Decorating Country Home

Decorating Country Home – Country houses, cottages and cabins are especially good during the holiday season. A retreat in snow-covered fields or overlooking an icy lake is picturesque, especially when all the windows are lit, and the fireplace is freshly lit inside. Get inspired by these rustic holiday getaways that will make you want to spend Christmas in the country.

Sydney Carlaw of Purity Designs poses with her family in front of a small outdoor cabin on her two-acre farm. They bought the lot in 2014. “It had been empty for two years and it was desolate,” Sydney says, “but the property felt like an enchanted forest straight out of a Walt Disney movie.”

Decorating Country Home

Its cozy country fireplace is decorated with lush greenery. When it comes to the designer’s holiday style, she opts for subtle and simple. “With all these pines and cedars outside our door, I’m bringing the forest in,” says Sydney. “I love the look of berries and holly, and they already smell like Christmas!”

Country Home Decor: How To Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Country Getaway

Holiday wreaths and flower arrangements can be seen in almost every room. “This is an authentic farm,” says Sydney, “but I wanted to add some small contemporary elements.” Rustic modern barstools match the farmhouse aesthetic.

Another hearth in the kitchen is surrounded by a built-in stone chair and Christmas stockings. The seat was made by the original owner of the house and is the perfect place to cozy up with a book and hot drink.

The dining room has a large farm table perfect for a holiday party. “I lean towards a modern west coast style that’s calm, cozy and welcoming,” says Sydney. “I like warm, organic neutrals with lots of texture.”

Sydney digs for most of her holiday decor items from the nearby forest on the property. Her charming farm with her husband Vance is truly a joy in the country.

Inspiring Modern Farmhouse Designs

Florist Alison Westlake’s Prince Edward County farm is located in Sophiasburgh near Picton, ON. In 2015, she bought a six-acre farm to grow flowers to sell at her nearby Corriander Girl shop. Come early December, Alison begins her holiday decorations in a Scandi, farm-to-flower style.

Almost 50 percent of the shop’s flowers are grown on the farm, where Alison forages for flowers and branches to create arrangements for her home. A wreath of vines on her dining room mantle creates a natural focal point. Upside down bouquets are dried for display at home.

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Evergreen swags can be seen in the country kitchen, where Alison prefers traditional antique cabinet pieces. “Often I will just buy an antique piece, knowing that one day I will find the perfect place for it. I do not think that there is anything in the house that is less than 100 years old, except for me and the girls , ” he said.. His father built the great cedar island.

Her daughters Adeline (left) and Hattie enjoy crafts with their mother. Oversized antique hutch holds all craft supplies. The dining room is her favorite room, and she and the girls start the season by decorating the tree, playing Christmas music, and drinking eggnog. “That’s what my family did when I was little, so it’s completely nostalgic for me,” he said.

Easy Ways To Decorate With Country Style

Here’s another Christmas tree decorated with vintage ornaments, pastel ribbons, twinkle lights and a garland of dried orange slices.

The neutral-toned girl’s bedroom combines painted Jenny Lind bed frames, wintery white walls and antique wooden pieces. A dry Christmas bouquet, shaded leaves, and a miniature tree bring the holidays into the room.

Some people buy a cottage to get away from civilization. By Nancy Lockhart. His circa 1840 box house is in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the tight-knit community was a big part of the attraction. Each room in the three-bedroom, 1,320-square-foot cottage is subtly dressed for the season. Come December, the house has a distinctly Victorian atmosphere, decorated as it is with freshly cut bushes wrapped in ribbons, swags of old Christmas cards and an array of scented candles layered in the scent of firewood.

The clean-lined staircase, with its crisp white spindles and contrasting railings, is decorated with garlands and bows for the season.

Feel Inspired By This Vintage Country Home Ideas!

A small tree welcomes guests to the dining room. “I try to collect a few ornaments every year and make them part of my ongoing Christmas,” says Nancy.

