Wooden Bathroom Floor Tiles

Wooden Bathroom Floor Tiles – Allison Aars of Festive Farmhouse was looking for a flooring material that mimicked the warmth and beauty of hardwood that would stand the test of time in high humidity, knowing that hardwood was not “natural” suitable for her owner’s bathroom renovation. environment

For our first installment of Tile with Style, we sat down with a business owner, a podcast host, a taster, and a wonderful person to overhaul her dreamy bathroom.

Wooden Bathroom Floor Tiles

ACUSA: Tell us about your renovation of the bathrooms at the Village Festival. What are you looking for in accounting?

Italian Tiles That Look Like Assembled Parquet Panels

I knew the look of the iron floor would add the historic charm and character we were looking for, but I also knew that hardwood was not a practical choice for the bathroom floor. We wanted to not only look old and feel like it had been there, but also modern and clean.

ACUSA: There are so many floors, colors and styles to choose from. What was the decision making process like to choose wood tile for your master bathroom project?

We looked at many different patterns of tiles and fell in love with the different styles of Atlantis Concordia USA. They were all just beautiful and beautifully made, and there were so many options for the wood tiles I wanted. We loved all the colors; It was a close gathering between Beacon and Harbor. Beacon is beautiful, but I just fell in love with the color Barrel in the Harbor collection. It’s more of a neutral brown that’s still very warm, and it just looks real!

If you want the wood tiles to look like real hardwood, choose a joint that is a shade darker than the color of the tiles. It will look like a shadow; as they are connected to the floorboards. Lighter tiles will give the wood shell a more modern look.

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consider These Tile Trends In Calgary, Alberta

This may sound funny too, but I always say that your grout should match the dirt! We live in the middle of central Texas and we don’t have dark dirt, we have coarse dust. Consider the landscape and your surroundings to design balance and function.

Detail of the statue of the Atlas Concorde USA Port tile in wood look against the white wall and white baseboard.

Can’t get enough of Allison’s (aptly named) town festival? You’re in luck – next month we’ll be bringing you upstairs to see how you’ve elegantly used a wall of hexagonal tiles as a shower room.

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This website uses cookies. You accept the use of cookies by clicking “OK” or by continuing to browse the website. Read our privacy policy to learn more about our use of data. When you think of bathrooms, you don’t necessarily have a clear image of accents in mind. Of course, water and wood do not mix well. But if you really want a rustic or farmhouse-inspired space, there are some tips and tricks — and inspiration — we have up our sleeves. These 15 bathrooms have been converted with “wooden” tiles. From the floor to the showers themselves, these designs (often made of porcelain – or larger houses may have real wooden panels), give you exactly what you’re after.

Our wood-inspired home begins with a luxurious bathroom. Not only does the space look beautiful, but it blends modern style and rustic charm so beautifully. Light wood is a good choice since it covers so much space in the room.

Within this space are two creations inspired by the use of wood tiles. Small, square tiles for the floor and larger tiles for the wall. Our friends at Homedit have previously worked on this beauty and we’ve been blown away by its appeal – perfect for homes with quality already in the country.

This sneak peek stole our hearts because we love its innovation. Blending modern and rustic qualities, the tile and wooden subway designs are such a fun combination. We found this piece on Pinterest, along with a few other pieces that we’ve saved for future installments.

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Best Shower Wall Materials & Tile Alternatives For Your Bathroom

The Home Depot gave us this luxurious bathroom to beat the crap out of us. We love the large tiles on the floor and how the light cream tone contrasts nicely with the wooden walls. Again we have a clean and modern bathroom, but with a nice rustic touch.

How amazing is this easy to find cream on Pinterest? The pieces of tiles here are varied, but all celebrate natural wood. Because they correspond well to each other, it has a more feminine quality.

The simple white and marble tiles look nice against the wood pieces too. This herringbone floor plan from Ali Budd Interiors tops this modern bathroom with a warm sense of personality. It is one of our sites on the list.

Here is another example of how wood tiles can create a beautiful floor for your bathroom. And there is also a herring pattern, it is perfect for those who are looking for something unique in the master bathroom or even in the guest space. Take a look at this scene in Progress.

Expand Your Design Horizons With These Wood Tile Bathroom Ideas

Okay, so here’s a tile for the bathroom that’s not exactly wood, but it’s certainly inspiring. You can create an accent wall above your bathroom and add a new style you never had before. Check out the details by visiting each post.

More at Pottery Barn we found this traditional space that “wood” in dark tiles piled up on the floor. This is a great idea for couples or those who want to bring out more masculine energy.

Bunch’s bathroom showed that he used thick marble tiles as a film and lighter wood tiles for the floor. Once again we see that modern design and rustic charm blend beautifully without fuss. It’s a clean and stylish way to design your bathroom.

This bathroom has more natural wood floors and we love its trendy appeal. Tiled walls and wooden accents work well to create the industrial look we love. This is more like to see through Kitchen Design ideas.

Laying Floor Tiles In A Small Bathroom

The new idea was to go with light wood panels and splashes of color. It is youthful, a space that captures the spirit. The bright colors make everything look fresh and clean, the perfect bathroom!

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Check out this shower of wood-inspired tiles we found on Decor Pad. It plays well with stark whites and creates just the right amount of buzz for the bathroom. We also love the modern hardware used throughout the country, making it more relevant to current decor trends.

Even Victorian spaces can handle some wood paneling. We love the noble barrel and the feminine quality of the surrounding pieces. But the whitewashed floor that Arena & Sisal installed is what really caught our eye.

Finally, our friends at Homedit drew this toilet and we fell in love. The wood floor is amazing, but it’s the combination of it and the wooden shower that really falls in love. The combination is unique and falls right into the luxury.

Incredible Bathroom Tile Ideas To Inspire Your Renovation

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In this collection we explore a relatively new but seemingly popular element in interior design: wood tiles. Despite the persuasive aesthetics of hardwood, these images are actually ceramic floor and wall tiles from Ariana Ceramica Italiana. Some obvious advantages relate to cleaning and maintenance, their Eco-friendly appeal and their ability to accommodate underfloor heating. Since it is more sustainable than wood that is still illegally harvested from forests in the developing world, it is plausible that as the popularity and subsequent production of the forest aspect increases, the cost will decrease and even be in its infancy. It is generally a cheaper product than traditional wooden floors.

This picture of a modern bathroom with a distinctly Provençal touch successfully conveys its feminine yet rustic theme by incorporating wood tiles, which for functional reasons are better suited to bathroom and kitchen spaces than traditional wooden flooring and fabric. it should be entirely desirable. In this case, as in many others within the collection, there is a variation in style

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