scale.

Dxracer Gaming Chair Seat Office & Desk Chairs, Chair, Blue, Angle, White Png

During our user research We have not seen any problems or other problems, nor have we seen any serious damage. of this chair after testing Although we can see that the elastic of some neck pillows can begin to deteriorate over time. Overall, we found this chair to be very durable.

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We can see that the head and the lumbar elastic wear faster than other areas. small chair

Because home furniture can be stressful. We judge each office chair by the length and difficulty of the assembly and unboxing process. Of course we include the obvious performance in this category once again DXRacer provides great performance in the test.

This chair is no longer available. which is the only reason it is rated lower than other chairs. in our little lab as mentioned It took less than 15 minutes for us to remove and build it. We found a small piece of plastic. The armrests are damaged. But most of them look beautiful and easy to fix with a little more glue. We love that it has detailed information with pictures and even QR codes to scan and watch video clips.

Dxracer Kc57 Console Gaming Chair

Overall, this chair is a good value. Paired with more expensive models in terms of comfort and adjustability.

The DXRacer is one of our favorite seats when it comes to budget purchases. It is one of the best choices in its price range. Even if it’s not good for you, we recommend it, however, if you want to buy a good work chair without spending a lot of money and without thinking about the beauty of competition. I finish after some of the higher performers for a fraction of the price, although the DX is a bit harder to assemble. But it is comfortable, durable and adjustable.

GearLab was founded on the principle of honest reviews. has a purpose Thousands of products are tested by our experts every year using a quality evaluation plan. This helps to highlight the differences in performance between competing products. and to guarantee complete independence We buy all products that we test ourselves. There are no cherry picked products delivered by the manufacturer. No Sponsorship Content Unpublished Actual Tests & Fair Comparisons Exterior Style Name: Drifting Series Seat Type: Performance Seat Foam Type: High Density Mold Shaping Made Foam Density: 52 kg / m³ Frame Color: Black Frame Structure: Metal Seat Cover Material: Vinyl and PU style leather Adjustable armrests: 3D (SP / 0145 / N) Armrest size: 9.8 “L x 3.7″ W Mechanism type: Normal tilt (SP / 0201 / N) Adjustment angle: 3 ~ 17 ??(SP /0201 / N) Tilt Lock: Yes Angle lock: No fuel lift Instructions: 100/20 (SP / 0302 / N) Fuel class: 4 seats / chairs Backrest style: High back Adjustable backrest angle: 135?? Adjustable lumbar cushion: yes Adjustable headrest: yes Base Type: 5-Star Color Stripe Base (SP/0410/N) Wheel Size & Material: 2″ Wheel / PU (SP/0709/N) Assembly Required: Yes Table Size: 15″ W (Front) x 13″ W (Back) x 21″ D Table Height: 21″ Height Height: 16″ Arm Height: 29″ Arm Height Arm: 22″ Height: 33 Back Shoulder Width: 22″ Package Dimensions: 30.31″ L x 26.77″ W x 14.57” H Gross Weight: 48.50 lb / 22kg Gross Weight: 57.32 lb / 26kg Warranty Length: 2-year for Accessories, Lifetime for Frame Weight Capacity: < 200lb / 91kg Recommended User Height: < 5'9" / 1.75m User BMI: < 25 Environmentally Conscious: Low Toxic Substances / REACH Certified Directly / through the ANSI/BIFMA standard: Yes

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