Acrylic Chairs India

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Clear, glossy acrylic furniture, also known as Lucite or Plexiglas, was all the rage in the 1960s – the famous mid-century period when a variety of colored or clear plastic items began to be made.

Acrylic Chairs India

Because modern and space age furnishings are timeless, you will find that these furniture styles are still in production! We’ve featured 14 of our favorites that you can still find on sale today.

Stunning Ghost Chair Inspirations

These clear modern acrylic chairs, bucket or shell chairs are styled in a similar style to the popular retro Eames designs. Sold here as a set of two, the bottoms are stainless steel wire triangular “Eiffel” style hairboards.

This sleek Peek Z chair has the perfect contemporary sculptural style. Clean, this space age style wonder is made from one piece of glossy acrylic (Lucite/Plexiglas). so cool!

This S-shaped acrylic object is as much sculpture as it is chair. The floating modern slide chair is freestanding.

This beautiful clear Lucite one piece chair features a hexagonal pattern on the back. A touch of geometric honeycomb design complements the zipper and visually increases the space.

Best Comfortable & Stylish Office Chairs 2022

This clear acrylic dining chair (or side chair) has a glossy top and shiny base thanks to its clear plastic and mirror chrome legs. The ribbed design runs vertically through the plastic, making the glow a little more vibrant.

This clear acrylic stool is simple, but at 25.75 inches tall, it could be just what you need for a breakfast bar or other raised table. Bonus: It’s also rated for commercial use, so it’s powerful.

Here is a country style chair design that has been given a new look and feel entirely made of clear polycarbonate plastic.

Designed in Italy, this half-shaped polycarbonate armchair features an oval seat and curved sides. It is available in a colorless clear version as well as a gray smoky shade in sunglasses.

Acrylic Chair Signs Acrylic Wedding Sign Fairytale Wedding

These four clear acrylic dining chairs can be used indoors or outdoors. With a slight Louis XVI feel, the design is more traditional than other chairs, giving them a unique blend of modern and classic style. Each “ghost chair” is made from a single piece of molded polycarbonate, so no assembly is required.

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If you want to be elegant in the style of King Louis XV, then these outdoor armchairs could be what you are looking for. Because of the arms, they don’t line up, but are still big enough to be out all the time.

Look for the multi-faceted light that shines through this crystal chair with a creative carving design on the back and seat! The back is slightly lower than comparable pieces, so check the measurements before purchasing one or more of the chairs.

This stylish set of two belted bars can be adjusted to the right height for you. The low back and slightly sloping front make the seats more comfortable than you might think.

Acrylic Z Chair

Here’s a way to make the ubiquitous chair look stylish: make it transparent (with a little chrome).

Wild space furniture like this retro round acrylic chair was very cool in the 1960s. (Like it? Check out some other color options at Walmart.) Shown here with optional stand.

While these smooth seats generally require little maintenance (most are one-piece), remember to regularly clean acrylic seats thoroughly. Use a soft cloth and avoid most cleaning products as they can damage the finish.

To keep your shiny and clear acrylic chairs beautiful, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Steelcase Personality Ergonomic Office Chair

Retro pieces, check out this site Chairish and check out these listings on eBay, it could be just what your home needs.

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Executive Rolling Chair Manufacturers In India

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Note: Contains historical facts and is not intended to represent current best practice on any subject, particularly health and safety. The content on this site is provided for education, criticism, commentary, cultural news, entertainment, historical reference, and reporting/analysis. Now that you know, have fun looking around! A transparent chair that reflects the environment. It picks up the colors of the room and seems to float. And because the seat has flexibility, you can feel like you’re floating too.

Why not buy the plastic seats separately? Bought a set of 4 Tobias chairs in SLAVKA K.I pink (no longer available…). We love the chairs, but usually only use 2 of them (household of 2). In these exact 2 suddenly (no changes in use, weight, temperature, etc.) the seat developed a long crack down the middle…making the seats unsafe and unusable, even if you try to sit on them. one always pinches….so sad considering the nice shiny chrome legs are in good shape…I looked on your website for options to replace the seats (you can buy seats in different colors for some seats). .or the seat fits in different frames…)….why not offer that possibility? I don’t have the receipt and it’s not fair to ask for a replacement since we’ve been using them for years, but I’d appreciate the chance to buy a new chair (even if it’s a different color), just to be kind to the environment and reduce waste… You tell me and how can you help others who experience this?3

Tobias Transparency ChairAnne H. Yesterday, as I sat in the chair, I heard a bang. As I stood up, I noticed a crack in the center front edge. I’m not much of a person so this came as a shock. I noticed another similar complaint in your reviews. Our chairs are only about 4 years old, unfortunately we do not have the receipt. Can the chair be changed? I’m a senior citizen, 80 years old, and I’m afraid that it’s going to go completely wrong and I’ll end up on the floor. Please help. Thank you. 4

Heavenly Collection Acrylic Office Chair

If dateDanaAssembly instructions are issued, if date – Step 1 is no longer required. Amazing chairs – bought 2 to try and love them! Then came back to buy 2 more.5

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Very easy to assemble and Eleanory is very easy to assemble and very comfortable to sit on. He likes to mingle with others. 5

Polycarbonate Acrylic Baroque Chair Belle Epoque Online Shop

Reliable but not pretty Rosa Reliable but not pretty chair. If there is not enough space, a transparent chair can make the room look bigger4

Great ArmchairCarmen This chair is durable, looks great and is actually very comfortable. It won’t scratch my vinyl floor when I move it around.5

Great chairs – comfortable and LAURAG great chairs – comfortable and attractive, also ideal for small spaces because they do not take up any visual room5

Tobias clear acrylic chair by Harry D. The beautiful chair looks great as a chair around the dining table. For long periods of sitting I would recommend getting a non-slip cushion for some comfort.4

Tobias Chair, Transparent/chrome Plated

Sleek modern chairRobin Large armchair with modern lines. Clear seat and chrome legs give an airy feel to what is actually a very serious chair. This is supposed to be a dining chair but we are using it as a desk chair. With the way the legs are built there is a bit of a jump which is actually very comfortable.5

Very comfortable chair. We bought a Maria Very comfortable chair. We bought it to use with our kitchen/dining table. Everyone loves him. All we needed was a way to package them for shipping. We ordered and delivered chairs online. They came with simple plastic arms that would scratch the seats if they broke and they did

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