Metallic Bedroom Wallpaper

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Photo Game Photo 3D Art Metallic Style Geometric Wall Art Mural Living Room Bedroom Home Decoration Design.

Metallic Bedroom Wallpaper

The price is for 1 square meter only (ex, If your wall is 3 m wide and 2.5 m long, then 3m × 2.5m = 7.5 square meter (fill in 8 dimensions) and the width will be the length of your wall.

Marble Tile Peel And Stick Wallpaper In Grey And Metallic Silver By Ne

1. We have added a new type of wallpaper, leather and wood, which is easy for you to put on your wall.

2.There is another 2cm of overlap that you have to cut and then just melt it and keep it on the wall.

3.We will cut some parts if the wall height or width is more than 1.1 or 1.5 meters depending on your country.

4. Leather and wood can be used on glass surfaces, painted walls, concrete surfaces, wood surfaces, plastic panels and soft walls, they cannot be used on neutral walls, or dark walls.

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1.PPls Attention! The mural is not independent. The price is the price of 1 square meter, measure the width and height of the wall, and calculate the appropriate size.

For example, If your wall is 4.16m wide and 2.75m wide, then 4.16m × 2.75m = 11.44 square meters (add size 12 to your order).

Prepare these tools before applying: strong glue, bucket of water, utility knife, metal tape, squeegee, squeegee, squeegee and sponge.

Prepare all the materials, clean the wall, open the wall, use a small heavy object to press the corner of the paste, the time is 30 minutes.

Wallpepper® Metallic Wallpaper By Wallpepper®/group

To check the size of the board, the shape, the size of the wall, in general, this process is done before buying the wall, so the size is good, usually, customers buy a small size instead of full size to have a large room.

It takes two people to complete the job, by connecting the wall to the wall and using a pencil to mark where the extra room should be cut when it is connected later.

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Put 1kg of rice flour and 4-5 liters of water in a bucket, stir well, after 10 minutes, stir again. Then use a washer or brush on the wall, and the next step is to install the wall, carefully and carefully, using a hammer board to press the copy of the glue if there is any. Use a sponge to remove excess water and a metal or utility knife to remove excess water.

After all the work is done, leave the walls to dry alone, for 48-72 hours. During this time, do not open the door, turn on the air conditioner and let in as much sunlight as possible.

Element Industrial Metallic Wallpaper In Grey & Copper

Thank you! That’s great! We have added new types of wallpaper, leather and wood, which will be easy for you to apply on your wall.

There is another 2cm overlap, you have to cut it and just pull it out and put it on the wall.

We will cut the panels to 1.1 and 1.5 meters above your wall. Where are you from?

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The picture is very nice. The quality is good and next to my special wallpaper (tropical jungle) paint job. All my friends will absolutely love this wallpaper if they see it in my home. Flora and her manager were very communicative and made sure to involve me every step of the way. He showed me a photo of the sample, explained the price and the difference between the different types of wallpaper. I am very happy and highly recommend this business. They gave me excellent customer service – over the top. And the package arrived faster than expected. I hope you will post the pictures once you have the wallpaper.

Oil Painting Rainforest Wall Mural, Forest Trees Firewood Mirror, Living Room

The seller is amazing! It’s best to make sure my measurements are correct and comment to find the best matching options in my area’s best product listings! The picture is beautiful and beautiful! Highly recommend this seller! Thank you!

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Excellent customer service. Many messages come back and put posters on the wall, so that the mural looks good. The materials are large and soft, of great quality, and the plant print looks amazing in real life. Our installation had a problem with the full width, but they were able to narrow it down. Other participants may choose to overlap. We love the final product and highly recommend it.

Metallic Wallpaper Room Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Emerald Green Tropical Plants Oil Painting and Wallpaper Mural for Walls, Tropical Plants Oil Painting Murals for Home Decor.

The picture is very nice. We sent you the measurements and cut them right. I am very proud of our company!

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White,teal,beige,gold Geometric Wallpaper Modern Glitter Metallic Wall Paper Luxury For Bedroom Living Room Large Triangle Roll

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Mixing Copper Metallic Wallpaper By Fringeman

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Enhance any industrial or rustic interior theme with Milan Metallic wallpaper in black and gold here at I Love Wallpaper.

This beautiful model is made of metal and shines brightly when direct light hits its surface, creating a stunning effect. Our Milan Metallic painting in gray and gold has a unique design that will add style and sophistication to any room in your home.

Chic Gold Wallpapers

The gold and rose color of this wallpaper is a great vintage or modern decoration, changing the look of a room with only one wall. Simple in appearance, this design can be combined with any color for a perfect complement.

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