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Looking for gray and beige living room design ideas to update your home? Check out these designs that will keep you cool AF in 2022!

Beige Gray Living Room

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Beige Living Room Furniture

Designing with neutrals is one of my favorite color palettes. For me, colors are soothing and inviting. It’s also the perfect backdrop for any pop of color.

When it comes to working with a gray and beige color palette, it is important to mix different materials, textures, patterns and finishes in your design. This will add interest and movement to your design.

If you miss the mark here, your room will feel flat or missing something and we don’t want that anymore?!

Check out all the resources I’ve put together for you to give you ideas and inspiration on how to pull off this style.

Canvas Picture, Vintage Abstract Gray Beige Neutral Wall Art Paintings Poster Living Room Interior Decoration 11.8”x19.6”(30x50cm) No Frame 3pcs

The key to designing with neutrals is to use different patterns and textures. This means mixing smooth and rough surfaces in your space to add interest and dimension. Pairing a velvet cushion with a fur pillow is an example of how to achieve this look.

While it’s true that gray is trending down and at the end of its ten-year life cycle, this modern neutral living room design is anything but boring.

​​​​​​In case you missed the memo, the new trendy color palette is gray, with pops of black and white. You may have noticed a lot of black and white home decor lately. Now you know why.

The combination of gray and beige is a fantastic update for the Greigeis and modern contemporary home. A living room feature mixes patterns and textures with pops of metal to add interest.

Beige And Grey Living Room With A Clean Look

Before we get to the gray and beige living room design, let’s discuss how much an average room design will cost you.

A typical living room makeover from soup to nuts costs $8,000 on the low end and $20,000 plus on the high end. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it for less with lower-priced items, but expect to spend at least $8000 on average.

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Then you will be pleasantly surprised when you spend less. A while ago I did a series of “Got the Look” and “How Much Will This Room Cost” posts. Many readers found this helpful because they had no idea what to expect or where to start.

If you​​​​are trying to figure out what your living room makeover will cost, download a free budget calculator for guidance.

Beige Living Room Decor Ideas

So an overestimated price for a neutrally designed living room without bookcases and poufs comes to $6,000. If we now add the bookcase and ottoman, the price will be around $6,500.

Most of the products in this modern neutral living room design are from World Market. This retailer has low prices. The sofa shown is $900 which is definitely on the lower end.

In the image below you can see where the 6K went in this design. I should also mention that the wallpaper accent wall will cost more than $34.99.

You must first calculate the number of rolls needed and then install the peel and stick wallpaper yourself or hire an installer. Of course, hiring these will increase the overall budget.

Living Room Color Schemes For A Cozy, Livable Space

The pillows are in the product links below, but they are not available for shipping, so you will need to go to your local World Market to purchase them. They have great textures and patterns that will really add to the look and feel of your design.

If you​​​​are looking for more neutral pillow options, you can go here to read 19 best neutral pillows to update any room in your home in 2021.

The image below shows each part of the design separated so you have a clear view of each item. Keep scrolling for links and details of this design concept board.

1.Small pendant | 2.Feather Field Brian Sofa | 3.Marble and Gold Accent Table | 4. Watercolor Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper | 5.Sunpan Solterra Coffee Table | 6. Golden Art Deco Bar Cart | 7.Wall Mirror | 8.Wood Island Bookshelf | 9. Faux Sheepskin Area Rug | 10. Gray Area Rug | 11.Sweater Pouf | 12. Gray Velvet Armchair with brass legs | 13.Murray Drink Table | 14.Gold Pillar Candleholder | 15. Golden Buddha head

Effortless Ways To Decorate Around A Beige Couch

Adding accent lighting to a room is a great way to add ambiance and mood. This visual comfort pendant light would look great on either side of a sofa.

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Lighting adds texture and ambiance to any space, so make sure you include general, accent and task lighting.

This sofa is the perfect option for anyone just starting out or on a budget. The price point is fabulous and the rating is 4 stars. No need to worry about fading because the outer lining is a polyester-nylon performance fabric.

The seat cushions are removable and can be fluffed to restore the natural shape after use. This sofa is very comfortable and full of down so you are sure to spend many hours on this bad boy.

Beige Is The New Black: Tips To Style Your Chic Beige Living Room

This beautiful marble and gold table would look great next to a sofa or accent chair. A table top offers just the right place to hold your cocktails or home decor.

Just remember it’s marble so use coasters, no harsh abrasives and be sure to clean up spills right away.

Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add style and personality to your home. When it comes to wallpaper, calculating how much you need is a skill. If you are like me and need a calculator head here for York Wallcoverings from Lowe’s or here.

Please note that wallpaper is priced as a single roll, but is sold as a double roll. That means that if you need 3 single rolls you actually have to buy 2 double rolls (or 4 single rolls).

Beige Living Room Ideas That Prove Beige Can Be Far From Boring

The floral wallpaper shown here has all the colors of this neutral design living room. Gray and beige are in color, so it will coordinate beautifully with this design concept.

Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback. It’s a great way to add style and originality to an accent wall, bathroom or closet.

This is one of my favorite coffee tables. I first saw it at HPMKT and must say this sunpan beauty is stunning in person.

It is great for modern designs like feature images where silver and gold alloys are used in the room.

What Color Wall Goes With Beige Couch?

The coffee table is made of sealed concrete and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In my opinion, as I mentioned before, every home needs a bar cabinet or bar cart. You can also use it as a tea or coffee station, even if you don’t drink.

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It belongs to the world market and has fantastic curves. I love the round shape and the retro art deco vibe I love.

This bar cart has mirrored glass shelves, gold metal frame and caster wheels. This makes the cart very mobile and can be moved as needed.

Minimalist Interiors In Soothing Shades Of Grey, Beige And White

Mirrors are great for making your space look bigger and bringing in light when facing a window. These lines are great.

This gold mirror has a unique original design and is surrounded by four lucite rods that add a touch of sophistication. Add this to the sofa as shown or above your console table or dresser.

Now let’s talk about the bookshelf. They are of course perfect for keeping all your books. If you​​​​are a reader like me, then I am sure you have a collection of books.

To be honest, I started reading hardcore again when I turned 40 and six years later the number of books I’ve read is crazy. Like crazy!!

Large Gold Painting White And Gray Art Beige And Gray Art

If you​​​​are not a reader, a bookshelf is perfect for displaying your favorite home decor, boxes, photos, trinkets and more.

This one is great because it’s tall and has a lot of storage. A modern two-tone mix of white and gold really adds interest to an otherwise classic piece.

Add this plush and luxurious faux sheepskin area rug to your sofa or chairs for texture and warmth. It’s also fabulous draped over the back of your side chair laid under a cute modern cushion.

Area rugs are often used to define and separate different spaces in your home. It’s another way to add texture and warmth, especially if your floor is tile or all hardwood.

It’s Not Beige, It’s Not Grey: It’s Greige

Rugs are also a great way to establish your color palette. This rug has a mix of silver and gold tones with a beige background. Available in multiple sizes, this particular rug is a wonderful neutral for any home.

Besides the seating function of this stylish pouf, it is another

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