Window Door Curtains & Drapes

Window Door Curtains & Drapes – No matter what type of windows your home has, take a look at these 12 treatments and learn about the unique features of each product.

Window treatment is anything that replaces the window, usually some type of cover like blinds or shutters that expand the look of the window. There are many different types of window treatments, and each has a different aesthetic and function.

Window Door Curtains & Drapes

Roman shades have a continuous fabric, with horizontal pleats running the length of the shade. These pleats lie flat on the window when lowered, but tuck well when raised, combining the softness of the drapery fabric with the functionality of the blind.

Types Of Window Treatments

Shutters are a classic window treatment option, adding design style directly to your windows. Shutters are on the lower end of window repair costs, but can add value to your home.

Solar shades are also known as “window shades” for their opaque design that allows you to keep your photos outside while providing light control. Available in apertures ranging from 3-14%, you’ll want to choose a higher aperture to let in more light and preserve your view.

Wooden blinds are a classic choice for windows and outlast trends or styles. Made from real wood, using various grains and stains, wooden blinds stay stable for years. The warmth of wood blinds blends well with other wood furniture, flooring, and moldings.

Faux wood blinds look the same as real wood, but are cheaper window treatments because they are made of PVC, plastic, or composite wood. Faux wood blinds are also resistant to moisture, making them a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms where real wood would otherwise warp and crack.

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Cellular shades are the best insulators of all energy efficient window treatments. They get their name and their insulating properties from their tissue that traps air between windows and rooms. This causes heat in the winter and heat loss in the summer.

Window treatment companies make wooden blinds from a variety of materials, including grass, reeds, and bamboo. The textured shades instantly add a casual, natural feel to your space. You can add rugs for privacy or include additional trim to enhance your room’s woven wood shade.

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The tracking shade panel is made of materials that slide back and forth for you to see the light and privacy.

Roller shades are one of the cheapest options when it comes to covering your windows. These shades are wrapped nicely in a tube, making them look minimal and unobtrusive when standing. With blackout and light filter options, you can choose how much light control you need for a room.

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Sheer blinds are beautiful window coverings. This popular window treatment consists of two layers of soft fabric.

Pleated blinds are made of a fabric with pleats that collapse and stack well when you lift the blind. This slat-like effect gives your home a uniform, semi-transparent look that allows natural light to filter through the windows.

The drapery adds style and elegance to your home while providing functional light control and privacy. Panels hang vertically from the hardware on top of the desired window treatment length.

Available in many different styles, fabrics, colors and patterns, you can easily combine the layers with any existing window treatment or just use the panels.

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When looking at different types of window treatments, remember that child safety, including passive and motor, is available for all categories.

Before deciding what window treatment to use, think about what you will be doing in each room. Whether you sleep, play or cook, you can customize your awning to suit your style and provide all the functionality you need. However, if you want to spruce up your windows without adding curtains or blinds, beautiful window film, which comes in many patterns and colors, will make a great vision at low cost. Windows (and access to natural light) can make or break a space, but many people overlook the importance of window treatment when planning a space. Window coverings can be functional, aesthetically pleasing, or a balance between the two, depending on your location and the amount of natural light you receive and enjoy. Whether it is full and flowing fabrics, modern drapes, classic curtains, Roman shades or such shutters, the first ideas will encourage a good view of the house.

This cozy bedroom by Anna Spiro Design is a class in eclectic decorating. Although there are many mixed patterns, from the plaid sofa to the flower-patterned headboard, it looks cohesive and thoughtful. This is partly thanks to the cohesive color palette and the Roman shade treatment, which is installed on the windows and inside the windows. In addition to the consistent design, this also ensures complete privacy.

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The stained glass is more beautiful (although the colorful shadows it casts are welcome). it works very hard! Reath Design blocked off the driveway and improved privacy by replacing the window panes with beautiful painted glass. It is a good choice when you want to show color and block the view without blocking all the natural light.

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If you don’t have windows, choose transparent ones for maximum light. They will help the room not seem too closed. In this space designed by 2LG Studio, the curtains cover all the way to the ceiling.

Designer Krystal Matthews has a lot of beauty tips up her sleeve. In this home office, he created depth and character by hanging two paintings above the back window because there was nowhere to install a wall. But aside from looking good, they also help block the less-scenic view.

“It’s against decorating 101, but using small patterns together can be easier on the eyes,” says interior designer Kristin Panitch, who created the pink dream of the bedroom. . Matching wallpaper, fabric, bedding and headboard create a beautiful backdrop for a good night’s sleep while colorful throw pillows add enough contrast.

For the size and less visible, double it. Here, interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins hangs both Roman shades and curtains.

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Rattan blinds will let in natural light while still providing some privacy. In interior designer Shaun Smith’s New Orleans home, this small bathroom is the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, with a good mix of materials and prints.

In this living room by Romanek Design Studio, classic white shutters add to the monochromatic color palette and time yet modern styling of the sofa and coffee.

Match your wallpapers and curtains for a complete aesthetic. In this church designed by Mally Skok, the vibrant, warm tones of prints and fabrics make everything rosy. Contemporary rugs, side tables and bookshelves also help anchor the original and formal elements of the room.

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Don’t neglect your appearance. Designed by tropical decor maven Amanda Lindroth, this window is treated with shutters and an orange striped awning to match the bench below. Although most hurricane shutters are just for looks these days, make sure yours at least looks functional by taking proper measurements so it looks like it can close. round the window.

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The shearling throw, metallic accents and multicolored curtains make this stylish little reading nook by Hecker Guthrie the perfect blend of comfort and cool. Roman, colorful curtains are both modern and relaxing. Plus, nothing amps up the fun like a swing game.

In this kitchen designed by Malstev Design, the red materials give a beautiful look. We love how they reach from floor to ceiling and connect very little to the floor to playfully skew proportions.

Some rooms may look better without window treatments. This is especially true in the modern kitchen, where additional lighting is welcome, and where the fabric that will fade from the sun is little or no. In this bright and airy California kitchen by Romanek Design Studio, the service area is beautiful (and more functional) left bare.

The color extends to the rafters in this room designed by Thomas Jayne and William Cullum. We like how they have chosen to make a window with beautiful drapery that catches your eye and does not intrude too much of the space. Overall, the room is traditional and formal, yet chic and relaxed.

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Instead of hanging curtains above the window, create a small oasis like this by hanging large curtains in front of the window reading table, like Sarah Richardson did here .

In this bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke, frosted glass windows allow for extra privacy without hanging curtains. This helps maintain a clean-lined modern look.

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