Puppy Training Schools Near Me

Puppy Training Schools Near Me – We run a variety of group training classes for small groups of dogs, from new puppies to older dogs who need to learn more life skills.

Our one-to-one training sessions are tailored to your specific needs, held in your home or at an agreed public location.

Puppy Training Schools Near Me

We offer a range of training packages specifically for new puppy owners before the dog arrives or for the first few weeks of ownership.

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We offer a wide range of training options for puppies and dogs of all ages to meet your (and their) individual needs.

Our group training classes are based in Leyland, but we usually travel up to 10 miles for private training, covering most of South Lancashire.

Our 7 week puppy making course is for puppies up to 18 weeks old on the course start date. These classes are held in all halls in Leyland. We usually have courses that start every three weeks. During these courses we cover all the important basic training skills that a puppy needs to learn early in life. In addition to in-person training, participants also get access to our puppy training center on our website, where you can view all training. Content as well as video demonstrations that support all the learning exercises covered during the course.

We have a maximum of 6 puppies per class to allow plenty of space between individual attention from the puppy and the instructor so your puppy can get the most out of their time with us.

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For puppies who have completed our puppy training course or have one-on-one training with us, these classes will help you take your training beyond the basics and develop real-life training skills. . During these lessons we work through the Confident Canine’s Life Skills Award program to see how well your dog is performing against a set level of achievement.

If one-on-one training sessions better meet your needs, our sessions are designed to address the specific topics you need help with. These sessions are held either at your home or at a public location that is agreed upon in advance of the session. Pre-order is essential!

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If you are about to welcome a new puppy home, we offer puppy training packages designed to prepare you for new puppy ownership and help with the first few weeks of bringing your puppy home. Pre-order is essential!

As well as our Head Trainer, Emma is an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor and Platinum Pro UK Hoopers Instructor, training dogs to a competitive level. She hosts canine hoopers taster workshops as well as regular hoopers classes for those looking for something different (but fun!) to do with their dogs. There is also the option of one-to-one training with Hoopers if you prefer.

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We offer a range of interesting training workshops to improve your study skills and most importantly; To have fun with your dog! Choose from reliable memory, advanced hiking skills, hound dogs, scent and parkour.

As well as formal engagements, Emma has established a strong local dog-owning community and organizes regular walks, walks and socials for like-minded owners to gather, socialize and exercise their dogs. is If they want!

Emma has been an absolute goddess ever since our lives were turned upside down by the savior Pointer X.

Those basics made our lives so much easier and turned our stressed dog into a calm and happy member of the family.

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It’s still a long way to go, but Emma’s down-to-earth and smart training methods will definitely get us there.

He has trained us to train our puppies! We currently have an 11 week old puppy who sits, sleeps, rests and sleeps in his crate, walks well on his lead and is now learning to remember!

Our puppy got off to the best possible start, all thanks to Emma, ​​for her skills, knowledge and patience! Thank you!

Emma is very knowledgeable and professional. He is always ready to answer any question – no matter how silly!

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Woody had a wonderful time and learned the basics of being a confident and well-behaved puppy. I will definitely be attending future classes to learn more about Emma’s skills.

Charlie came to us at 8 weeks with separation issues and was completely untrained. We now have a puppy that can sit, sit, stand, settle (both in and out of the kennel), walk well on a lead, allow health checks, May relinquish command and stay.

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The range of services it offers covers everything you need at a very good price.

Emma is an amazing trainer who gives her all, you can tell she really cares about you and your dog and wants you to succeed in your training, whatever that may be. Nothing is too much!

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Our labradoodle Alvin is halfway through puppy school classes and I can’t recommend it enough!

It has taught us so much! Emma also does puppy (and dog) play sessions on the weekends, which are great fun for her as she loves interacting with her furry friends.

Our puppy Dennis was very little when we got him home, so 1-2-1 training was essential.

Emma came around and immediately got to know us and our puppy. Denise absolutely loved it and soon learned where the treat pockets were kept and had to sit for them.

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What he learned over the months was due to hanging out with Emma and joining social gaming groups and such. Can’t recommend enough! Thank you!

Jason the Miracle Dog! I have a rescuer who was in prison and starving for the first six months – he was not expected to survive. When I got him at 7 months, he was crazy, never been home and had no life experience, so I decided to do 1:1 training because he was too old for puppy classes.

Emma tutored us both for several weeks until she was old enough to go to class. He is now 2 years old and works as a PAT therapy dog ​​with elderly patients at Chorley Hospital. She is very laid back and loves meeting new people.

This change is possible because of Emma’s input and advice. He still has some “phantasms” due to his past, but he attends Emma’s social sessions and is a wonderful companion.

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Amazing Support – We’d like to say a huge thank you to Confident Canines for your help in training our (and our) crazy Sprudle.

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Trust Canines have been amazing with supporting us and our dog. From the first week we got our puppy, Emma has been supportive and knowledgeable – and our dog absolutely loves her!

I would definitely recommend Canine’s Confidants for their 121 sessions and group lessons; Our dog loved them all!

I just wanted to thank Emma for showing us the easiest way to understand how to train our little chihuahua “Louis” to be well mannered, well behaved and a well socialized little dog.

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We signed up for a six week puppy course and it was fun. We look forward to every session. Unfortunately, I was away for the last two weeks of the course. Not to worry though, as Louis’ “dog daddy” continued to attend on my behalf and together we found great results.

Emma is not only a genius, she is a truly lovely lady who I would recommend to anyone to join her very informative (and fun) dog training classes.

Emma came to our home for one to one training before puppy group sessions and was very informative. Then we took our puppy on a puppy training course for 6 weeks and it was educational for us and good for our puppy.

We now go to social sessions and look forward to attending ongoing training sessions because he knows her (and he knows her inside and out) and we know him to be a good trainer.

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If you want the best for your puppy or young dog then you should definitely contact Emma at Confident Canines.

I just finished the Puppy Foundation course with my GSP Foxy and both he and I really enjoyed it.

Emma is a wealth of knowledge which she imparts in a friendly, supportive and structured way and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone trying to do the best for their dogs.

Emma trained 1-1 with our puppy at home and I found her to be patient, confident and very knowledgeable. The training sessions were meaningful and a good foundation for our boy to become an obedient and pleasant young man.

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We also participated in group exercises with others