Bathroom Sauna Showers

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Bathroom Sauna Showers

It’s time to turn up the heat on your home renovation. Adding a steam room to your home is a hot trend that will transform your space into a luxurious spa-like retreat. After a hammam session, you will feel relaxed and pampered, but before you can enjoy all the benefits of a hammam at home, you will need to work on the design.

Joyee Family Used Steam Shower Sauna Room For Health

We’ve put together some inspiring photos and tips for creating a steam room that will become the centerpiece of tranquility in your home.

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Adding a steam room isn’t as easy as making a few minor adjustments to your existing shower. Because there are specific design elements required for a steam room, you’ll want to keep all of these in mind when deciding whether your steam room will be part of your main bathroom, a spare bathroom, or a spare bathroom. it will occupy another room inside your house or if you are going to put it in a separate outdoor area of ​​your house.

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You will need a maximum ceiling height of eight feet and an enclosed shower space for your steam room. However, experts agree that seven feet is the ideal height for a steam room. If your ceilings are higher than eight feet, you’ll need to invest in a more powerful steam-generating system, and you may experience issues with inconsistent temperatures in your steam room.

Yes, You Can Have A Steam Shower In A Small Bathroom

When designing your steam room you will also need to designate a space for the steam generator as it may be only 25 meters from the steam room and you will want the control panel close to the steam room so that you can easily adjust the temperature and temperature. amount of steam without having to cross the room. After all, it would spoil the Zen spa experience.

While steam rooms and saunas are often used interchangeably when someone is describing a small room that produces heat, these rooms are actually quite different. While both offer a relaxing experience, a variety of health benefits, and make a fabulous addition to your home, the similarities end there.

A steam room creates moist heat and steam with high humidity, while a sauna produces hot dry heat. Steam rooms are not as hot as saunas, and due to the difference in heat, each room uses different materials. Hammams typically feature tile, stone, marble, and granite. However, traditional saunas are made of wood because they stay cooler at higher temperatures. So not only are the inner workings of these two rooms very different, but the design of a steam room and a sauna is also very different.

Although the type of seat you choose for your steam room will depend on the size of the room and the aesthetics of your design, there are several options that work well with heat and steam conditions.

Modern Sauna Ideas You’ll Love

A more traditional approach to seating is a built-in recliner. These are often found in large hammams, and if a partner joins you in the room, each person has their own lounge chair. However, choosing a wall-mounted bench provides more flexibility and space in the steam shower. From stone, wood, tile or marble, there are many materials from which the bench can be made.

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Not all seating options need to be permanent fixtures in your steam room. Teak folding chairs work well against humidity and high humidity and also maintain the design of the spa and the natural materials used in the steam rooms.

Even if your steam room is an enclosed space, you can incorporate windows or a skylight to let in natural light and create an interesting design element. Windows can also create the illusion that the steam room is bigger than it actually is, and having a nice view outside can add to your spa experience.

When choosing windows, you’ll want to make sure they’re double-glazed and double-sealed to make sure all the vapor stays in and the cold outside air doesn’t get in. These windows can also help prevent mold and mildew. train in your hammam.

Stunning Walk In Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If windows aren’t an option in your steam room, you can still let light in by using glass blocks which will provide more privacy than regular windows.

You’ve designed a spa-like experience inside your steam room, and now it’s time to incorporate spa-inspired elements around your steam room to make the most of this relaxing feature.

Start with natural decor to soften the room and inspire a soothing effect. From potted plants and flowers to decorating with wood and stone, designing with natural elements brings a sense of peace and calm to any room. Even the teapots you keep on hand or display around the room should be spa-worthy, with nice packaging or stored in tall glass containers. Choose candles and scents inspired by nature or known to induce relaxation, such as lavender, vanilla or jasmine.

Choose a soothing and warm color palette. Use neutral shades or nature-inspired colors to soften the room and promote calm vibes. A monochromatic white room is clean and crisp and can also work in a spa design. Avoid bright colors that distract you or bright, bold colors that distract your attention from the relaxing experience.

Steps To Choosing The Right Steam Shower For Your Home

Stock up on plush, luxurious towels you’ll want to wrap yourself in every time you use the steam room. Rotate the towels and create a beautiful display that also makes it easier to grab a towel when stepping out of the steam room. Consider buying a towel warmer; it’s a fun party you’ll enjoy on colder days.

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Do not be cold when leaving the hammam. Make sure you have fluffy rugs to warm the floors and fluffy white bathrobes on hand to display and use. With all of these added design details, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into your own spa oasis every day.

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