Cabinets For Bedroom Wall

Cabinets For Bedroom Wall – Not long ago we downsized and sold the home we raised our family in and bought a small house in a factory. I have to say I love the simplicity it brings to our lives. We left a large home, pool and lot with adjoining acres that needed a lot of work to maintain. It’s good to have more time for the people and things we love.

That said, it’s a balancing act to manage my passions and my desire to change, as a professional architect who specializes in designing and implementing floor plans, as well as planning in custom cabinetry and millwork.

Cabinets For Bedroom Wall

. So, to hold myself accountable, I focus on changing the areas where I can improve and add, not on dismantling and starting over. With that, I chose the areas of our home where change brings me the most joy. For this post, I’m sharing design ideas and progress photos for our master bedroom design.

Wyndham Collection Amare Espresso Wall Cabinet

Over the last few months we have been slowly furnishing the room and the paneled wall and cabinet I designed have been installed. Once everything is painted (walls and panels) I will move on to adding draperies, pictures and accessories.

Note the perspective design image, which is resting in front of the bed. This started as an alcove as shown in the photos where the windows rested. I didn’t like the idea of ​​filling the space with a piece of furniture, and since we need to keep it, I decided to design a cabinet that fits the space that was left. But, as is often the case with strategic projects, it takes a lot of troubleshooting to get it right.

For the bed frame, we played around with different configurations, including making small panels on the side so that the windows could be placed inside the boxes, but in the end we decided in the best way to keep all the parts safe. . .

Painted Cabinets, White Cabinets, White Paint, Master Bedroom, Paneling, Paneled Walls, Floor Plans, Floor Plans, Design Ideas, Design Tips, New Home Of projectComment I’m so glad you two went over my mom’s new house. We get great feedback from every place I show. It’s a lot of fun for us to show in places other than our own home, and we’re really excited to get out of our signature style.

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Also, my mom is happy with the kind words you guys have left for her room. Thanks to them! At first, he was worried about putting his bedroom on the internet for the world to see (it’s weird when you see strangers knowing where you sleep at that time). tonight…), but luckily he came in such a way to show it to her. home on the blog. I know Bridget and I had that creep years ago. Huh!

To summarize, I have presented some of his pitches here on the blog. First, I added this amazing symmetrical wall art to her bedroom hallway.

The photo above is a new photo, showing the new light bulb he installed. As you can see in this post, it had a simple sconce before, but this beautiful black and white one works well with the gallery wall. Love the new one.

Recently, I have shown you this simple entryway that we have successfully integrated as you walk through the door to its location. A great little place to store your keys and daily email.

Overhead Cabinets Bedroom Ideas And

This is an amazing place for an amazing woman! Today I am here to show the other side of this place. When I first photographed her bedroom, the other side looked like…

It’s not like the cute and pretty side. After booking the dressing room and chair, we were left with space and lots of possibilities.

From the beginning, my mom knew she wanted to add a built-in wall to this side of her bedroom. Not like the Bridget & I built ins in our family room, but large built in closets with tons of storage! That way she can have drawers for clothes and jewelry and plenty of room for miscellaneous items (like wrapping paper!). It is a large wall of hidden storage, with a place in the middle to place a TV.

So we started calling around to find an existing contractor for the job. Many people came and looked at the space, but no one committed to take on this great project. Months and months passed and my mother was still looking at a wide open wall every morning when she woke up.

Livelynine Glossy White Contact Paper For Cabinets Countertop Adhesive Covering Kitchen Cabinet Wallpaper Peel And Stick Desk Bathroom Bedroom Removable Wall Paper Sticky Waterproof 40cmx2m, Wallpaper

It was then that Bridget had a brilliant idea. He said we should consider hiring a custom cabinetry company to do the job! How did we not expect that?! Within a few days, my mother received quotes from California Closets and Closet Works.

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We thought the California Closets were a pretty high estimate, but when they came back around $6,800, we were shocked. Yes. That’s a high price to pay!

Fortunately, Closet Works’ offer is much lower … around $5,000. It’s not cheap by any means, but that’s what we expected because of the amount of room and compared to what Bridget and I paid for our large built-in walls.

Jan gave Closet Works the go-ahead, and in less than a month her newly built master bedroom was installed!

Sektion / Maximera Wall Cabinet W 2 Doors/2 Drawers, White/voxtorp Matt White, 36x15x40

We had them build the unit right into the wall and go to the other side of the room. They didn’t go all the way to the ceiling because they were worried about matching the beautiful decoration above. Climbing most of the way will give us the top view we are going for here.

My mom chose shaker style cabinets in the color “Morning Dew.” I’m glad we didn’t go with white here. This warm greige color is amazing.

Let’s discuss how much my mother has left now. The main attractions are her jewelry. Kind of like my DIY photo shoot, but longer. With all the drawers, she now has plenty of space for her clothes.

These large cabinets have very deep drawers and my mom loves to fill them with everything around her house. As I took these photos, she was deciding how she wanted to arrange them (always good to think about when filling out a new closet or drawer!). I think making a linen closet would be a good use for towels and other paper.

Wall Unit With Integrated Closets And Tv

You can choose one of the handmade options from Closet Works, but we decided to give it to ourselves. My mom just gave them to the staff on installation day and they posted them right then and there. We bought these from Rejuvenation and they are great. The black works well with the warm greige, and I like the hefty size.

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To the small cubbies above, I added some baskets from HomeGoods. A little style can go a long way in a large wall of cabinets like this one.

My mother put the TV on the door in the middle. He needs to buy a cable cover for the TV cables (like the one we have built), but I’m too excited to share these photos with you guys to wait for that!

I love that it has room for its design above the drawer area. A planter, a gold box and a picture frame will keep it simple and easy.

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All in all, my mom is very happy that she added the master bedroom that was built. Although it is a real investment, it increases the value of one’s home and elevates the overall style of one’s house. A decent home improvement fee if you ask me!

Many of you have gone and wanted to add prefabricated buildings to your own homes, and we can’t point you in the right direction to a specific location or contractor. But now we’re very happy to know that you can always look to a custom cabinetry team to get the job done!

My mom was able to come up with a few different ideas and once she made up her mind… these bad boys were put in for about 3 weeks.

My mom called me now that her bedroom is empty! But it’s time to turn your attention to the other rooms of his house. Right now we are working on her kitchen and family room…and guys, it’s great! More red, copper and marble … the perfect feminine home. I will be sure to share as we progress…

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I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind the DIY Playbook. I’m married to Finn & mother

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