Bathroom Wall Shelves

Bathroom Wall Shelves – Looking for floating log cabins? I’m also sharing where I bought mine, how they were installed, and ideas for styling them!

Floating wood paneling in our bathroom is one of my favorite bathroom remodeling ideas I’ve shared. I’ve found a lot of information about them so I thought I’d write a quick post and share what I know! Along with detailing the cabinets I chose for my bathroom (and my kitchen), I considered other floating wood shelf options, step-by-step installation procedures, and options for saving my favorite wood finishes. .

Bathroom Wall Shelves

Let’s start by detailing the floating cabinets in our newly finished bathroom. I installed three small hooks between our shower and the far bathroom wall centered under our large hamper (found):

Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas For Style And Function

They work well for this space by adding space for teepee rolls (in the top basket), bath bombs, laundry detergent (in the basket on the bottom shelf) and extra towels. They add warmth and style and a cozy space for a few decorative items:

Shelf base (top to bottom): white basket insert (center) | Kumquat tree – no more Gray and white striped plant (snake plant). Print colorful moth drawings White wood Jewelery box – no more Canning Glass (1 Gallon Size) | Bath bomb Inner basket with tassel A favorite bath towel

I found Floating Shelves (they give my readers 25% off through this link!) What sold me on these shelves is that they are completely customizable. My average space saving height is 29″ so if I stick with the standard height, 24″ is the closest option and I lose 20% of the shelf space I have. I also chose the type of wood (I chose white oak), the depth (I chose 12″), and the finish! I debated between these finish options for a while – the top three are my favorites:

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I went with Pickled White and loved it – very nice (when you order them, you add the finish you want where it says “add your personalization” under the width and depth options):

Alcott Hill® Samir Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet & Reviews

Shelf Base: White Hurricane Glass Glass and brass jars Flower recipe box White clay pot False peonies Pepper mill Marble salt Bottles of oil and vinegar Apothecary Bottle (similar)  | Remove the planter Decorated Snail | Trays and accessories: round tray | Marble container Black and white hand towels

I’ve never had an open closet in my kitchen so I don’t know how to feel about it but I love it! I’m sharing more about my love of open storage in the kitchen with my favorite kitchen remodeling ideas. When we installed the corner cabinets there were no stores that sold custom shaped floating cabinets like the ones I got for my bathroom so we had to DIY them.

I found white oak at a local farm, prepared it, had my contractor cut it to size and make the corner panels, sealed with stain, and had my contractor install them. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions. When comparing what it cost me to build custom cabinets with my contractor versus what it cost to buy them pre-made. Solid white oak is expensive!

Access to the kitchen and bathroom was easy. For our kitchen, I bought pre-tiled tiles. Bathroom shelves come with hangers and other hardware needed to hang them. Here’s how the bathroom shelf installation went down…

Shower & Glass Bathroom Shelves

Since my closet isn’t very tall, I was able to install them myself, but taller closets would require two people. I just drew a line for the screws that will hold the metal bracket that supports the shelves,

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Then I nailed my metal frame to the wall, tapping at least one stud to make sure it was secure (screws and how to screw them are included in the hardware package with the shelf):

Then I check again that the part is completely level (if not, just loosen the screws and adjust it a bit and screw it). And finally I slid my shelf onto the stand through the pre-drilled holes in the back of the shelf:

For those of you wondering how big we went, here are the measurements we went with:

Rustic 2 Tier Bathroom Shelves, Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Rack, Farmhouse Shower Shelf Towel Rack With 2 Hooks, Wall Hanging Towel Storage Shelf Holder, Wood Wall Shelves With Towel Bar

The shelves feel very secure and the leveling system keeps the shelves perfectly level from left to right and front to back.

I did a lot of hunting for wooden floats before finally landing the ones I went with. If you can find pre-finished rooms in the size and look you like, it will be cheaper than going with custom. Originally, I wanted to use them in the Seadrift finish which is one of the six finish options available here:

It’s actually similar to what our bathroom lacks (found) so I thought it would be nice to balance the wood on both sides of the space:

Source: Wood & rattan double vanity An empty nest Bathroom Faucet – Polished Nickel | Passive fire Vanity Mirror – Gold | Weave a straw tray on a vanity Cross root planter Durable marble countertops Soap and Lotion Tray Set | Brush holder Bamboo brush Gray and white towels Dress Code – Golden Champagne

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Farmhouse Bathroom Set 3 Wooden Shelves Shelf Floating

Unfortunately once I got them, I realized that because of the way they were made, they couldn’t be cut down to size (which I needed to do since none of the available lengths fit the space). So this was a no-go.

Other options I looked at were white oak (also available in white and walnut):

One of the great things about these rooms is that they have a generous 14 inches of depth. Unfortunately they were on order until late fall so they quickly moved down my wish list.

But the smallest length they came in was 48″ and they were 10″ deep and a bit thicker than what I was looking for so they were off my to-do list.

Floating Bathroom Shelves

I was looking for light white oak for my bathroom but I came across one that could be a winner if you want a traditional finish:

And while they’re not bad for space, they’re a great price if you’re looking for smaller, deeper cabinets for spaces like bathroom countertops (but note that some reviewers say installation is too difficult):

I hope that answers all your questions! Let me know if I missed anything you want to know more about and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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