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Build Your Own Vanity Desk – Hello and happy Wednesday! I’m back to share the plans and tutorial for my daughter’s DIY Makeup Vanity. If you missed the tutorial on how to make those beautiful mirrors with lights, check it out here. Honestly, this piece of furniture is so versatile – it can serve as a desk, console table, accent table… you name it! Since my daughter is 8, she is 18, she uses it for makeup. She’s all about lip gloss and gloss these days.

I kept the design of this DIY Makeup Vanity very simple because I was racing against time – I was scheduled for the LasikPlus procedure so I had to do it before the surgery. (By the way, if you’re interested in Lasik, I documented my entire experience in highlights on Instagram!) This project only took two days to build and complete, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out! Read on for the tutorial for this DIY makeup and download the plans below by clicking the gray button at the end of this post.

Build Your Own Vanity Desk

My friend Karen came over and helped me with this project, which saved me valuable time. If you can set it up with a friend, I highly recommend it. Building with a friend can not only be a better use of your time, but it’s also a lot of fun! I put the pieces together while Karen made the cuts. Teamwork makes the dream come true!

Make Up Vanity Set 03 Drawers Dressing Table Mirror And

Earlier this year I attended Home Depot’s ProSpective Tool event in Atlanta and was able to test out these new impact and drill drivers from Dewalt. It’s part of their new ATOMIC line – more compact, brushless and battery powered.

Combo kit includes drill/driver, impact driver, two 20-volt MAX lithium-ion batteries, 1 charger and carrying case. I love that it’s a smaller tool that fits my small hands, but doesn’t compromise on power or performance. The impact driver is about 5 inches from front to back, and the drill/driver is about 6 inches from front to back, and both are very light at 2.4 pounds. Despite its small size, I didn’t notice any decrease in ability. They worked great for this project, especially when I had to fit the drill into tight spaces while installing the drawer slides.

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After drilling the pocket holes, assembly went pretty smoothly. The frame went together quickly, so I focused on building and installing the drawer. If you’re intimidated by installing drawer slides, don’t be! This is an easy way to do it.

First, measure where the drawer will go and make the drawer narrower by an inch. Standard drawer slides typically need a 1/2-inch clearance on each side. Make sure your drawer is square – this will prevent it from binding. To do this, measure the drawer diagonally from corner to corner. These dimensions should match. If they are not, pinch the long side together to square the drawer and secure it in place.

Boahaus Freya Lighted Vanity

Next, there will be two pieces on each side of the slide – the piece that screws onto the cabinet and the piece that screws into the drawer. Hold these two pieces together and screw the drawer slide onto the cabinet. Do the same for the other side.

Then slide the drawer box into place. Move the drawer box out a few inches and pull it together with the piece of drawer slide that attaches to the drawer box. Fasten the two front screws to the drawer box, then tighten the drawer box and slide more, then screw in the middle screws. Finally, pull the slide all the way along with the slide and slide the end screw on the back of the slide. I shared a video of this technique on my Instagram stories if you want to watch it.

The easiest way to attach a drawer front is to slide the drawer box into place, then place the drawer front and clamp it down. Drive a few nails from the inside to temporarily attach the drawer face to the drawer box. Drill a pilot hole for the drawer knobs and install the drawer knobs. Now that the face is open, you can reinforce it by driving a few more screws from the inside.

Finally, I cut out the rest of the pieces and glued them into place. Tip: use a foam insulation panel as a cutting mat to avoid damaging the garage floor!

Diy Ikea Vanity Under $50 — Ashleykayy

My daughter chose this beautiful Vintage Aqua wood stain by Varathane. It is currently in the “anti-pink” phase. A quick coat of stain followed by this water-based polyurethane and I call this DIY makeup done!

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If you’re looking for a compact drill/driver and impact driver combo kit, check out the ATOMIC line from Dewalt at The Home Depot.

*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. I acknowledge that Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in the ProSpective 2019 Campaign. As part of the program, I receive compensation in the form of products and services to promote Home Depot. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own. My post complies with the Word Of Mouu Marketing Association (WOMMA) Code of Ethics and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. This article contains affiliate links. Please click here to read my full disclosure policy. Coming up with creative storage solutions is one of my favorite things about design. I think it goes with any interest or hobby. Be it crafts, cars, music or sports, storage solutions are a necessity. A clean, organized hobby space gets the creative juices flowing and allows for a clear head and a productive day.

A few months ago, my brother, Alex, started talking about a makeup kit idea he wanted to make for my sister-in-law, Sarahi. Now, makeup is by no means my area of ​​expertise, but storage solutions are a must, and some desperately need them. Of course I jumped on board! Sarahi absolutely LOVES makeup and she’s been wanting some for a while now. She’s signed up for every makeup subscription, so as you can imagine, this girl has a ton of makeup and practically nowhere to store it.

Diy: Revamping Your Desk Or Makeup Vanity

They slowly settled into their new home, and its lack of storage was a constant problem. But, instead of telling her to get rid of all her makeup, Alex decided to surprise her with a special vanity that would not only store things, but also encourage her to use her talent and passion for makeup!

I started looking for ideas and found a table on a buy/sell/trade site that looked sturdy and had lots of drawers. I knew we would probably have to design the top and mirror from scratch, so it was nice to start with a solid base and build from there. The paint job was terrible so it had to be completely stripped, sanded and repainted. Alex loved how I refinished our farmhouse bench and wanted to do the same for nothing.

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Once the paint was done, the next step was to tweak the drawers a bit. They weren’t exactly wide tracks, so it wouldn’t be easy to see or reach anything behind the drawer. These were pretty easy to turn off and it made it more functional! My dad also made a matching drawer in the middle to give a little more storage. Adding a crystal pullson added an elegant feature to the drawers to really finish off the base.

The drawers on their own wouldn’t have enough storage space, so we decided to design a top with vertical cubbies and add the mirror to it. The top part was built from two sheets of plywood because we needed enough for the vertical cubes, and the back part that covers everything. A shelf is built for each cubby to hold the units together, and a shelf is built on top to connect the cube units. Every other shelf is adjustable. Trim was added to the top and we used ironed edge bands so you don’t see the unfinished edges of the plywood. We painted the same as the base, leaving the middle part free for the mirror.

Build A Diy Bathroom Vanity

A mirror with Hollywood-style lights was number one on the must-have list. This vanity had been Sarah’s dream for a long time, so Alex wasn’t about to shy away from the fancy mirror! These mirrors will cost $300 if you buy one already wired for lighting. However, Alex found a cheaper alternative with three empty light strips. He bought two 36-inch strips with six lights and one 24-inch strip with four lights that we used for the mirror frame.

We salvaged a bathroom mirror and cut it down to size

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