Cafe Curtain Rods Inside Mount

Cafe Curtain Rods Inside Mount – Our formal dining room overlooks the living room and flows into a great space. The idea of ​​having coffee table curtains in this area is twofold. One to create some privacy from the garden and still allow the living room. I love curtains and I don’t really like curtains, but these large windows make it very difficult to open and close the curtains.

When I came across Rejuvenation and saw these coffee brass curtain rods and rings, I knew they would work perfectly on these windows. I wanted them installed inside and also the curtain rods above the windows. Here is a link to this matching solid brass rod and rings. For 4 windows I needed four rods and 40 rings. The white curtains are from Wayfair and I love that they are sheer yet provide complete privacy.

Cafe Curtain Rods Inside Mount

I posted a photo of my new coffee table book that will liven up my living room in the new year. Veranda “Your own room”.

Loft Knob Café Curtain Rod, Nickel

I also got a new pillow from West Elm. I hit the sales after Christmas and found some gems. It has a nice metallic finish which is perfect for January. It’s called a watercolor piece brocade pillow.

Cafe blinds seem too closed or too open. I love how the loops make them easy to put on and take off (as opposed to inserting a stick into the fabric).

When all the holiday decorations are gone, I love just a few simple string lights and black pom poms on the mantel. I also saved some dried golden hydrangeas. I don’t want to part with them.

In the dining room I also added a brass coffee rod, but it’s a long tension rod from Home Depot. This window is about 70 inches wide, so the Rejuvenation was not that wide. I used 4 curtains from Wayfair. I have wanted to hang curtains in our kitchen for years. In winter, when the leaves disappear. , you can see into our neighbor’s house, and the cafe curtain seemed to add the perfect amount of privacy (

Chroma Tension Rod

Let’s talk about this fabric, shall we? It’s a classic Morris print (and we all know I love Morris prints 😉 and IMO it’s perfectly comfortable, a bit refined and a little country without a kitchen. Most designer Morris fabrics are in the $100/yard+ range, but this cotton was only $12.50/yard. Score!

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FABRIC: To determine the amount of fabric you need, decide the direction of the fabric you want. Add 6″ to the height of the curtain for the seams. I recommend that the total width of your curtains be 1.5x or 2x the width of the window. For a 28″ wide window, we use 44″ wide fabric (cut in two panels).

We recommend having one clip on each side of the curtain panel plus one every 5. So for each of our 20 panels, we have 5 clips.

CAFE ROD: First decide where you want the rod to go (ours is a half-widow for a nostalgic feel) and whether you want an indoor or outdoor mount (shown below). I like the inside bracket to look better, but I opted for an outside bracket on our casement window so it would still open with the window treatment. Measure the total length of the stem + hardware and then place a custom order inside or outside the mount.

Rebrilliant Lakeshi Wayfair Basics Single Curtain Rod & Reviews

Cut the curtain panel to the finished curtain panel size you want plus 6 inches tall plus 2 inches wide to allow for seams.

To be honest, I’m not a sewing expert, but my mom taught me the basics when I was little and gave me a sewing machine when I got married, and luckily, curtains are the easiest thing to make!

The first step is to sew the two side seams. I like to iron the seams first (you can use pins to hold them in place while you sew) so that there is about 3/8″ of iron on one side, then iron 3/8″ on the other side. . Then I sewed that seam. And he repeated everything on the other side of the curtain.

Next come the top and bottom seams. Iron the top seam to about 3/8 inch, then fold 2 inches (or whatever length you want for the top seam) and sew.

Inside Mount 3/8 Inch Id Socket

Repeat for the bottom layer to make sure you get the full height you want on the curtain panel. For my bottom seam, I ironed the fabric to 3/8″, then folded it about an inch, ironed it again, and sewed that seam. At this point you should have four sides ready.

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These Rejuvenation Rods are very smooth and I love the mounting hardware. Both the interior and exterior brackets have two mounting pieces with one piece that clips onto the window and a second round piece that sits on top of the wood and secures to the mounting bracket. It looks more complicated than it is, I promise!

Determine where you want to hang the curtain rod (be sure to consider the curtain panel and the clips you use) and then pre-drill into your surface. We like to roll the flat ends by hand to make sure they don’t split. Line up your rod with the bracket on the other side (or just use the eyeball) and install that bracket as well.

I have found that these rods stick better with the blind they already have. One note about these clips is that they have to be mechanically tightened to hold the fabric, at least that’s what we found. I placed the pliers inside the round shape and squeezed outwards to secure them.

Buy 171 To 240 Inches Curtain Rods & Hardware Online At Overstock

After attaching the blinds to the clips and wood clips, attach the wood to the bracket you have already installed.

If that’s more than you want to spend, I recommend attaching clips and hanging the curtain directly on the rod and replacing the rod with a cheap tension rod (like this one). This will bring your costs down to about $34/window. I have a thing for a good coffee table. They are the perfect blend of charm and practicality – two of my favorite things.

See photos of it before we moved in (with the aluminum shutters in front) and after I cleaned them up to live with them

I know people want it, but a window just wasn’t for me. It never provided ventilation, the outlet “roof” was always dirty so it blocked the light, and it was only rarely used (in San Diego I can grow herbs outside year round). So when we renovated, one of the first things I did was replace them with reclaimed wood windows. Once replaced, the windows let in plenty of natural light and provide all the visibility we’ve ever wanted—too much, really. We suddenly had clear visions of our neighbor’s garbage cans and the goings-on in his driveway. They also gave us a very good view of the kitchen sink.

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Comprehensive Curtains And Window Treatments Guide

We loved the view of the sky and treetops from the upper windows, but could do without the view of the house next door from below. Installing the most common window treatments of curtains or roman blinds blocks the view of the sun above leaving the bottom open, which is the opposite of what we want.

For a while I’ve been planning to plant trees/shrubs near the windows to create natural privacy, but I’ve never been able to find the right plant for the space. I even thought about installing decorative privacy glass, but I couldn’t find the right historic glass that was attractive.

Above is the inspiration of cafe curtains of interesting styles. I never fully decided what the style would be, I just installed the hardware and planted it on a temporary fabric.

I cut these coffee curtain rods to the perfect length for the width of my windows. They are located inside the assembly and attach directly to the top of the window. They have a completely subtle profile.

Coretto Tension Rod

I installed them just below the window hardware so we could still open and close the windows without the rod getting in the way.

To secure the fabric, I got vintage coffee bar clips that have a nice patina and set up in a snap, literally. The rods have matching clips which are very nice.

I found the fabric while browsing Facebook Marketplace. I would like to know the maker/artist, but unfortunately I don’t have a source for you.

Instead of sewing the seams, I cut them to size and installed the fabric with a raw edge. Some may say messy, I say charming.

What Type Of Curtains Can Be Used On Tension Rods?

I got the fabric on a whim and knew it wasn’t a “forever fabric” but I really love it. And the longer I keep it, the more

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