Diy Projector With Phone

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Smartphones are great tools for showing off your work, watching movies, and playing games. However, their “big” problem is that the screen is rather small. This means that if you want to go big, you’ll have to hook it up to a TV or use a projector.Projectors for phones have been on the market for a few years now, but most of the decent ones are pretty expensive. Why don’t you make it with

Diy Projector With Phone

This video by his Matthew from DIY Perks shows how to build his very own “ultimate smartphone his projector” from scratch. Matthew first shows us his more traditional DIY smartphone projector. But that type of projector has some issues, which Matthew highlights. These problems are solved with his rather original periscope-style design.

How To Make A Projector With A Smartphone

A more familiar DIY smartphone projector that many of us may be familiar with is just a shoebox with a magnifying glass. There is a support inside to hold your phone, which may be adjustable to help you focus.

The problem with this design, however, is that everything is upside down, front to back. You can solve the upside down problem by locking the orientation of your smartphone. But that still doesn’t solve the backwards text problem.

Matt’s solution takes this basic design and finally turns it upside down. Quite literally. Rather than sitting in the back of the box, your phone now sits face down on top. This mirror flips the image and projects it on the wall in the correct direction.

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First, make a box with a hole in the front. This hole is where the lens will eventually go. A straw is placed inside each corner. A thin dowel can be pushed through a small hole in the box at the bottom of each straw. These will be the legs of the projector on which it will stand. Also move the box up and down to focus on the wall. The mirror is glued at a 45 degree angle to the lens.

Diy Mini Cardboard Version 2.0 Portable Household Smartphone Mobile Phone Projector For Home Theater

Then cut thick card over these dowels. It has a rectangular hole so that you can actually see the display when you put your phone on top. Note the size here. I want it to be big enough to show as much of the screen as possible, but I don’t want the phone to fall inside.

This is essentially all. can. But the problem is that the phone’s screen not only projects light towards the mirror, but also to the sides, which adds so much light to the environment that you can’t easily see the projection.

Matthew takes a leaf out of the large format photographer’s handbook by creating a set of bellows. These allow Matthew to maintain his ability to focus while still preventing light from leaking from his phone’s display into a dark room. From there, spray black on both sides.

With everything assembled, the lens in place and your phone on top, all you need to do is line it up against the wall and focus. Everything is reversed thanks to the mirror. In order to make the projection as bright as possible, you should make sure your phone screen is at maximum brightness.

Diy Assemble Smartphone Cell Phone Projector 2.0 (no Power Required)

Certainly not as expensive as buying a high end he projector. But if you just want something simple and basic that you can build yourself, his inexpensive DIY option is perfect. This is a very simple but effective build.

It’s also very cool to project a video or image onto a subject in the dark for some photography experiments.Of course, if you’re shooting something that’s being projected, you’ll probably use a light blaster instead. .

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John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the world of portraiture and commerce. Based in Scotland, he was an early adopter of almost all digital imaging his technology at the time, and sometimes a beta his tester. As well as creative visual work, John uses his 3D printing, electronics and programming to create unique photo and filmmaking tools and consults for many brands across the industry. Projecting the smartphone display on the wall is a fun activity for his friends and family. Makes for an impressive presentation. Whether you’re hosting a party at home or want to make your movie night even more memorable, simply place the impressive DIY phone projector between your phone and the wall to bring the comfort of your mobile display to life with minimal effort. You can enjoy magnified projection. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a DIY phone projector. Follow these easy-to-follow DIY phone projector plans to help you create a simple, inexpensive tool for displaying your smartphone’s content on the big screen. These devices are usually empty boxes, magnifying glasses, and other easy-to-find materials. It can be assembled in minutes with what you already have around your home.

Fashion Smartphone Projector, Create A Small Party Home Theater Portable Diy Mini Video Projector

Are you getting ready to watch a movie in your home theater but don’t have the space to set up a projector? Use your phone as a screen for your DIY movie projector. These super easy ideas will help him create a fun and functional DIY smartphone projector for his next family movie night. These projects are a fun and easy way to create a DIY smartphone projector. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to watch movies, videos, YouTube tutorials and more on your big screen directly from your smartphone. They’re easy to make and we’ve put together a few DIY plans to create the perfect projector for your needs.Are you ready to make one?

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A cell phone projector is a great way to have fun without spending too much money. With just a few simple materials, you can create a DIY cell phone projector that allows you to watch movies on multiple sides in your darkroom. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to build a homemade projector for your smartphone or tablet. It’s worth the time and money spent to help you watch videos with friends and family, especially in a dark room.

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your bedroom or living room wall with this DIY HD smartphone projector. This fun and easy-to-assemble project turns your smartphone into a portable projector that you can use anywhere in your home. A video tutorial is also included, so you can watch movies on the big screen without an expensive projector.This handmade mockup projector projects images with excellent quality and brightness, perfect for your favorite movies and games. can be seen on any wall. Follow our video tutorials and you’ll have HD images on your wall in no time.

You don’t need a lot of money to watch movies from the comfort of your own home. With a little effort and a few simple items, you can turn a blank wall into a home theater screen. A projector displays video from a mobile phone device onto a large white wall. You can sit on the couch with your family and friends and enjoy movies together in high definition at home at any time of the day or night. This simple project will help you create a home projector screen.

Universal Cell Phone Diy Projector Home Wall Cinema Tv Screen For Iphone Samsung

This portable projector is a fun gadget for all ages. This easy-to-assemble cell phone projector is perfect for carrying from house to house and can be easily installed on a wall or in front of a screen. The simple design makes it very affordable, requiring only 5 extra parts to build. It’s also great for displaying slideshows and home movies on a white surface (such as a sheet hanging on a wall). This easy-to-build DIY projector is perfect

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