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Modern Bookshelf – A bookshelf is definitely more than a place to stack all those books. Modern bookshelves are great decorative pieces and can be filled with anything from quirky accessories to vases, indoor plants and favorite antique pieces. Decorating a large, open bookshelf in the living room can be done in many ways, and context is often the most important aspect of it all. Striking bookshelves in the living room have completely different accessories and items compared to the bedroom, dining room or home office.

Creating a great shelf display is all about filling those shelves with books. It requires planning, attention to detail and the most important ingredient – ​​discipline. Yes, that’s right; The hardest part of decorating those big open closets is resisting the temptation to fill them with whatever you can get your hands on! Smart, elegant and versatile,

Modern Bookshelf

Bookshelves that reach the ceiling (or at least close to it) are a great way to create a dramatic accent wall in any room of your home. In addition to hosting an elegant display that can be easily changed by changing the contents of the shelves, these large bookshelves offer plenty of space for those who want to free up space. In a small living area, cramped bedroom, or even a small home office, large shelves like these offer a practical and aesthetic option for homeowners looking for ways to maximize vertical space. .

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Yes, box style open cabinets are here! Bringing modular ease and adaptability, these shelves combine the appeal of closed cabinets with the dashing display capabilities of open cabinets. A fun decorating technique here is to focus on negative space by intentionally leaving some shelves empty. This can be done randomly, or you can stick to a specific pattern that can be easily changed down the line.

Standalone shelves that act as room dividers are becoming an increasingly popular choice in open plan living areas. Define the space without blocking the flow of light, and once again, freeing up some shelves is a smart choice here. Fill the rest with your favorite things, vases, indoor plants or just a collection of books. Work with different textures, add pops of color or add some metallic sparkle, constantly changing the display as decor trends change and evolve.

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It’s been a while since we first discovered the wire bookshelf trend, but it’s safe to say that many of these modern industrial pieces are still a hit with designers and homeowners alike. Not only the metallic sheen, sleek visual appeal and smart modern look they offer, but the fact that these cabinets fit into even the smallest of rooms makes them a big hit. Of course, if you love industrial style and textural contrast, you’ll fall even more in love with these sleek shelves!

Styling an open bookshelf isn’t just about the accessories and items you fill it with. Lighting plays an important role in giving shelving its distinct look. LED strip lighting is a superior choice and easy to work with, while classic recessed lights, accent lighting and even sconces can offer additional layers of light. Make sure the lighting complements your chosen decorating style and highlights your most beloved decorative pieces on display. Remember that strategically placed dark, empty shelves can have just as much impact as beautifully lit ones!

Modern Bookcase Marble Shelf

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The front and back edges are notched so that the rack can be installed in any direction.

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We got the table from Greece in Minnesota and we love it. We told Chris we love Giannis Antetokounmpo (from Greece) and Chris sent us a free Giannis “Pop” doll with our order. It really brought tears to my eyes that someone from all over the world was so thoughtful and kind. Thank you so much! You do not know how much happiness you have brought to our home with your grace. You are Ghent. Again, thank you very much. We keep the doll on the bookshelf to remember you and your kindness. Thank you!

The quality of the wood is poor. Delivery took about 3 months! Also when the package arrived it was the wrong package! I expected the wall finishing and hangers to be properly fixed with screws, but they are fixed with nails, not strong enough to support the weight of the library, it’s a big library so Only light things fit! It was quite annoying that I waited for almost 3 months and on top of that Chris was ignoring my messages over and over again! And answer every time! I will say, it was not worth the wait and after receiving it, I wish I never did! If you’re looking for something solid that can last you a long time, I wouldn’t recommend it. Simply put, for the price you pay, you get a great deal.

Arrived late, but shipped before two major holidays. The design is nice, but the shelf isn’t very deep, only the smallest books fit, so it can’t really be a bookshelf. . It’s very mobile (high center of mass and thin base) so really shouldn’t be in any home with kids. There were two screws missing from the kit (so frustrating when you’re almost done building but now have to find extra screws!) For the $, for the delay, for the fact that you have to make half of it anyway, I bought the wood myself, It should have been cut and painted. It would have taken a few more hours, I could have made it the proper thickness, saved a month of waiting for it and saved $450. I wouldn’t recommend, I loved all the other furniture I bought.

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