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Alternative Energy Solutions – Since we live in a technological world, there are many problems with our energy sources that harm the environment or fear that these energy sources will run out. You may wonder why we have not been able to find a solution for all the things we have developed in terms of technology, but availability (support) is only a small part of what we have – solar and wind. As people discovered these new alternatives, many criticized them, saying they were more harmful to the environment than fossil fuels, but solar has already lost thousands of pounds. Additionally, wind power has the potential to generate more energy at a lower cost (bp). There are many different sources of energy available to us (radiation). However, if we choose to continue using our energy sources that produce fossil fuels and toxic emissions into the environment, we will eventually run out. So why do we keep using the worst option when there are so many others in endless supply?

Also, there are many options for different energy sources and they are better for the environment. To name a few, there is solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and hydropower (an energy-saving future). These are just a few of the many options for different energy sources, and they are all safe for the environment. However, people keep asking the question; Do we still need to use different energy sources? With all these advantages, the fact that these renewable energy options are safer and better for the environment, people should not be against using these alternative energy options. Due to the high demand of electricity for society, lack of alternative energy sources is another reason that forces people to use these alternative energy resources. We need to use other sources of energy to keep up with the need for electricity and help the environment.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative energy should be used more and more because of its beneficial effects on the environment in general and because of the countless number of alternative energy sources. Robert Kunzig, an ecologist with over twenty-five years of experience, talks about how in Germany “researchers generate 27 percent of the Earth’s energy” (National Geographic). There are wind farms in the United States that not only provide electricity to many homes, but also generate more (energy). Using these alternative energy sources further helps the environment; It is very beneficial for more people to use renewable resources. Most of Germany uses alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy, two very environmentally friendly methods. The use of alternative energy in Germany should serve as an example to many that alternative energy is harmful. The more people want to use alternative energy sources, the faster they begin to release and utilize more emissions in the environment.

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With so many different energy sources available and many of them safer alternatives to the current energy sources in use today, alternative energy sources should be used more widely. According to Assistant Professor and Research Associate Daniel Tsiolkos, “Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural processes that are continuously replenished… this energy cannot be used and is continuously renewed” (extension .psu). Some people fear the use of renewable energy sources, but the truth is that renewable energy sources are safe, better for the environment, and we have unlimited resources. Many people do not take these problems seriously; They don’t mind as long as the energy is available to them. However, reports the American news agency. Energy, “Renewable energy plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions [because] when renewable energy sources are used, the need for fossil fuels is reduced” (eia). Many people are not fully aware of the daily damage caused to the environment due to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, people do not realize how much greenhouse gases are released into the environment and how toxic they are. “One part per million, equal to one drop of water dissolved in 13 gallons of water” (EPA). These emissions are highly toxic and just because they are invisible doesn’t mean society has to address this solvable problem. Using renewable energy sources to replace the energy sources we currently use will make a huge difference in the health of the environment.

It is clear that people cannot really accept all the different electronic ideas because sometimes things are too good to be true. However, we are not the first to try to use alternative energy resources. Germany is trying to use more alternative energy resources and this will make their country very profitable. They leverage “the energy transition to renewable energy [and] an impressive 92 percent” public support (National Geographic). If Germany’s renewable energy plan does not work well, the level of support will not be very high. According to Bloomberg business reporter Jessica Shankelman, “Countries in Europe are increasingly turning to renewable energy to reduce their carbon emissions and increase security of supply” (Bloomberg). Looking at other countries looking to follow in Germany’s footsteps, more people will see the benefits of their alternative energy plans. They should use Germany as an example and follow their lead to reap the benefits of using alternative energy, a solution that people don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of.

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Considering how harmful greenhouse gases are to the environment, greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and they don’t just go away; These toxic emissions persist for years. They “can remain in the air for varying periods of time, from a few years to thousands of years” (EPA). Also, because they stay in the air for a long time, the air spreads around the world. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is toxic and “increases [carbon dioxide] concentrations…the greenhouse effect becomes stronger and the world warms” (Columbia). This “green effect” creates a domino effect for the environment. Rising temperatures will cause ocean temperatures to rise, glaciers to melt, seal numbers to rise, and hurricanes to erupt in some states (Columbia). If using alternative energy sources can help with these greenhouse effects, why not use them? Failure to act on the problem of global warming will create many problems that we may not see now, but will soon have negative effects.

Finally, people need to understand that we are not currently seeing the environmental damage caused by global warming, but if we do not act on this problem, we will soon see its effects. And I wish we had done something. Quickly help with the problem. It is not difficult to get involved and participate in an alternative energy program. Community support is an important part of enabling companies to develop and build new energy solutions and installations. Most of these companies rely on financing because what they do is invest money in new projects, so they start building factories in new areas and they can power homes and so on. (NSW Resources and Energy). Educating people about our global warming problems and providing information about alternative energy solutions that are very effective will also help spread the word so they are aware. Many people do not care or understand the seriousness of this problem, but if they learn about countries like Germany and the benefits of their renewable energy schemes, more people will contribute to helping the environment.

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