Child Camp Chair

Child Camp Chair – If you’ve been camping with your kids or planning your kids’ first camping trip, you’re probably interested in buying camping chairs for them!

While the sweet one at Walmart will do, if you’re a nature lover, you’ll probably want to buy something better quality (and sweeter).

Child Camp Chair

And, depending on the situation – backpacking, RV camping, car camping, on vacation, etc., there may be a specific chair that will best suit your situation.

Macpac Kids’ Cooler Armchair

Here are some things to think about before buying – these are more important for small children who have more adjustment needs, but it’s still not a bad idea to remove them!

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Kids don’t need much to keep them happy on a camping trip, and sometimes it’s good to have the basics so they don’t get spoiled with crazy horse play! Here are some of the best folding camping chairs for all seat heights – I purposely did not include an age range because this is not a straightforward way to find the right size chair.

Pay attention to the weight and height of the seat (I put them in bold so it’s easy to see!) for each camping chair to ensure a good fit!

Relax Child Camping Chair Nhc1308 Assorted Colors Online At Best Price

Coleman is a reliable outdoor brand that has stood the test of time, and I like that it is a bit thicker than Camping World AND that it is lower to the ground (the seat height is 10.2 inches vs. Camping Worlds 15.25 inches!)

Reviewers say this chair is good for ages 4-8, but as we all know, the height is different for each age (I’ve included a picture below so you can see the size compared to a high chair)

With its reinforced corners, medium height (12 inches) and mesh base, this chair from LL Bean is a great choice! I love the mesh base for the summer – my kids can cool down even faster with the increased wind!

Camping World is one of the few campsites that makes child seats! Reliability seems to be important to me, and almost all of Amazon has junk from brands that don’t last long.

Nouveau Kids Dinosaur Camping Chair

They are cheaper than Coleman chairs, but they also weigh less, so consider that.

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Since Melissa and Doug is a children’s brand, not an outdoor brand, they offer fun and specific activities for children in their camp chair designs (we have one octopus, but they have some really cute bugs and insects!)

Also, since they are not the first outdoor brand, they are a little fragile (screws loosening / wear and tear are a problem), but unless you plan to go camping several times a month, this oil probably won’t be. problem!

Whether you and your staff want to relax in the camp or just insist on having the same type of thing that you have, all these children’s camp chairs have additional features such as shade, tray or target and lot.

Outbound Kids’ Mesh Back Folding Camping Quad Chair W/ Cup Holder & Child Safety Lock, Assorted

The thirds were obsessed with the version of this, so I was very happy to find out someone was making a kid size version! The average weight is not as high as others, but that is only possible in part because of the different design and the way it carries the weight differently.

This is perfect for kids who need to move around – the ability to rock and move in this chair keeps my kids sitting in it…and they stay with us around the fire for a long time!

Worried about where all the camping snacks, toys and drinks will go? Well, having a camping chair with a tray can definitely help!

The Director style chair is truly one of the most functional – very sturdy, roomy and of courseā€¦ that handy drawer! It’s easier for children to eat with a place to put plates when needed, and it’s good to have a designated place to put drinks and snacks when not in use.

Kaboer Outdoor Folding Lawn And Camping Chair With Cup Holder, Mermaid Camp Chair

Remember that the easier it is to find a place to put things, the easier it is to hit you! So I wouldn’t recommend this style if your child is at the age (or has a sibling who is) at the “wipe everything that’s lying around feels good” stage. =P

P.S. keep scrolling to the baby section if you are looking for a child camp seat with a GABA tray (which is a design especially for babies and children)

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At this point in our camping trip (kids are now 4, 4, and 6) I find that they spend a lot of time playing, crafting, or exploring. Not just sitting in a chair.

So, we put away the camp chairs for campfire time and started using this big kids’ picnic table for our food and crafts.

Disney Doc Mcstuffins Kids Camping Chair

Now, if you only have one child and/or you don’t camp with other families who have children, this multi-child table may not make sense. But if you do, give it a shot! We’ve saved ourselves a ton of chairs from siblings, arguments over where to put our camping chairs, etc. by making this our main page!

We found ours at Sam’s Club or Walmart on sale (so keep an eye out!) but here it is on Amazon!

If you’re interested in going camping with your child, you may not have to wait until age 2 when they can actually use a “toddler” seat. This is when booster seats or baby camping seats come in handy!

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Best Camping Chairs For Kids (babies, Toddlers & Older

The camping chairs on the left are “Ciao Baby” and the one on the right is “Summer Babies”. I prefer the one on the right!

This is a great investment to make when it comes to camping chairs or portable chairs! You can change it to fit any stage, from a toddler who can’t sit up yet, to a 6 year old! It also weighs only 7 pounds and has a tent!

This is a great investment you can make for a child’s camping chair! It can fit your baby (through the included adjustments) up to 6 years!

This high chair is made of durable resin material and the tray part is a thick plastic that is easy to wipe after use!

River Trail Blue/grey Kids Camping Chair

This is a great portable chair that is easy to clean, has a cup holder for snacks or drinks, and is easy to transport!

The tray is sturdy so all the food doesn’t slide out, and it can be moved to the side to get baby in easily!

I also like the wide leg as most campers are not flat, so in my experience this makes this high chair more comfortable than other high chairs!

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The tray on this high chair is sturdy so food doesn’t fall out, and it can be lifted so you can put baby in and out!

Kids Camp Chair

While this isn’t necessarily a high chair OR a camping chair, it does the same things, just in less space and with more fun and energy efficiency. If you are in the bottle/puree/poof phase (probably around 6 months to 2 years) you will find these portable jumpers to be space savers for multiple uses!

These baby camping bouncers are an easy-to-carry item that’s worth it! To multiply their benefits, combine it with some “suckies” (what you put fruit in for babies to drink) and you will have a happy baby for at least half an hour!

I love the simplicity of this and the fact that it has extra loops to add special toys for us while camping!

If you have a small camper like us, you know the value of space! Although you can use high chairs at the campsite, most people only have access and don’t want to take up that space.

Veeyoo Travel Booster Seat With Removable Tray

With a small booster seat, you can place it on the bench in the camper dining room!

This is important for us, since in the morning everyone cooks and dresses everyone. With 3 under 3, that means keeping the kids locked up and out of the way while we get everything ready for the day!

I really like how small this folds up and it comes with a cute storage bag! It can also be used outside in the camp as well!

I can’t even begin to explain how much of a difference the right equipment makes for a child’s outdoor camping experience. While you don’t need much to go to camp, going the extra mile to make sure your child is comfortable and having a good time will help ensure they want to do it again!

The 8 Best Camping Chairs Of 2022

If you are taking a young child camping, this is even more important

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