Movie Theatre Chairs For Home

Movie Theatre Chairs For Home – Our home theater seating models incorporate the most advanced seating technology, provide more health benefits and offer a wide range of entertainment options. Sitting on a chair in the Octane theater, you’ll never want to get up. Browse our large collection of home theater chairs below to find the one that best suits your individual needs.

This series combines the health benefits of a massage chair with the innovative features of home theater seating. These include a power lumbar system, a power headrest and a power backrest. The true pinnacle of luxury seating has arrived.

Movie Theatre Chairs For Home

The LHR series has three independent motors – an electric lumbar system, an electric headrest and an electric backrest. This premium series ensures complete well-being and relaxation of the whole body, reducing the fatigue of the muscles of the lower back, head and neck.

Valencia Syracuse Top Grain Leather Led Power Home Theatre Seating Row Of Two

The HR series has two independent motors – an electrically controlled headrest and an electrically operated backrest. It relieves any head and neck tension and also enjoys a great viewing angle when reclined to your preferred position.

Our Big & Tall series boasts a 400-pound weight frame, taller backrests, wider armrests, and larger seating surfaces. These models are built like a tank, with a reinforced frame that will last for years. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The XL series are full-size models designed for maximum comfort. Features include higher seat backs, a larger and deeper seating surface and wider armrests for exceptional comfort while lying down for hours.

The XS Series offers space-saving theater seating models specifically designed to maximize the number of seats you can fit in a smaller space without sacrificing personal comfort. We’ve created slimmer arms, along with higher seatbacks and overall body comfort.

How To Mount Theatre Chairs For Free Standing Installation

The Flip Up Arm series creates a versatile piece of home theater furniture. Raising your arms up creates a sofa or bed-like surface on which you can lie comfortably. Sit back, relax and enjoy the versatility!

The Riser series is the perfect solution when you need tiered seating sets. These models offer a built-in stand that adds 8 inches of height, so everyone can enjoy the best seating in the house.

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The ZR series offers a smooth lever seatback mechanism along with a fixed seat. Designed for both residential and commercial use. An artificial footrest is available on request for some models. Not every home has or needs a home theater, but every home theater needs seating. The question is which type is right for you. In this special selection, we offer you a choice of only the best pieces – 2 seater home cinema chairs, as well as larger 3 and 4 seater cinema sofas for those times when you’re entertaining or enjoying your favorite movie, so ‘t’ don’t have to think extra and make a fuss when rearranging your everyday furniture to create the best arrangement for your family and guest

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page for expert advice on choosing the perfect media room for you and what to look for when adding that stunning piece you want and deserve!

Built On Riser Seats

In this special selection, we’ve brought you only the best, from 2 seater home theater chairs to larger 3 and 4 seater theater sofas for those times when you’re entertaining or enjoying your favorite movie.

Many people decide that a large flat screen TV, a surround sound system and a few accessories are enough to enjoy a true home theater experience, but they may not know how important the choice is. The right seat. to complement the room is actually.

And you might automatically think that a sofa is the most obvious choice for seating because – let’s face it – it’s already there, you already have one in your home. And it looks comfortable. You got used to it. It may not seem like such a long event to complete, but in reality, several hours of unsupported and not very upright sitting can ruin at least your back and all the fun of a good cinema experience. And this is where the disadvantages of sofas begin. You start looking for a place to put the remote control, drinks or snacks… Often the handles of the sofa are thick and it is difficult to place a coffee table stand next to it. Then again, if you manage to get the stand next to the couch, the person in the middle will reach into your lap every 15 seconds to get popcorn or a drink or whatever, and the next thing you know, there’s a knock . in your drink trying to find it with your hands. Because he’s just standing there, unsecured, in a dark room.

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On the other hand, media room furniture (as the name suggests) is something that is specifically designed for home theater. Basically, it’s a combination of all the comfort features that a sofa can offer, and the correct upright and reclining position with support that maintains a good viewing position, as well as all the other extra comforts that media seats have.

Home Theater Entertainment Seating

It is the best solution for a dedicated media room. However, not all movie theater seats are created equal. Depending on the size and shape of your home theater room, the number of people you plan to seat at any given time, and the amenities you want, there are various factors that play a big role in choosing the right type of media seating. your needs. So, consider them first!

Before you go shopping, measure your space. First, determine how much space you have to work with. Measure your floor area, the walking area and the aisle you want to have around your seat. Make sure you leave at least a good 20-25 inches of clearance in front of and behind your home theater seat.

Next on the list is to decide how many people you want to sit and enjoy, of course depending on the size of the space you have. If you have a room big enough for a large party, then theater chairs with aisles would be a great choice. But if your room is a bit small, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a theater seat. An unobtrusive arrangement of a couple of media room chairs cleverly placed around the room will do the trick. The simple fact is that you have many choices and in any case you can make the right decision before you buy, so you don’t waste time and money. Not to mention the waste of your back trying to move around your large couch.

The style of the home theater chairs should blend well with the existing decor. Unlike all other types of living room furniture, these amazing seating pieces come in a variety of styles, colors, finishes and leather types. Use vinyl economically or natural leather for a luxurious feel and added durability.

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Movie Theater Lounge Chairs

You should be aware of your budget when choosing a chair, just like when you’re deciding what to include in your home AV system, right? But be aware that, like everything else, lower-end seats (or any other products) will mean lower-quality materials, and the overall experience and feel may suffer a bit. However, there are some budget options that can still be perfect if your plans don’t include entertaining multiple people all the time, or if your family will only use the media room furniture occasionally. If you plan on entertaining a lot and high status is important to you, you might want to show off your honest dollar with something from the higher shelves.

With this in mind, the next important consideration should be what amenities you want to have in your home theater sofa. There’s a variety to choose from, from storage for remote controls and other miscellaneous items to drink holders, removable ottomans or chairs, back rests and more, all of which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect media setup for your home. room.

Certainly, your media room can be complete with the right seating to suit your needs, the size of your home, your decor and your lifestyle. Just consider your entertainment needs and wants, your budget, and you’ll be sure to enjoy your movie theater seats. Enjoy your home entertainment to the fullest with our offerings and create the most memorable experience every time you host a viewing event for your family or friends.

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