Professional Puppy Trainers Near Me

Professional Puppy Trainers Near Me – I invite you to click the button below to apply for my Unleashed Potential K9 Academy® program and High Performance Certified Training.

If you are selected for a discovery call, I will help you clearly understand your goals and vision for the future and help you implement an action plan that will accelerate your success and help you realize your dream!

Professional Puppy Trainers Near Me

Are you currently getting paid doing what you love? Imagine never having to work a day in your life because you love what you do and get paid to do it! Do you know what it’s like to wake up excited to go to work and see what adventure comes your way each day? I do, and I can help you feel the same way! I have spent my whole life obsessively developing my knowledge and skills in training and coaching people and their dogs, as well as learning many dog ​​training techniques, behavior modification and all aspects of animal behaviour, specializing in dogs in as well as business management, marketing and program design and high performance training. I am the first Canadian to be certified NePoPo® Gold by Bart and Michael Bellon. I have over 20 years of business experience as an entrepreneur growing into one of the most respected and highest paid professional dog trainers in the world.

Victoria Based Paralympian Follows Instinct For K9 Training

They include Genesis Dog Training pre-study video courses so you can get started at home. Next up is Online Zoom group training followed by the live training certification week, live with Duke. The in-person certification week with Duke is intense and a TON of fun! Expect practical and written tests along the way and a final exam.

If you’re serious about the next steps, book a strategy session with Duke to see if you’re a good fit. In addition, space is limited and fills up quickly.

Unleashed Potential K9 Academy is a private training school registered under the Private Training Schools Act of the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Although scheduled hours with students are between 9 am and 5 pm, the training often continues into the evening with client lessons, so students must be ready to work earlier than 9 am and often later than 5 pm: 00. Therefore, it is possible to see long hours like 8 am to 9 pm on some days.

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Aggressive Dog Training Tips & Hacks!

Before or after completing the practical part of the training, there will be 12 high performance certified group training sessions to help you improve your business and all aspects of your life!

This training will help you be sustainable and successful in the long term – lots of accelerated learning and experience in Atlantic Canada and what PEI has to offer.

The season will determine what activities we have access to, but here’s a list of what you can take part in after hours:

All students must stay in a nearby hotel, cottage/house, resort or bed and breakfast depending on the time of year. We have special rates with Rodd Charlottetown and Rodd Royalty hotels. Contact us for an order code.

Why Puppy Training Is Important

We are currently accepting applications for our next session of the Professional Dog Trainer School. You must apply first and if you are selected for a call, we will contact you to arrange a call.

Please complete the questionnaire below and we will review your application. Submitting does not mean you will be accepted into our coach program or guaranteed a one-on-one call. However, if we think it is suitable, you will receive an email with the next steps.

Unleashed Potential K9 Academy® and High Performance Training is the most powerful and transformative combination and experience I have ever offered in my business.

I have decided to make a significant commitment of time, effort and energy to the success of a very small and select number of people each year.

Puppy Classes, Obedience Training Victoria Bc

While at Duke Ferguson’s K9 Unleashed Potential Academy, if there are any problems with the student’s behavior, Duke Ferguson reserves the right to terminate the program with any student at any time. If this happens, the student will change travel plans and be taken to the airport. Dog training is a general term. There are dogs of different breeds, sizes and temperaments, as well as mixed breeds where the characteristics of each breed are combined. Our professional trainers take this into account when drawing up an individual training program for your dog.

Our professional dog trainers will not only train your dog, but teach you how to work properly with your best friend.

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Before training a dog, we carry out a specialist test to determine your dog’s nervous system. This will give us the opportunity to see which training method will work best for training, check his athleticism, movement coordination, hearing and vision, and his bite reflex (when playing with toys). This test will give us an idea of ​​how well the dog feels and how well he or she can play. Using this test, we determine whether problems with stress will be associated with sudden noises, activities that take place outside or large, unfamiliar objects. Our trainers will work to make your dog feel more confident and happy with other dogs as well as other people if the test shows that the dog is unable to play well or has difficulty have energy.

We also test dogs for their stress levels. For example, for a Labrador obedience dog training course, we use a CD with various unexpected sounds, such as gunshots, a train and dogs barking. The Labrador does not have to respond to sounds and continues to work because he or she has been taught to play correctly from a young age. Good strain levels allow the owner to take the dog anywhere, resulting in a true family dog.

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During agility training, we work on movement coordination, strength and jumps. This helps the dog feel more satisfied and happier. Agility is a great activity to improve your dog’s nervous system as we combine obedience and agility to result in a dog that can easily transition from play to work.

In the obedience dog training course, we set the right rules for your dog to learn how to live properly with your family, such as how to greet guests properly. When you teach potty training, your dog should “ask” you to let him out, where he or she keeps going. Train a dog not to destroy flowers, furniture, etc. it’s important to do it from a young age because habits will become an integral part of your dog’s mind if it doesn’t work. For behavior modification, our trainers strongly recommend our obedience camps, as dogs are worked several times a day and undergo intensive obedience training.

If your dog is aggressive, we can help. We will first do a dog training lesson to determine the root cause of the aggression. We will socialize the dog, make him more able to play and teach him to get rid of aggressive behavior towards toys instead of people. Your dog will feel safer. For this we have professionals who have 20 years of experience working with difficult dogs and who trained dogs for the police and the military. Remember how happy you would be if your parents gave you a dollar for every A on your report card? They made you want to do it again, didn’t they? This is positive reinforcement.

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Dogs don’t care about money. They care about praise – and food or toys. Positive reinforcement training uses a reward (treats, praise, toys, anything the dog finds useful) for desired behaviors. Because the reward makes them more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior.

How To Train A Pitbull Puppy Like A Professional.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior sounds very simple and it is! But to practice the technique effectively, you need to follow some basic guidelines.

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Correct timing is essential when using positive reinforcement. The reward must occur immediately (within seconds) after the desired behavior, or your pet may not associate it with the appropriate action. For example, if your dog sits but rewards him after he stands, he will think he is being rewarded for standing.

Dogs don’t understand sentences. “Daisy, I want you to be a good girl and sit for me now” will likely get you a blank stare. In fact, dogs learn first from our body language, so first work on encouraging your dog to “sit” or “down” before asking them for a word. Holding a toy or treat, move your hand slowly above and just behind your dog’s head so that he sits to look and see. When your dog is sitting, you can lure them into a down position by slowly lowering your hand and bringing the treat close to the ground between their front paws.

Unleashed Potential K9 Academy Dog Trainer School

Once your dog is performing the behavior consistently, start adding