Low Level Tv Cabinet

Low Level Tv Cabinet – Stunning TV Unit with Door and Drawer, Black-Brown/Lapviken/Stubber Black-Brown, Dimensions 94 1/2×16 1/2×29 1/8″ (240x42x74 cm) View Specs

TV is not just smart! BESTÅ TV units combine modern aesthetics with practical functionality. You get a lot of storage space and get rid of tangled and dusty cables.

Low Level Tv Cabinet

With multiple cord outlets on the back of the TV bench, it’s easy to keep the cords of your TV and other devices out of sight but close at hand.

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Planner Do you want to design it yourself and adapt the look and function of BESTÅ to your space, needs and taste? Test the scheduler and configure it

Wood is a material commonly associated with furniture, and for good reason. It is renewable, recyclable, durable, beautiful and an important part of our Scandinavian design heritage. We believe that responsibly sourced wood is a key driver of change for climate mitigation. In 2012, we set a goal to source wood more sustainably by 2020. We are happy to announce that we have achieved this goal and today over 98% of the wood used for our products is FSC certified or recycled.

Forests help balance the atmosphere, clean the air we breathe and are part of the water cycle. They nourish the biodiversity of wildlife and provide shelter to the tribal people who depend on the forests. 90% of the plant and animal species living on earth need forests to survive. They provide food, fuel, timber and many other ecosystem services. Obtaining approximately 19 million m3 of roundwood per year from approximately 50 countries has a significant impact on the world’s forests and timber industry, and is a huge responsibility that positively affects how timber is sourced. Responsible timber sourcing and forest management ensure that the needs of forest-dependent people are met, businesses operate sustainably, forest ecosystems are protected, and biodiversity is enhanced.

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We work with strict industry standards to promote responsible forestry. We do not allow our supply chain to come from illegal or forested areas or from forest zones where there is social conflict. Before commencing a partnership, suppliers must demonstrate that they meet the critical requirements for timber resources. All suppliers must source wood from the most sustainable sources (FSC certified or reclaimed wood). All suppliers are regularly audited and non-compliant suppliers must take immediate corrective action. Working with our suppliers, we are proud to have achieved our 2020 sustainable sourcing target. Today, more than 98% of the wood is FSC certified or recycled.

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With unsustainable agriculture, infrastructure expansion and illegal logging under increasing pressure on the world’s forests and surrounding ecosystems, it is time to take a more holistic approach to protecting and sustaining these vital resources for future generations. The Positive Forest Agenda 2030 promotes and innovates to improve forest governance, increase biodiversity, mitigate climate change and support the rights and needs of forest-dependent people along the entire supply chain aimed at making better use of wood. The agenda focuses on three main areas: • Making responsible forest management the norm around the world. • Stop deforestation and restore degraded landscapes. • Innovate to make better use of wood by designing all products from the ground up to reuse, renew, reproduce and ultimately recycle.

Over the years, we have worked with businesses, governments, community groups and non-governmental organizations to combat deforestation and forest degradation and increase the amount of wood from responsibly managed forests in our own supply chain and beyond. we have increased the availability. We are on a journey to improve global forest governance, make responsible timber sourcing the industry standard, create resilient forest landscapes and increase biodiversity.

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We use plywood in the production of many furniture items such as tables and shelves. They are lightweight and resource-efficient, yet stable and strong. Each board has a frame made of chipboard, fiberboard or solid wood, and the interior, thanks to its special construction, is a cavity-filling structure made mainly of recycled paper. Then the board is covered with protective paint, foil or veneer depending on the desired style.

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