On this 40-acre farm in New Hamburg, Ontario, Shannon Vosters, her husband, Sander, and their children, Henry, 8, Toby, 7, and Daniek, 5, spend their days raising good young goats, Saanen and Alpine dairy . goats and chickens.. For the main residence, a 150-year-old farm, Shannon’s travels in the Netherlands inspired him. “I like the European farm,” he said. “They are timeless and more laid back, but they still have this warmth.” Oak floors, concrete floors and vertical clapboard walls evoke a pastoral tranquility not unlike an Old Master Dutch painting. Shannon made sure that the layers of cognac, gray-green and burgundy accents as an effective counterpoint to all the pale walls and blonde woods. “I have always gravitated towards natural materials and colors found in nature,” he said. “I like the interior of a house to have a connection with the surroundings.”

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A fresh wreath stuck to the kitchen window with white ribbon has rustic charm. A generous gathering space was essential for the brilliant family, who needed a large, functional island to prepare and eat. “We love to cook and bake, and we’re home a lot — there aren’t many restaurants around us,” says Shannon.

A simple console, country crock and antique carved mirror make for a welcoming vignette at the side entrance.

Country Style Rooms For A Cozy Home

In the master bedroom, a wool throw and plenty of accent pillows make the room cozy. Fresh branches, which are talked about as a top supplement, smell great. Spray daily with water to keep fresh.

Designer Angela Wheeler and her husband Josh Malcolm designed this six bedroom, 4,000 square foot farmhouse in Port Perry, Ontario to be their perfect country home. Surrounded by rolling hills and forests, it is the ideal escape from the bustling city during the holidays.

Angela created a room just off the more formal living room that could act as an “Away Room.” It is equipped with a deep sofa, TV, soft carpet and of course sparkling Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath.

In front of the living room, the kitchen is covered with natural vegetation. Large windows, white oak cabinets and a large wooden table make the kitchen inviting and warm – perfect for gathering around at Christmas.

Cottage Interior Design

Tara Hall in Wellington, Prince Edward Country, Ontario, was originally built as a single-family home in 1839, but now serves as a boarding school, masonic lodge, antique store, and bed and breakfast. Florist Alison Westlake at Coriander Girl decorates the home just right for the holidays.

Natural cedar swags frame the door. When decorating the tree, Alison opted for dried flowers instead of classic ornaments for a feathery look.

Vibrant patterns and pops of color work effortlessly in this holiday bedroom. Greens and dried fruits dress the table, while cotton and pampas grass hang above.

Alison wraps a natural Smilax vine between the stair railings to store it for the season. “It gives a secret garden feel to every room and turns beautifully around balustrades,” he says.

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Home Decor Ideas: 11 Easy Diy Tips From The Pros

Designer and homeowner Cynthia Zamaria opened this 5,000-square-foot Georgian home in Port Dover, Ontario, in 2017. The vision peeled back the layers to reveal the true character of Millar House (the property dates back to 1857). Cynthia kept the tree very simple with warm light playing the gilded accents throughout the room. The dining table is covered with fresh greens, dried oranges and pomegranates for a robust fragrance throughout the season.

On the mantel, Cynthia added a variety of green candlesticks to play on the natural elements poured into the room. “It’s a low-key display of the holiday,” he said.

Exposed brick walls are the main attraction of the kitchen. Rows of open shelves display expensive ceramics and everyday essentials, plus vintage art and original animal imagery – the perfect blend of rustic and sophisticated.

Every corner of your home deserves a solid touch! Since many of us work from home, why not add seasonal decor to your office with a bunch of bushes on top of your whiteboard or a small wreath on a sculpture?

Decorating Tips For Refined And Rustic French Country Style

Fill the basket with small evergreen leaves and trim bushes to keep it simple. “Most of the vegetation is fed into the property for a very natural look,” says Cynthia.

With its stone walls and rustic beams, this room is a perfect stand-in for the picturesque UK cottage in the popular Nancy Meyers film,

. Some feathers for branches cut from the property, large pine cones, and simple flower arrangements fit the pure and simple country atmosphere, and they are all that is needed to dress up this room.

A lush Douglas fir is the appropriate focal point in this room. The tree is simply decorated with white lights, and homeowner Andraya Frith made the traditional decorations dried orange slices herself for an eco-friendly take on holiday decorations.

Stunning Home Library Ideas

A garland, collected from the trees in the area, beautifies a door. An evergreen

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