Thin Entryway Bench

Thin Entryway Bench – . We had a blank wall in our laundry room that connected to our deck, and I really wanted to dress it up with a chair, some baskets for towels, and hooks for used items.

This bench cost less than $20 (free if you have wood like us) and took only a few hours to sand and stain!

Thin Entryway Bench

These skinny restored chairs are all over the internet for $3000, which is NUTS.

Lavish Home Entryway Bench Metal Hall Tree With Seat, Coat Hooks And Shoe Storage Rustic Farmhouse Design Freestanding Mudroom Furniture

This chair is absolute eye candy when I walked into this room to do laundry and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

The key to restoring this chair is to hit it with any random metal object you have. I want to use as many different objects as possible.

Here’s how we started and finished the chair and the various metal items I used.

We used pine wood for the chair because it’s cheap so I don’t sweat when I get tired of the chair because it’s less than twenty bucks.

Inches Rustic Entryway Bench Modern Entryway Bench Bench

I also used Varatana Flagon to stain this chair. It looks very similar to our Beechwood Custom Stains!

Our house is small (1,300 square feet, six of us live in it), so I made sure to put a lot of thought into how I decorated it.

This chair can be used as a decorative chair or as a bench. It is very versatile.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial for your own reclaimed chair, and if you try it, be sure to tag me on Instagram. Designing small homes can be tricky. Here are 3 ways to decorate your small room with a narrow entryway that makes a statement!

Small Entryway Storage Ideas To Meet All Your Drop Zone Needs

One of the questions I often get asked is, “How do I decorate a small room?” So people often take a small space and add lots of decorations to make it look bigger. However, this usually has the opposite effect!

To counteract the clutter of a small foyer, I like to add two simple focal points and style around them. For today’s post, these two items are statement/artwork glasses and narrow entrances.

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But, before we get into those details, I want to say that my little entryway was fun by adding wall functionality first!

This is the shape of my little house. Isn’t that sweet little chair expensive? My stepfather made it for me. But if you’re looking for a narrow entryway, fear not, I’ll link to my favorites in this post!

Wade Narrow Entryway Bench

Back to the wall, so boring. The first time I tried to make it boring, it felt messy. Beautiful, but still confusing.

So I followed my own advice from my book, Designing a Life: A Shelter from Home, and figured out what was missing.

Can you see the difference before and after?! So much fun! No decorations were added except for my weakness for decorating the space. Yes!

So when in doubt, adding some architectural details can take a small step from blah to beautiful.

Narrow Console Table Wall Mounted Foyer Bench 28

My entryway wall decor has changed a lot over the seasons. I found a nice and simple mirror and decorated around it. The element that gives me the most flexibility is my niche.

I needed a very small bench to fit this space with the doors on either side. My father-in-law made me this little chair, and it’s a piece of furniture that my Instagram friends always ask me about!

So I thought I’d share a few ways to decorate a small room with a narrow entryway!

The best thing about using furniture as the main decoration is that you can change the look by adding simple accents like pillows and baskets.

Best Diy Entryway Bench Projects (ideas And Designs) For 2021

Additionally, the bench serves a practical purpose by providing storage space for shoes and items such as hats and gloves.

Last spring I let some live plants and a pretty hat express itself. Adding neutral baskets adds texture and breaks up the space vertically.

Single lumbar pillows from my favorite pillow shop add a bit of comfort and style while being flattering. (You can use the code GRACE15 in the Bianca store to get 15% off your order!)

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I also love my console if you have the space. Obviously, this post is focused on small rooms, and my desk is quite large. However, there are many small console tables that are a great option for creating a breakout area or adding a nice touch.

Narrow Console Table

As you can see, spring and summer entryway decor is pretty simple. So we often feel the need to make a big change to a space to make it feel fresh. However, it’s easier (and cheaper) to make small changes with color and texture.

For fall, I switched my pillows (from the same manufacturer as above) to darker colors that mimic nature in fall.

I also gave the baskets a new look and added fall colored poplars. Nothing else has changed!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember my leaf theme. It was so simple fans last year! I love adding whimsical elements to this space.

Before & After: A Small Entryway Goes Glam With Just An Entryway Bench. A Modern And Contemporary Look.

Here’s how I designed my entryway for Christmas! It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very easy to say!

During the winter, I went very simple. I wanted to change the condition of the mirror a bit rather than buy something new. So I was pleasantly surprised with this real magnolia leaf wreath.

I swapped out the basket for a more comfortable grapevine than my other baskets. Add a pine tree to it to give it a wintery feel.

Next, I simplified my console. I love the feel of it with winter book lights and cozy blankets.

Diy Storage Benches You Can Make

I’m often asked what my favorite design books are. These are the ones I’ve featured here, but I definitely want to add to my collection!

As promised, I’ve linked up some of my favorite narrow chairs for you below! Just click on the image to shop.

I hope this post gives you some ideas for decorating a small entryway! It really isn’t that hard to have fun in your own home. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! In the midst of my madness, I recently decided that our entryway was in need of a facelift.

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As we were on a budget I didn’t want to splurge, especially since Chris didn’t think it was necessary to change the entrance, but don’t be suspicious of a pregnant woman with a nest!

Entryway Decorating Ideas To Greet Guests In Style

I really wanted an entryway chair, but I knew I could make one myself to save money. At 8 months pregnant, I did! It is simple in design and easy to make.

Cut the wood to size. My bench is about 5 feet long and 19 1/2 inches wide, so you can use a whole 2×12. Underneath will be a 1×4 support lamp.

Drill pocket holes with a Craig jig to attach the wood. (Update: Kreg Jig is my favorite 520 PRO.)

I drilled two pocket holes in each seat side piece (18″ long). And with 2 pocket holes in the ends of my 1×4, and 2 pocket holes in the length of the 1×4, I can attach it to the sides and under the seat.

Best Small Entryway Decor Ideas And Designs For 2021

Make a log using wood glue and a pocket. First, glue the sides to the top of the chair using 2″ pocket pipe. (This is easiest if you’re working with an inverted chair.)

Once your sides are attached to the top of the chair (it’s still upside down), lay out your 1×4 backing board and attach using wood glue and 1″ pocket. There will be a total of 6 pocket screws that attach the panel to the seat: 2 on each side and mount to the top of the seat.

I’m so glad I finished this project (in Hamchot) and it was the perfect addition to our entryway.

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