Benefits Of Renewable Energy On The Economy

Benefits Of Renewable Energy On The Economy – Renewable energy has historically been seen as an alternative to burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum products as usable energy. However, in addition to the main reasons for adopting renewable energy, we have learned that clean, renewable energy has many other benefits. It’s clear that renewable energy is better than fossil fuels – for people and the environment.

As reported by CNN and others, solar employment grew 17 times faster than the overall US economy in 2016. Solar and wind jobs grew 12 times faster than the economy as a whole.

Benefits Of Renewable Energy On The Economy

As of 2017, approximately 260,000 people were employed in solar energy in the United States, and over 100,000 people were employed in the wind industry. They are usually jobs that people like because they are perceived as good for society and the planet. They are skilled jobs, so they pay well. Obviously, they are much safer than working in the coal or oil industry. Coal and oil workers are exposed to harmful chemicals that sometimes make them ill or much later in life. Some, such as coal workers with lung disease, die prematurely from such exposure. The costs of treating sick and/or dying workers are too high, and workers are no longer able to work, so they cannot support themselves or their families.

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Solar and wind energy jobs do not expose workers to toxic chemicals, explosions, oil fires, mine collapses, and so on. Additionally, the coal and oil industry does not have a great record of preventing injuries or treating injured or ill workers.

Furthermore, these jobs are not dead-end, unpaid, or unfulfilling. More new jobs are also expected in the clean energy sector in the coming decades, as they are the most competitive options for new electricity generation capacity.

High-tech jobs get a lot of press, especially Silicon Valley jobs, but for some reason clean-tech jobs don’t get much attention, even though they’re arguably more important to the health of people and our planet . Hundreds of thousands of people work in clean energy such as solar and wind, which is very beneficial to the American economy, but China is said to have more than 2 million people working in solar energy.

Despite the conventional view that solar energy is some kind of “marginal technology”, millions of people have the potential to be employed in solar energy.

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In the United States and other countries, high levels of air pollution alone cause a large number of premature deaths. “Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from old-fashioned pollution from fossil fuel-burning power plants. Estimates vary, but in the United States between 7,500 and 52,000 people die prematurely from particulate matter from power plant emissions.

Yet climate change deniers never mention the huge human toll caused by burning fossil fuels.

The cost to United States society of health problems, deaths, and pollution caused by the use of coal has been estimated in the hundreds of billions.

Children are extremely vulnerable to all forms of air pollution and hundreds of thousands die each year worldwide. “570,000 children under 5 die from respiratory infections such as pneumonia, indoor and outdoor air pollution and second-hand smoke.”

Building Solar Farms May Not Build The Middle Class

In addition, pollution directly affects climate change, causing temperatures to rise in some areas, which increases plant growth and pollen production. More pollen means more asthma in children and other age groups. However, plant growth is not usually what we want – agriculture threatens the world with increasing droughts, heat and floods.

Tens of billions of dollars in our annual trade deficit is tied to oil imported into the United States. The trade deficit is hundreds of billions annually, so the share of oil in the total amount is significant. Our dependence on foreign oil increases the trade deficit, which depresses the value of the US dollar. Unless we reduce our heavy dependence on imported oil, it will be difficult for us to reduce the trade deficit and increase the value of the US dollar. Excessive indebtedness and the low value of the dollar have crippled our national economy. Solar energy can generate enough electricity to power the entire US. We can also install enough solar, wind and energy storage to eventually power tens of millions of electric cars, if not the entire American vehicle fleet. Finally energy independence?

Then there would be no need to send huge amounts of US dollars abroad for foreign oil. By investing in clean energy, we protect America’s economic future and make our nation healthier.

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Would Al Qaeda exist without the Americans buying millions upon millions of barrels of Saudi oil? Steve Yetiw, a professor of political science at Old Dominion University, wrote in an op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor: “Pleiul helped fuel and motivate them, but globalization allowed them to exploit that fuel in a way which would otherwise have been more difficult. expensive.” By purchasing oil from the Middle East, he mentions how Qaeda has benefited, some of that oil is bought by us Americans.

Renewable Energy In Africa: Update In The Era Of Climate Change

Before 9/11, we might be shocked to learn that we sometimes paid gas for terrorists who wanted to harm our country.

After 9/11, any adult can see the connection between our increased dependence on foreign oil and some terrorist groups. However, Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States in 1996, so many hostile intentions were activated before most of us knew what was happening. In fact, the enmity between the United States and some terrorists such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS has continued for more than 20 years.

7,000 US soldiers have died in attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US has spent more than a trillion dollars on such campaigns because of the conflict. Saudi Arabia is one of the main sources of oil for the United States, and the consequences are dire.

No, but at least it helps us to take out our resources – human, material and financial – to apply them better in our own country and not expose them to such a danger. The growth of solar, wind, electric vehicles and energy storage will put us on a smarter and less harmful path.

Does Renewable Energy Create Jobs?

Germany has decided to embrace clean, renewable energy and has made great strides. At the same time, this European country became a new leader in technology and set an example for the world. Maybe it’s the United States, but we’re behind. Germany was able to make billions by exporting its surplus electricity.

If a barrel of oil costs $61 in 2018, how much will it be in 10 or 20 years? Will it double, triple or even grow? Why not invest in alternative energy so oil prices can fluctuate wildly? Why be captive to market fluctuations when we can walk our own path to energy independence and avoid sending huge sums of money to places with people who hate us and want to destroy us?

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Investing in clean energy is not just about addressing various environmental and public health issues. It also helps create new technologies that can further reduce fossil fuel consumption. “For example, France’s Engie is investing one billion euros over three years in new energy technologies that can go to the core of fossil fuels.”

Of course, there are many other benefits and numerous examples of how renewable energy can benefit the grid. There are entire books devoted to renewable energy, but one online article doesn’t have enough space to cover them all. Suffice it to say that as renewable energy expands around the world, new benefits will emerge – ones we haven’t even thought of yet.

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