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This whole project was born because our beloved dog Rain has some anxiety issues. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes you come home and your new episode is ruined. Yes, he has learned to use the cage, but because he is good 99% of the time, we usually don’t leave him in the cage when we go to work.

Build Own Couch

At first, we tried to find dog-proof seats in the market. Something that has removable cushions, sturdy material, and is safe for the dog to sleep on (so there won’t be ropes for his paws to catch). We couldn’t find anything that met our requirements, so I asked my fiancé Mat that we would design and build a chair that would meet these requirements.

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In order to save money, we want to repair and restore the leather cushions from an existing section. This will mean following their measurements of our new model of the length of the old chair.

We buy our steel from a steel supplier. Doing this is cheaper than going to supermarkets. The only caveat is that they don’t have a lot, so we choose the metal they have the most, which is also the cheapest.

All the designers mentioned above do a wonderful job of combining the coolness of metal with the warmth of natural materials. We both love building a business so much, so this is our chance to put it in our home.

We measured the original chair and created some 2D images. Since we were working as a team, we both had to understand what we were creating. We decided to try the mockup in a program called Sketchup, a free 3D modeling software.

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As you can see in the video, we are not software experts. That said, it really helps us see what we’ve built before, and the software comes with some tutorials to get you started.

You can use Sketchup to get measurements. So when you can spend time (in my case) enjoying your idea, you save time and money by solving problems before they happen.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that we changed the design of the arm at the last minute. We were originally going to have angled cushions similar to the clockwork chair at the Millhouse Institute, but in the end we decided it would be easier to fold out the armrests.

I can’t stress this enough, make a plan to cut. I won’t lie, if Mat wasn’t around, I probably would have started cutting right away without a plan, resulting in a waste of time and equipment.

Smith Brothers Build Your Own (8000 Series) 8131 14+45 Grey Casual 4 Seat Sectional With Right Chaise

According to the 3D rendering, he carefully displayed the details of each part and found out how to make the most of the metal. In addition to following our method, it also follows our list. When we cut a piece, we check if it is done and write on the metal with a permanent black marker where it will go.

We use our miter saw to cut the metal. I should note that we are able to cut metal up to 1/4 inch, but not all miter saws can do this. Familiarize yourself with the capacity of your chain before cutting. Also make sure that the saw blade is made for steel.

We went through 3 adoptions during this project. By far the best is the LENOX 10 inch circular saw with 52 teeth for cutting metal. We probably get 80% of our cuts with these blades.

Hint: watch the tracks. You don’t want ball joints because the metal is hollow and that would look bad. For the corners, cut at an angle so they look good.

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As you can see in the pictures, we don’t have a proper store. The ground is not 100% level and we do not have professional equipment. We did our best to hold the square frame with magnetic welding clamps.

First, we attached the seat using tack welds. This way, if the gauge is wrong or tacked in the wrong place, we can easily break the weld, fix it, and tack again.

When we got the parts in place, we welded them together firmly. We alternately welded the corners to reduce any warping of the metal due to heat.

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Safety tip: Wear long sleeves and pants with your helmet and gloves. Welding can cause sunburn.

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I have never done so many accidents in my life. Every weld needs grinding. And while it’s easy, flux cored welding is cumbersome.

If possible, let the weight of the grinder do the work. No need to push, just hold.

You want to spend your time doing these steps correctly. For the style we are aiming for, we want our seams to be flat.

We decided to use the right angle to hold the embedded plywood. We made a small jig to help with the competition. It’s two small pieces of the same plywood we use, screwed together. The top of the jig will rest on the frame, the bottom will give us the depth of the wood. We determine the place with the jig, hold the square in place and make a tack.

Smith Brothers Design Your Way 3000 Series Gray Mid Size Sofa

For the back of the chair, we make a long angle at the top and two small pieces at the bottom.

After tack welding all the angles, we do all the welds. And of course more sanding.

We drilled two holes in each corner to hold or secure the plywood. We don’t bother drilling at all angles if the wood is just sitting there.

As I said before, we live in an old house with no floor. This, combined with the fact that we don’t have a full office space, makes us use a little more ingenuity. In the corners of the seat, we welded a nut in the metal frame. In this way we can drive the screw inside and use the screws to fix the seat. If an area of ​​our floor is not equal, we just lengthen the bolt.

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We had to sand the edges a little to get the ½” green to fit in. Then we just put them in place and welded them in place.

As with our metal cutting plans, we have drawn our products to get the most out of the plywood. We went to our local hardware store to buy some plywood and they were good enough to cut three pieces.

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Of course, nothing is perfect. We still had to remove the old hand saw and use a sander to get everything dry fit. It was very satisfying to sit on the chair for the first time, even if it still looked a little rough.

Each piece of plywood should be sanded to make it smooth, and the corners should be even. The angle is more forgiving than the right angle.

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The best advice I can give here is to read the stain label and follow the directions. We choose a dark place.

We actually use the spray. Much faster than painting and I am very happy with the results.

We sanded all the metal to remove the rust. Then we wash it with paint thinner to clean it well.

At first we planned to paint it black. But when we saw the frame painted black, it reminded me of one of those futon couches from my college days. Not as we expected. We changed the power and found this dark brown cappuccino.

Smith Brothers Build Your Own (8000 Series) Contemporary Sofa With Track Arms

We used 4 cans of paint. Again, following the instructions on the label, we make coats by turning the chair.

Assembly is easy. We just attach the plywood to the metal frame with wood screws through the holes that we drilled in the angle iron. At the beginning, we thought that we should bolt each part of the section together, but because of the weight of the metal, it is not necessary.

The most interesting thing is to put old pillows on the sofa and sit. To be honest, I think our new chair looks better than the old one. But maybe I’m just biased.

I don’t think this project will last long, and I don’t think it will be physically exhausting. It took three years to complete this project from start to finish. We have to slow down. We finally finished it 2 weeks ago when we used our vacation time to finish this project.

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