Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel

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We have discussed different ways to renovate a mobile home. If you’re planning to start a mobile home renovation, you may want to check out some projects that can make your home shine.

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel

It’s always satisfying to see “before and after” photos of a well-done home renovation. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best mobile home design ideas to inspire your next remodeling project.

Before And After Kitchen Makeovers To Inspire Your Own Renovation

If you have recently moved into a mobile home, renovating a mobile home can sometimes be difficult. There may be items left over from the previous owner that you would like to replace with solid carpets, or even add new life to your mobile kitchen.

The Living Hope Renovations team did it all in a video series in 2021, documenting their before and after renovation of their one-story home.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the project is the kitchen, which has new cabinets while keeping the old 80s countertops. Yes, he took advantage of the tall windows facing the courtyard. Because they let in natural light, it made sense to redesign around this.

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Views Of A Mobile Home Inside & Out

When remodeling the exterior of your mobile home, there are many things to consider. Do you want to redo your baseboards and siding? How can you adjust if your mobile home has an outdoor air conditioner? You may also have the option of replacing your mobile home’s windows.

YouTuber Timothy P. Livingston, who tours and renovates homes across the country, checked all three boxes during his new home renovation. He started by replacing the side of the house with modern wood. They then installed a new A/C unit to use more energy.

After a quick change on the bottles, they re-installed the windows for a better look. All of these renovations make the exterior of this mobile home look great and bring this mobile home up to date.

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Many mobile home owners like their homes to be well-lit. For some, this means moving into a farmhouse with matching decor. Of course, this may require some remodeling of the mobile home to get the look you want.

Before And After Pics! Mobile Home Remodel Take It From Standard To Spectacular

Living It Country, a YouTube influencer on all things country, toured a mobile home that was renovated to look like a farm. This renovation work included removing the central part and raising the walls of the building. Not only that, but the floor was completely redone. What used to be tile and sparse carpet became beautiful hardwood floors.

With dark wood finishes and white walls and cabinets, this home makeover is perfect for a farmhouse style. Skip to 4:07 in the video to see their work.

It goes without saying that not all mobile home renovations are created equal. Large mobile homes, such as two-story homes, may require a lot of work during renovations. This is simply due to its larger size compared to a single-width home.

But this did not stop themike and his family from renovating their two-person mobile home. From installing new flooring to finishing touches and crown molding, this home renovation is one you have to see in person. They also replaced floors that were damaged by a faulty water heater.

How Do You Update An Old Mobile Home?

It’s the appearance of a renovated house that is really interesting. They repainted the outside of the carriage house and added new signs. Fun fact: When installing the aforementioned new deck, Mike and his family used thousands of screws—and broken drill bits along the way—to get the job done.

Some DIYers who remodel a mobile home may choose to change everything. Doors, windows, walls, the whole Shebang. This is exactly what the folks at DIYfferent did with their latest home improvement project.

He transformed a traditional luxury cottage into a beautiful modern one by changing everything he could. This includes the wood, the roof, and the wood inside the walls of the house. They said their goal was to build a home they would love without being bothered by interior design skills.

That said, their home renovation looks like a work of art, with a clean white interior and a new roof that shines thanks to some of the star trees being removed.

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Small Manufactured Homes For Tiny Living

The kitchen often receives the most attention in mobile home remodeling, and for good reason. This is the room where you spend most of your time. Cooking, cleaning, entertaining and more. So when you are making a mobile home renovation, you can think seriously about how to decorate your kitchen.

Let LifeWithDanie’s home kitchen decor inspire you. After removing the old cabinets and backsplash, they gave the kitchen a new modern look with clean white cabinets.

One of the most important aspects of remodeling their mobile kitchen is the countertops. Their old cupboards have been replaced with marble-colored cabinets that complement the white cabinets. Additional lighting also completes the color scheme when hung over the new kitchen island! You can watch the video below at 2:18 to see the whole thing.

If you are renovating a mobile home that was built before the 1976 HUD code, you may want to consider some additional features. You may need to redraw some items to make them compatible with HUDs. Or, you may need to replace some harmful items in your home.

Kitchen Makeovers With Before And After Photos

YouTuber LittleLyman saves a 1960s mobile home from falling in the park he drives. This included cleaning some of the floors that had rotted, as well as renovating the entire kitchen. New sinks, countertops and cabinets, and new appliances will bring this mobile home to life!

After a lot of hard work and “many cups of coffee” (in LIttleLyman’s words), his mobile home looks like something out of the ordinary. If you’re ready to renovate your mobile home, LittleLyman’s renovation is a great example of how to turn the old into the new.

Families living in mobile homes should have a clean, stylish and modern home. So renovating a family home is one way to do that. This could include installing new stain resistant flooring or upgrading your chairs for family movie night.

Rachall and her family at Johnson Branch Farm documented their experiences renovating their one-story mobile home over the course of a year. The results were quite surprising, to say the least.

Single Wide Lot Models

In doing so, they also found new ways to resell their family’s old furniture. For example, old cabinets became a place to store remote controls and DVDs. The bedrooms were also designed with the future in mind. Her daughter’s room has a neutral palette that allows for new ideas as she grows.

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Are you ready to move into a mobile home with your family? If you are, this before and after mobile home renovation video is a must see.

In some cases, remodeling a mobile home may require major renovations. Major home renovations may include installing new dryers, repairing any smoke damage, or removing all furniture.

In 2021, lifestyle and travel guide Little Blessed Nest documents her and her father’s journey to renovate their one-story house from 1988. After buying the house for just $1,000 and moving in with another $2,500, they began installing drywall, flooring, furniture—everything. For them, it made sense to start with the first place, especially since they bought a house at a cheap price.

Our Mobile Home Remodel — Tara Vander Dussen

The finishes are beautiful, from the paint job to the new flooring. Little Blessed Nest Remodeling is one of the best ways we’ve seen to renovate a mobile home on a budget with an emphasis on affordability and quality of home life.

If you are wondering, “Can I renovate a mobile home?” know that the answer is yes. We hope these videos will give you some mobile home remodeling ideas as you prepare to start your project.

If you need parts and accessories for your mobile home remodeling project, we’ve got you covered, too. Visit our parts and accessories page for everything you need to help improve and add value to your home. From decks, doors, furniture, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, our parts and accessories website is designed to be your one-stop shop for mobile home remodeling.

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