Build Your Own Industrial Shelves

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Industrial pipe shelving is a great way to add space and character to different areas such as a bedroom or home office. As a popular alternative to wooden shelving, industrial pipe shelving offers you what you need. DIY pipe shelves are also a great project for both beginners and experts.

Build Your Own Industrial Shelves

For many people, wooden shelves are boring. Home decor comes in many different shapes and sizes, and DIY industrial pipe shelving is a leading decorative item found in homes across the country.

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Due to the high cost of incorporating or hiding industrial remnants such as pieces of black pipes and duct work, they were not removed and became characteristic of the design.

Ceiling beams, exposed brick walls, wood, or concrete floors remind us of the building’s original purpose. Wood and metal are two materials that remain when a business closes its industrial location.

The materials have evolved to be essential components of the industrial style. No other design style is associated with metal components. Wood gives a sense of coziness and texture, while metal is sleek and futuristic.

Interior walls were optional with loft conversions in industrial home architecture. The solution was to indicate spaces with objects. Appliances and cabinets defined a kitchen, a bed, and storage shelves defined the bedroom, while chairs and sofas defined entertainment areas.

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In keeping with the industrial aesthetic, the color palette is dominated by warm neutrals. Warm colors such as tan and brown soften the industrial edge of a space, making it more inviting, while neutral tones draw the eye away from the exposed areas.

Cut the wood to size and sand the top and bottom to ensure a smooth finish. You can also oil the wood along with mineral oil.

Make sure your black pipes are cut to the recommended length. Also, be sure to degrease the pipes with acetone along the way.

Due to the interconnected nature of the pipes, at least one pipe will need to be screwed to one end for each “ladder” segment. Then, you have to unscrew a little to screw to the other side.

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To do so, assemble one side of each “ladder” and tighten the “step” with your pipe wrench, then align the other side of the “ladder” with the “step” and “unscrew”. When the “rank” is “unscrewed” from the tightening end, it screws into the other end.

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Since this freestanding shelf has a lot of weight on it, you want to add left pads under the elbow connectors to make sure your floor doesn’t end up getting scraped.

When you have two frames that look the same, add the pine boards on top of them. If you want five shelves, do the same to the bottom shelves.

Installing an industrial pipe shelf might seem daunting, but it’s quite simple. The whole project usually requires four hands. so you will need to enlist a friend to help you. Here are the steps you should follow when making DIY pipe shelves:

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For two equal shelves, the pipe lengths must be aligned with each other or you will end up with a wavy shelf. When trying to align the pipes in the same direction, you will notice that some are tighter than others. This is not a problem because once the pipes are fastened to the wall, the secure connection required for shelf stability is created.

Make sure it is straight with a balance and mark the walls to know where to put the screw anchors.

The first project is from heylilahey and is a DIY copper pipe shelf tutorial. It is a wall unit with three separate shelves. It’s something you could add to your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, or even spaces like the living room or dining area.

Believe it or not, pipe shelves can look chic in the bedroom. We were convinced about this after we saw this industrial pipe shelving unit from onebroadsjourney. It looks cool and has these two clothes rods that let you have an open wardrobe in the room.

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Pipe shelves can take many different forms and although some are more common and popular, there are also some that stand out in terms of originality and appearance. A nice example is this set of industrial pipe shelves from simpledesigning.

What’s interesting about them is how the actual shelves hang from the wall via pipes and fittings. This shows how creative you can get using just a few simple things.

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One of the coolest things about DIY shelves is the low cost of the project. You can keep the cost down if you decide to use reclaimed wood or leftover pieces from other projects. You need a few things to make stylish and functional shelves like the ones featured on the diy playbook.

For two shelves you will need four pipes, four caps, four galvanized floor flanges, two equally cut pine boards, sandpaper, wood stain, flat black spray paint, four two-hole straps, dark screws, and 16 anchors a wall

Diy Fixer Upper Pipe Shelving Tutorial

Check out this project on Mindfullygray. The shelving unit seen here is nice and elegant. The design is simple and versatile and there are many possible ways to use such a feature, both for storage and display.

A bathroom could use some pipe shelving too. You could build individual shelves out of pipes, fittings, and a solid wooden board. You can have as many of these shelves as you want and you can place them anywhere such as above the door, on the wall above the toilet and next to the sink

They can hold extra towels, toiletries and other things. Check out Houseofhawthornes for all the details on this particular project.

Industrial pipe bookshelves are another cool option. Since you build them from scratch, you have complete control over the design.

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For example, if you prefer something simple so that the focus can be on the books and other items you store on the shelves, take a look at the instructions to see how the lovely pipe shelves can be built this.

Speaking of bookshelves, check out this awesome project from the instructions. It is a shelving unit that forms an L shape and wraps around the inside corner of a room, with pipes serving as supports for the shelves and accent lighting.

Not all pipe shelving or DIY shelving units follow the same design guidelines. In fact, they are all unique and different from the rest. Some have a strong industrial look, some tend to look more rustic and some have a modern feel like these that appear on the instructions.

If you like how clean and simple this design is, be sure to check out all the instructions and tips so you can build your own version of the shelves.

How To Make Diy Pipe Shelves

If there’s one thing we learned from the projects, it’s that pipes go well with wood, especially reclaimed wood. They complement each other in a really great way and that’s why we’re going to show you yet another project from the instructions that focuses on this very idea.

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In this case, there is a strong contrast between the pipes. You will notice that they have a metallic finish and are thin and thin. Meanwhile, the wooden shelves are thick.

This is a great idea if you have a lot of books and plenty of wall space. Metal pipes and wooden boards can be fitted together to make a cool geometric wall unit.

We also found one example that you might find interesting here on the instructions. It seems like a great source of inspiration for other similar projects so maybe you should first look at the space available on your wall for such a unit so you can properly plan a unique design.

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One thing that all the previous projects had in common was the fact that the pipe shelves were designed to be mounted on walls. On Magnolia we found a design that is different in this sense.

These DIY industrial pipe shelves are attached to the ceiling as well as the walls. It’s a cool detail that makes them stand out from other similar shelves so you might enjoy adopting this idea for your next DIY project.

Last but not least, a project by unoriginalmom shows you how to build stylish wall shelves for yourself using pipes and wooden boards. We suggest using reclaimed wood if you like rustic beauty or pallet boards if you enjoy recycling and upcycling items and materials.

If you like the look of industrial style pipe shelving but aren’t too excited about having to design and build it yourself from scratch, there are plenty of options in stores that you can check out.

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This wall shelf, for example, has a simple and modern design with just the right amount of detail. It offers three platforms for you to keep books, framed photos, plants, and many other things.

The Wyndham pipe shelf is a great idea if you’re short on space and just need a smaller shelf or two. It has a simple metal pipe frame with no unnecessary additions or accessories and two sturdy shelves crafted from faux wood laminate planks.

Sometimes all you need is

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