Toddler Art Table

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Do you have small children or babies who love to do arts and crafts around the house? Set up this simple DIY kids art table to give them a special place to do all their creativity!

Toddler Art Table

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Our kids grow up so fast and it’s amazing to see their little minds at work.

One thing they love to do is arts and crafts. This includes craft kits, coloring, play-doh, kinetic sand and all sorts of things.

We put together this super cute rainbow table earlier this year, but it turned out that it wasn’t big enough to spread anything out, and it really wasn’t big enough for two kids to make something together.

So for an upcoming Christmas gift, we’ve put together a fantastic, functional DIY children’s and arts and crafts table that we can’t wait to give the kids on Christmas morning!

Kids Art Table

This art table will go into our “attic playroom” off the kids’ rooms, which currently also has a Montessori forward-facing bookcase and a Montessori toy shelf.

We are happy to provide them with a functional play area for arts and crafts with storage and functionality.

Scroll down to learn more about how we built this DIY arts and crafts station and get the woodworking plans to build your own tree!

We have long wanted to build a large arts and crafts center for our toddlers and loved the design from the popular brand Guidecraft.

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Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center has a lot of beautiful elements and we were very inspired by the design, so we used it as a base to create our own table with the elements we found most valuable.

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If you’re considering the Guidecraft version, consider building our DIY version for a fraction of the cost!

We’ve also designed a DIY art container that fits perfectly on the top shelf of the desk so your kids can pull down the things they use the most and keep them close at hand.

Vaults are also easy to set up and we have plans for those below as well!

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This desk is perfect for a craft room or to turn any room into a craft room with a functional desk area. Let’s go inside!

Our post will give you a good overview of how to build your own DIY craft table for your kids, but you can get the full woodworking plans a little later.

Sure, plywood is expensive, but we designed this project to only need a 3/4″ sheet, making it a budget-friendly project, especially for such a large project.

All the cutouts are in our downloadable PDF woodworking plans, but remember they are all from one sheet of plywood!

Simplay3 Play Around Toy Box Table

It’s really hard (and not very accurate) to push through an entire sheet of plywood with just a table saw, so we like to use our Kreg Adaptive Cutting System or a plunge saw and router to make the cuts.

We designed the shelves to fit these inexpensive but excellent quality containers from Target, especially for crafting supplies.

We then attached the legs to the art table top and then attached it to the shelf unit.

We designed it in height for a 3-year-old, but the legs can be adjusted to be shorter or longer for a child of a different age.

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The table is too big for our DIY children’s art table. There is plenty of room to spread out their stuff and make fun games without anything falling off outside.

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One of the best things about our DIY arts and crafts table is that it has room on the end for a roll of craft paper to draw on or use as a table setting!

We bought this paper roll from Amazon and put a dowel on the legs where the paper roll can be unfolded.

Next we made a small magnet bar to hold the paper in place by putting magnets on the table and a short wooden bar.

Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center

So the paper comes out, it is printed, the children play, and then you hit it on the wall and start over.

For this we turned to our friends at Waterlox. We used Waterlox’s TRUETONE Colored Tung Oil and Tung Oil Finish for this art table, just like we did for our modern coffee table a few weeks ago.

Waterlox TRUETONE is a buff-in, colorful heavy oil that acts as a regular stain. Available in 11 colors to match your interior design style. We went with the “Frost” color to cool down the slightly red reading of the maple plywood.

TRUETONE is a great choice for our kids table because it offers waterproof protection for any wet crafting or cleaning, and it’s low odor and VOC because kids use it.

Toddler Table And Chairs With Storage

The tung oil was easy to polish with a cloth and we waited 24 hours before applying Waterlox’s Tung Oil Finish in the same way. This sealed the table and gave it a nice final look.

Along with this art table, we also made simple DIY kids art containers that fit perfectly on the top shelf of the table!

These cabinets are easy to build from quarter sheets of 1/2″ plywood, which still makes this a budget-friendly project.

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You can also set up these boxes independently of the table or build one yourself for service.

Little Tikes 2 In 1 Easel And Table

With all the pieces cut we nailed the sides and ends together and to the bottom.

Finally, we added a dowel handle on the ends to make it easier for little hands to pick up.

We also used Waterlox TRUETONE color infused tung oil and tung oil on the pans so they are well protected as the materials can be spilled.

If you love this project and it has inspired you to create one for your own kids, we have some woodworking plans for you today!

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These woodworking plans show you how to build our DIY kids art table yourself and you can make the adjustments you need for your space.

Our woodworking plans include a complete list of the materials you will need to purchase, a cutting list for the wood pieces, and step-by-step instructions with computer images to guide you in building this project for yourself.

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Kids Table And 2 Chair Set Children Activity Art Table Set

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