Dresser Made Into Tv Stand

Dresser Made Into Tv Stand – I’m back today to show you how I turned a $50 Craigslist dress into the ultimate TV dresser for our living room. It easily holds our flat screen TVs and all our other home appliances.

Start by drawing the line above the drawers. Then, remove all photos and stop. This step was a little tricky because they are attached and/or secured with screws. Annoying.

Dresser Made Into Tv Stand

As I was taking things out of the closet, I thought I could pick up a decorative item from the floor. I didn’t do anything, that’s it.

The North End Loft: My Television Console

As I was sanding, I thought I could peel the whole piece. I used palm sand that Brad brought home from Harbor Freight. Love Me Harbor Freight.

Use sandpaper on cabinet edges and hard surfaces. I needed to hang holes filled with nails and wood, so I used wood offcuts and sanded while the filler dried.

After sanding, blow out the garment with an air compressor as it may contain nasty items. You know, like lint, dust, mouse droppings. Interesting stuff.

I used a paint sprayer to apply the Zinsser primer (made by Penetrol). I saved hours by applying primer instead of painting with a brush. Hours.

Convert A Dresser Into A Tv Stand — R Home Styled

If you want a shelf for your electronics, you have to install it. For this, I recommend going to Lowe’s and buying 5/8 inch lumber. Since you need to place the shelf in the closet, you’ll want to cut it into three large pieces and two small pieces to fit them into the closet. Ask a woodcutter at Lowe’s to cut the tree of your choice to your measurements.

Now it’s time to sand, sand, sand, and glue all four pieces. I recommend using a foam roller and a cheap brush when applying primer. It is not necessary to use beautiful brushes.

After the marathon of sanding and washing, it’s time to paint the cabinets, drawers and shelf units. I recommend two coats in total, using a cheap roller to roll the paint onto a larger surface. Then I use a small paint brush to go over the paint and smooth it out. For small areas I recommend a small brush. To minimize brush strokes, I used Valspar white paint made with Floetrel.

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I decided not to seal it with Polycryl like the sewing machine cabinet. And after almost 8 years of using the TV stand, the color is still there.

Ikea Dresser: One Piece, Five Ways

If there are detailed pieces in the piece, go ahead and paint another color if you want. I used leftover gray paint (made by Floetrel) from the sewing machine cabinet with a small paint brush.

This part is easier than you think. Paint the cracks and if any paint comes off the area, use a damp paper towel to wipe it off.

When the paint is dry, cut three holes for the electrical wires on the back of the dress. Don’t go too high because you don’t want to see big holes when you look at the TV in the cabinet. I recommend the 1.5″-2″ size,

I don’t think it’s necessary to keep the pieces in place. Especially if you just mount the electronics on top and don’t really interfere with what’s on the shelf.

Tv Stand For Bedroom

You can choose to install clocks that represent televisions. I did this for two reasons. One, the kid (probably the owner of Bubbles) decided to make a cartoon himself. Two, in conclusion, I wanted to use a beautiful shelf.

If you want to give a decorative effect to the original picture, I recommend that you spray them with such a primer and then paint. Then I put it in the chest of drawers. I added two centerpieces to mix things up a bit. Remember that you can buy new coins if you want.

It’s been 8 years, and we still use and love the TV stand as our entertainment center. We love how unique and one of a kind the living room furniture is. And even though this is one of my favorite projects to date, I’m glad I tackled this beast. Regardless, I think I’ve got some tips on how to make a vintage 90’s old wood TV. It looks like nothing, but it has many purposes.

I know I can’t turn down anything free, so when this dresser arrived on my doorstep, I was thrilled.

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Repurposed Furniture Old Dresser Ideas And Makeovers

While I’m trying to figure out how to add strength to the floor, you can see that the pieces that separate the panels are made of cardboard.

I used thin plywood (underlayment) for the shelves. It was thin enough to fit into a cardboard slot.

Each shelf is in place and I used Gorilla Wood Glue and an Airstrike Staple Gun to hold them in place.

The finish was ready with a coat of DIY Chalky paint primer (Behr Polished Pearl) and my HomeRight Finish Max. Note the damaged area in the back corner.

Diy Dresser Turned Tv Console With Tutorial • Domestic Superhero

In order to have a good corner on the inside of the garment with Finish Max, it is better to put it on the back.

Even after painting the top of the dress, you can see that it still needed some TLC.

Here, you can see that I added a bit to the bottom (side) to cover the board error I showed you earlier. I will also make pine wood for the top.

After joining the wood and smoothing it with my orbital sander, I removed the dark walnut stain with Minwax.

Dresser Turned Tv Console

While the stain was drying, I worked on the side of the dresser to reinforce it so I could add the wheels. Because it was pressed into the wood, I broke the wood when I tried to take the corner cut. It didn’t detract from the look of the piece, but it was “bad”. I cut a piece of plywood (laying) to make a fake side to cover the bad area. g.o.n.e.

You can see that I added 2x6s to the bottom of the deck to give it strength and give me room to mount the wheels. I spaced the pocket holes well so they wouldn’t interfere with the bolts that hold the wheels in place. If I hadn’t prepared for this, I would have had trouble with the wheels. You can also see the original carved monument. It’s not shown with the piece where I broke and removed the corner connector I mentioned earlier.

To prepare the base layer to receive the pine top, I drilled holes through the plywood.

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I then used Gorilla Glue to make sure the top would stay in place. I installed a new pine top and secured it with screws that run from the inside of the cabinet to the top.

Before & After}

I still love the two-tone look – the cream (or white) color and the black stain. My coffee table and dining room table both have the same look.

I am hoping that the repaired TV will come back to my friend’s house so that she can watch TV. upper layers and collecting it throw / blanket on the shoulder.

It was a simple repair, but I think it added years to the life of the 90s clothes. Now I have three drawers, hmm, what should I do? Tonight, I’m excited to share with you what hubby has been up to in his spare time for the past few months. Let me start by saying that our TV has been on the wall above the fireplace since we bought it about a year ago. And even though I liked it there and it fit well, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. You see, when the TV is on and you are curled up on the sofa, sitting on a warm blanket and drinking hot tea, you cannot have a gas fire. Not only do I use the TV to watch movies and TV shows, but I also listen to a lot of music through it. I love our fireplace but would love to use it! So to solve this problem I was on a mission to find a good TV stand.

After searching the Internet and finding many furniture options, I realized that I didn’t need the money. We had a gift for my husband years ago that we were planning to sell or

Ways To Upcycle Your Dresser

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