Maple Wood Bookcase

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• Price quoted is for unit measuring 58″ wide x 15″ deep x 32″ high (29″ high case, base is 3″)

Maple Wood Bookcase

Simple to mid-century and design, books and other uses can also make other changes.

Bush Furniture Somerset 5 Shelf Bookcase, Maple Cross (wc81465)

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We’ve been looking around for a while for cabinets that are unique and functional. These are beautiful closets that add interest and complete our room. They were worth the wait. Communication with Gideon was excellent and when they were loaded, they arrived quickly and packed with care and no scratches on them! I would recommend Gideon’s work.

First, the seller is a good person. It is helpful, flexible and responsive. And fair. He sent me pictures of the work stage. I thank them. A letterbox is a beautiful piece of art created with care and professionalism. I am glad to have it. It adds meaning and warmth to my home.

Tiger Maple Wood Historical Dusing Bookcase

Beautiful and exactly as described. Easy to get from Gideon. Also great communication from Gideon during the build process.

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Brown Maple 60

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Custom Built In Bookcases — Woodmaster Custom Cabinets

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If your books and photos are still displayed on a few boards held by a group of bricks, here’s some good news: it doesn’t require a carpenter, doesn’t have to show all the property in a workshop, and is thousands of dollars more inside. A bookcase for your home. All it requires is some sturdy veneer plywood and a circular saw. By laminating a series of short supports over a long strip of wood you can create the appearance of thick boards that have been routed to receive shelves. Some wood products cover all the edges of the plywood to hide your skills, leaving you with furniture perfect for a good library.

Traditionally, bookcases are made of wood material, carefully walking to create tight grooves that accommodate each shelf. But sawn lumber is expensive—enough oak for an 8-foot book, for example, can run into the thousands of dollars. Plywood with hardwood veneer is not only more expensive but in many cases stronger than softwoods such as pine. Most lumberyards prepare the base: birch, maple, and oak veneer plywoods. If you plan to paint your letterbox, and maple lends itself to a variety of stains, it is the best wood to use. But there are also special orders that make veneer plywood from all types of wood, including mahogany, teak, cherry or walnut. For this, it is best to use the right finish and let the beauty of the wood shine through.

Custom Bookcase Bookshelf

For the strongest frame, we use oak plywood and double its thickness for book sides or legs by gluing and nailing plywood shelves to support long boards. (Cutting grooves in the board will affect its strength.) The edges are hidden by the finished wood material.

The hard part of working with plywood is ripping the 4-foot-wide boards to the width needed for the frame and shelves. Cutting an entire 8-foot sheet straight with a circular saw is difficult, and running plywood through a portable bench is dangerous. Your best bet is to find out if your lumberyard has a commercial table saw for making clean, straight rips. Most yards will be cut for a dollar or more. Calculate how deep you want the bookcases and shelves to be, subtract 11/16 inches to allow for the extra depth of the 5/4 lumber, then rip all your text to width boards at the lumberyard. When you get home, you can use a circular saw to cut the slices to length.

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Have the lumberyard rip your plywood into boards to a width that matches the depth of your bookcase. Before you cut and assemble, sand all the wood. Stain or prime it and let it dry.

Measure the height of the location where the box will go. Cut book legs for this scale from ripped-down plywood

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Measure your site width in our site. Subtract 1½ inches from the smallest measurement. Cut the shelves to length from the plywood. (Make sure you cut off a piece at the top.)

If you want your shelf to vary in height to accommodate different sized books, you should mark the legs where the base will be. Hold one foot against the wall and mark where you want the bottom of each shelf to fall. Try to line shelves with adjacent building elements, such as foundations, windowsills, and mantels.

Place both feet on the table, butt evenly on one side. Use framing squares to transfer shelf symbols from one board to another. Then place the remaining plywood on the edge of each row and mark the width of each shelf.

Measure between the lines to get the size of the base items. Using the circular saw taken from the speed square above, cut the support from the ripped-down plywood. Cut the top base ¾ inch short.

S Thomasville Burled Maple Wood Bookcase

Bookcases have a kickplate to cover the space under the bookcase, so the bottom support should be at the back. Using a circular saw, carefully pry them to a depth of ¾ inch.

Glue and install supports for legs: Starting at the bottom of one leg, squeeze an S-shaped bead of glue onto the original layout.

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