Diy Garage Makeover Ideas

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Garage Living has completed thousands of garage remodeling projects of varying scope and size. Our customers are always amazed at how quickly we can transform a cluttered or unfinished garage into a clean, organized space.

Diy Garage Makeover Ideas

Check out some of the garage makeovers we’ve completed for our clients. Many of them have wondered why they waited so long to call us.

Garage Makeover Reveal {before & After}

This new home had an unfinished garage porch and drywall. There is parking for 3 cars with plenty of additional storage space.

The homeowners decided to add a home gym to the back of the garage where the whole family can work out. New garage flooring, cabinetry, and slatwall panels offer many storage solutions. See more: Fitness Room Garage

This large unfinished garage was in dire need of garage storage. Installing box aisles in garage cabinets can free up a lot of floor space for parking cars.

The two car height allows this car collector to store four cars in this section of the garage. Slatwall provides ample storage space on the walls. Nightfall Floortex™ floor coating and LED ribbon light trim transform this garage into a showplace. See more: Double Car Lift Garage

Complete Garage Makeover

This full and unfinished garage is a classic. A hanging vapor barrier and exposed frame posts left an unsightly appearance and no effective storage systems were used.

After the upgrade, the night and day difference in the garage’s appearance, level of organization, and overall feel is quite obvious. The bright, clean, and modern-looking cabin is well-equipped to make a Ferrari look like it’s where it’s supposed to be. Carbonite Floortex ™ floor coating, GL Custom Steel cabinets.

GL Custom Steel cabinetry and Floortex™ floor coating are in Harbor Blue. LED lighting (installed under the slatwall panels) turns on when the garage door opens providing a nice custom touch.

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This large, unfinished one-car garage has a new cement floor and unpainted drywall. Household items are tucked into corners and can benefit from other garage storage options.

Garage Mudroom Makeover {for The Real Family}

The floor and base walls were finished with Floortex™ floor coating in Harbor Blue. Gray slatwall panels provide great wall storage, with hidden LED lights throughout. A custom-fit GL Signature cabinet (Harbor Blue) keeps everything organized and clutter-free. 16 overhead storage racks hold 16 bins of seasonal items. See more: Audi R8 garage

Floors and foundation walls have Floortex™ Sedona adhesive. Taupe slatwall is used to facilitate hanging baskets and hooks where needed.

A GL Custom Steel cabinet system was installed with lockers and a work station featuring a stainless steel countertop, diamond plate backsplash and a valance light bar. The entire garage was painted and the wires along the ceiling were cleaned.

The floor, foundation walls and stairs have Floortex™ Nightfall adhesive. A GL Custom Steel cabinet system and workbench were installed with a valance light bar, diamond plate backsplash and a stainless steel counter top. Slatwall panels provided additional storage space.

Diy Garage Door Makeover Ideas

The central vac was moved up the wall to provide more space. The heater was placed in the upper left corner. The walls and ceiling were painted and painted.

Unfinished garage in high end custom home. The floor is unfinished with a pre-cut visible expansion joint so the floor can float.

The floor and base walls have a Nightfall Floortex™ floor coating. GL Custom Steel cabinetry was used for wall-to-wall storage (silver finish with finger pull handles). Slatwall panels provide a clean look on the left side of the garage. It can also provide additional wall storage using hooks, racks, and baskets.

The floor is finished with Floortex ™ floor coating in Sedona. Oversized lockers with stainless steel pulls provide ample storage space (GL Custom Steel cabinetry). Top storage racks and slatwall panels provide additional storage space. The entire garage was also painted.

Garage Makeover On S. Prairie Ave., Chicago

Flooring and foundation walls have Floortex™ Nightfall adhesive. The walls were painted and painted. The exterior walls are slatwall panels with various racks, hooks and shelves and a golf caddy. The upper racks were installed 24 inches from the ceiling and provided space for seasonal items.

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The floor has been redone with Pebble Beach Floortex™ adhesive. GL Custom Steel cabinet with granite shell and tan door offers plenty of storage including a TV cabinet.

Some custom work was needed on the lower windows. Several fluorescent lights are installed. An extra large cupboard by the door is used to store a standing Christmas tree.

Floortex™ flooring in Nightfall was installed on the floor, baseboards, wide step and custom kick plate under the cabinets. GL Premium cabinetry in silver and granite provides storage. Added new sink, faucet, stainless steel counter top and diamond plate backsplash. The central vac was moved to the left and slatwall panels were added to all walls.

The Organized Garage

The garage was primed and painted. The floor was finished with KhakiFloortex™ floor coating. The temporary wooden stairs were replaced by the former concrete stairs and given the same adhesion as the floor.

Installedslatwall panelsto a length of 6 feet around the perimeter of the garage providing great flexibility for storage and future organization. A hose reel was placed in the back left corner with a few shelves. Next to the central vac are wire baskets with mesh baskets on the bottom.

This garage has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Approximate size is 1, 600 sq.ft. and can accommodate many cars.

Garage Living installed all the drywall, framed and painted the garage. The flooring color is Pebble Beach Floortex™ floor coating.

Guide To A Complete Garage Makeover

Features steel gray steel cabinets (GL Custom Steel) with block top, stainless steel pulls and diamond plate backsplash. The right corner has an indoor/outdoor corner cabinet with a sink below. Other features are the TV cabinet, lockers on the left with custom cutouts for the electrical panels.

GL Custom Steel cabinet with workbench system and brush table provides ample storage and organization. Deep lockers accommodate larger items.

The flooring is done with Khaki Floortex™ floor coating. The walls and ceiling were painted and painted. The old ceiling hooks and shelving systems were removed before installation.

The cabinets were custom fitted to the back wall panel (GL Custom Steel cabinetry featuring black shells and silver doors). The central vaccination system was hidden in one of the storage lockers. Slatwall panels and hooks provide additional storage. The flooring is done with Quicksilver Floortex™ floor coating.

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Kmart Australia Epic Garage Makeover

This is a classic example of old kitchen cabinets repurposed into a two car garage. It is an inexpensive and often temporary solution.

The cabinet space was replaced with GL Custom Steel cabinetry that can hold golf bags and other sports equipment. Khaki slatwall panels provide wall-mounted storage for hose reels, baskets and hooks. New lights were installed and the garage was given a fresh coat of paint.

Nightfall Floortex™ floor coating was used on the floor. GL steel cabinets with red gloss finish, block top and diamond plate backsplash were installed. A locker on the right wall provides storage space for larger items.

GL Premium cabinetry in silver and granite was installed. The flooring and custom kick plate for the cabinets are finished with a Quicksilver Floortex™ floor covering. A stainless steel countertop and slatwall panels give a clean finish to the space.

Total Garage Makeover Ideas To Transform Your Space

GL Premium cabinetry fits on both sides of the door without customization. Stainless steel tops and valance lighting provide the perfect work environment. Khaki Floortex™ floor coating was used on the floor and taupe slatwall panels provide additional storage options on the side walls.

This two-car garage had several elevators but insufficient storage space made it difficult to keep things organized. The flooring is damaged and needs to be redone.

The GL Custom steel cabinet provides balance and maximizes space on the rear wall. The brushed countertop and diamond backsplash plate provide a nice clean look. Cappuccino Floortex™ floor coating was applied to the floor after it was prepared.

GL Custom Steel cabinets and lockers were custom fit in the unique garage space to maximize storage space. A stainless steel countertop, diamond plate backsplash and custom kick plate are included. A metallic blue and gunmetal color used on the cabinet to match the colors of the customer’s vehicle. A shallow cabinet was installed under the counter so that a chair could be placed there.

Diy Garage Organization Ideas

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