North Carolina Furniture Companies

North Carolina Furniture Companies – For one week each April and October, the basement of the First United Methodist Church in High Point, North Carolina, is bustling with designers, writers and editors from New York, Los Angeles, and across the United States, Europe and Asia. , eating. homemade turkey chili and pimento chili on plastic wrap boards. This crash of the Parson’s Table world, a pop-up restaurant style run by business owners – and one of High Point Market’s signature traditions, is the biggest event you’ve never heard of.

High Point, for most of the year, is a city in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, with a population of about 100,000 (108,629 as of the 2014 census) and is made up of mostly students, faculty and staff at tony private High Point University. Twice a year, the city nearly doubles in size, attracting more than 80,000 visitors as it hosts the High Point Furniture Market, the world’s largest furniture fair and showcase of the a well-known local business.

North Carolina Furniture Companies

The biennial event costs the city about $140 million between hotel accommodations, meals, transportation and more. The First United Methodist Church isn’t the only organization that does business outside the market: many food trucks and pop-up vendors head downtown to the market, and the fire office in the city (and nearby cities) is a driver for buyers – after all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who knows the fastest way around town .

Hickory, High Point & Beyond: Furniture Shopping In North Carolina

High Point’s unique industry comes, like most, from a combination of geographic and cultural factors. The city is located in the middle of forests that offer good wood, which saw the first increase in the production of furniture in the 17th century, when English builders settled there and continued to work there the new country. During Reconstruction, planters benefited from small jobs, which only increased with the completion of the Southern Railroad in the late 1800s, an advance that allowed easy transportation of local goods.

In 1909, the High Point Furniture Exposition Company and the Furniture Makers Exposition Company merged to create a new trade show, and the Southern Furniture Market was born. The subsequent history of the event follows the general trends of American history: World War I stagnation, postwar boom, prosperity in the 1920s followed by a devastating postwar crash in 1929, and the then another blow of the World. World War II and, later, the greatest post-war boom. The market has fluctuated since then (with a major downturn after the 2008 recession), but, despite this, High Point has been the largest real estate market in the world for decades .

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This includes everything from carpets to beds – and, of course, everything in between. The Suites at Market Square, one of High Point’s flagship buildings, has many antique and vintage dealers offering everything from older items to newer items that change from time to time. time

Furniture In North Carolina: Hickory Furniture Mart

Although High Point’s reputation as a jewelry store began in construction around the city limits, now its exhibitors come from all over the world, with companies from all over the world. rent or operate in downtown areas to exhibit at each market. .

Even in our modern world, however, many manufacturing jobs are still closer to the city. Traditional furniture brands such as Hickory Chair and Century Furniture as well as younger companies such as Mitchell Gold Bob Williams and Lee Industries manufacture their products in local factories, some of which are over a century old. In recent years, new businesses have recognized local expertise in manufacturing by setting up shop there: Even if they are not available on the market, the home furniture brand Maiden Home, as example, creating its direct-to-consumer products from third-. and fourth generation family factories in the area.

If you’re not a professional designer – or maybe even if you are – you probably don’t know much about the market unless you’re passionate about furniture or have lived in the area. Because, despite its size, the market is only open to the trade – that is, only interior designers or retailers have access to the hundreds of showrooms throughout the city and its institutions. to the public at the discretion of the hosts).

Over time, High Point became a ghost town—12 million square feet of showroom space was so vacant that those showrooms closed. However, new initiatives in the city are trying to surpass that space: Plant Seven, a collaboration with the business-meeting-place event that aims to attract young businesses and encourage them to work in the area around the year. Meanwhile, on the road, the jobs in the factories are still demanding, moving from your sofa or your armchair. And now you know where it came from.

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High Point Market Sees Century Long Revolution

Digital controller. He oversees all digital content for the brand and works on the print magazine. He has covered design, interiors and culture for 10 years in New York. He was associate marketing editor, design journalist, and news editor for

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The Cautionary Case Of North Carolina’s ‘furniture Capital’

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