Retro Kitchen Remodel

Retro Kitchen Remodel – When your kitchen starts to feel old or was originally purchased with an old and historic look, renovations become necessary. If you want to transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams with beautiful colors and smart layouts, it’s worth considering the retro aesthetic.

Check out our retro kitchen ideas for inspiration on how to update your cooking space into a classic yet modern space. Although you might think that repurposed interiors have a negative connotation, that’s not always the case. Whether you’re drawn to scenes from the 1940s, 1950s, or another funky decade, retro design ideas can be fun. For example, the perfect combination of modern appliances and vintage touches is a great way to make a design statement. You can completely transform your kitchen into a retro-designed layout or stick to subtle touches and experiment with trends. From checkerboard floors and intricately patterned walls to colorful planks and boldly painted furniture, the design and renovation options are endless (mixed with whimsical aesthetics and fun).

Retro Kitchen Remodel

Checkerboard flooring is classic when it comes to retro looks. Combine yellow and white for a clean yet vibrant feel.

This Retro Kitchen Transformation Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Place the same charming pendant lights above your kitchen island to create a focal point. Choose a dark purple design to complement the wooden furniture in the space.

If you want to keep the modern feel of your kitchen, go for a bold patterned floor. Using intricate patterns brings a retro vibe while staying true to your original look.

Coca-Cola has been around since the 1880s, so take inspiration from the iconic brand and try a red dress.

The mix of warm and dark colors featured in this kitchen will inspire your own space. Recreate the look with dark tile walls and an antique-inspired island.

Kitchen Renovation Retro Stock Photos

The right color and texture can help you achieve a retro kitchen look. If your space is mostly white, consider yellow back lighting and pendant lights to give it some personality. Plus, it’s a great way to balance wood floors.

If you want your kitchen to feel as homey as the bars and restaurants in the family photo album, replace your modern seating with vintage bar and counter stools.

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Create a checkerboard mosaic wall in your kitchen using bold color combinations. Yellow and pale blue make for a striking yet fun design palette.

A bohemian touch and a retro touch are seamlessly combined for a unique look. Update your kitchen with white countertops, gold accents, and graphic wallpaper for a restaurant feel.

Complete Kitchen Remodel

The right shade of blue can transform your modern space into a retro one. Dining or dinnerware can be woven throughout your kitchen for an eye-catching look.

Decorate your entire kitchen with an array of vibrant colors. This means moving your table into the kitchen and dressing it up with colorful chairs and a checkerboard table. While you’re at it, consider replacing your base cooler with a red design.

A focal point makes your kitchen shine. In this space, bold red ovens and sleek stainless steel appliances are perfect for creating a futuristic yet seamless approach.

As seen in this cozy kitchen, the pastel shade goes well with white. Blue wall tiles and pale green wicker chairs keep the space clean and airy.

Before And After: Modern Vintage Kitchen Remodel

Adding a retro feel to your kitchen can be as simple as replacing your modern appliances with antique ones. Incorporate a colorful patterned floor to pull the space together.

Black and white checkerboard floors are the epitome of design. While a small checkered floor is cute, you can use large squares to make your space stand out.

If your space has more of a farmhouse charm, going retro can be as simple as choosing the right chairs for your island. Green, yellow, red and blue stools can easily be described.

Adding the right pattern to your wall can instantly bring out the decade-old feel. Meditation is like flower shapes and geometric shapes.

Charming Kitchen Remodel In Laguna Niguel

Be subtle with your nostalgic approach by adding just one bold color to your kitchen space. Here, a yellow pendant light adds a pop of color to a neutral space.

Consider using a small curved sofa as a banquette – like how Studio Maestri designed this breakfast nook.

Try using a warm or cool shade of hexagonal tile for an old kitchen, like this kitchen designed by Abby Hetherington Interiors. This design is captivating and can create an impressive focal point if used as part of a kitchen.

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Along with stainless steel appliances, this kitchen’s built-in, time-saving storage space also includes small cabinets lined above the microwave.

Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Adding wall art is a great way to personalize and update your kitchen. Use antique ranch paintings and drawings as vintage decor.

Brick walls are timeless. Weathered brick can make an elegant accent or focal point for your kitchen.

Mary Thomas Associate Editor Mary Thomas is the Good Housekeeping Assistant Editor, covering home and lifestyle content. A vintage stove and sink help a couple create a kitchen that matches their 1930s home.

Many older homes lose their charm as soon as you step into the kitchen. Details lost in the modernization effort become sacred considerations for owners. For Sharon Lovejoy and Jeff Prostovich, turning back the clock in the kitchen space of their 1930s home in San Luis Obispo, California, started with some lucky shopping.

Retro Remodeling Ideas For Your Kitchen

Featured: The redesign evolved around two vintages: a 1923 patented farmhouse sink and a 1950s O’Keefe & Merritt six-burner range. An open table turns everyday meals into art exhibitions.

The current 1980s kitchen had white cabinets with an awkward breakfast nook and ceramic tile counter tops. In search of a more authentic look, the couple took a trip to a salvage yard sunken into the perfect backyard. At a nearby antique shop, they found a vintage stove. Starting with Jeff’s “two big anchors” and an almost open space, he created a design that combines traditional style with modern practicality, placing a dishwasher and stainless steel refrigerator in a simple cabinet shaker. The resulting space complimented the couple perfectly. “Some guests don’t even know the kitchen has been remodeled,” says Jeff. “They think it’s the same vintage as the house.”

Five work surfaces—two countertops, a drainboard on either side of the sink, and a table—provide plenty of space for Sharon Lovejoy and Jeff Prostovich and their friends or grandchildren to cook together.

The nappy cupboard has a rounded front and two dishwashers at each end.

Elements To Use When Creating A Retro Kitchen

Maple seats with board ends are below the height of the burner. The cabinet maker made a hood to hide the vents and gutters.

A narrow breakfast nook has a low table and rocking chairs – perfect for perusing recipe books or chatting with the chef.

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Pantry cabinets fill the wall with a 30-inch refrigerator. Most are equipped with convenient retractable devices.

Two of the walk-in closets have electrical outlets that can be used to store small appliances.

Vintage Kitchen Tour With Painted White Cabinets And Adding A Stand Alone Cabinet Before And After Makeover — Emily Retro

An awkward corner cabinet next to the sink holds a plate and cutting board.

Simple boards with nails are not supported, although they are spaced 4 feet apart.

2. I installed a row of tall cabinets with opening shelves and put the refrigerator at counter depth for a tidy look.

Get the latest DIY home news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts from our experts. There’s no denying that thick checkerboard floors, cherry red furniture, and shiny refrigerators are a design dream. While the thought of designing your space around a certain period may intimidate you, there are many ways to combine retro tones with modern comforts to create a home that feels both vintage and modern. If you’re looking for inspiration, these retro kitchens are just what you need.

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If you don’t want to commit to a checkerboard, backtracking is a great option. Match the cabinets with the tiles for a more understated look.

Nothing says “cool” more than a retro wallpaper with a real wow factor. This charming kitchen is full of vibrancy and style.

If you’re committed to color, one way to achieve that look is with wall tiles. Remove the traditional wallpaper and cover the walls with glossy tiles.

Making a refrigerator or stove the focal point with the iconic look of a retro appliance is sometimes all you need. Here, a bright white fireplace contrasts with deep navy cabinets.

Mary And John Remodel Their 1980s Kitchen With A Fresh White Retro Modern Vibe

This pendant light gives a hint of retro style without overwhelming the space. Sliding chairs and a checkerboard desk complete the look.

Keep it simple and choose a vibrant chair that feels equal parts sleek and timeless.

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