Loft Bed With Wardrobe Underneath

Loft Bed With Wardrobe Underneath – Mezzanine Bed – The Gami Montana Loft Bed is a large piece of furniture from the Gami Montana collection. Gami Montana loft bed with European single loft bed with top bed safety rail at front and perforated footboard panel to support mattress. It’s a loft bed with wardrobe underneath: its built-in hanging wardrobe is at one end of the Montana mezzanine bed. It’s also a bunk bed with bookcases and storage underneath – 3 open shelves and a similar storage alcove as a wardrobe at the same end of the loft bed. In addition, the Montana floor bed has a built-in sturdy ladder with three rugs to reach the higher bed. Stair carpets have non-slip safety profiles to prevent stairs from slipping. It is also a trundle bed with a desk below: its computer desk has a raised platform useful for placing your computer monitor, a sliding shelf for the keyboard, a large wardrobe with a storage niche on one side, with 1 drawer. A niche and a lower shelf on the other, and a large work surface. This Gami Montana mezzanine bed is available in white ash effect, gray oak effect and alder effect with imitation ash wood effect, oak wood effect and alder wood effect with paper particle handles in matching white finish. Brown silkscreen applies nicely on several fronts. This Montana mezzanine bed for kids is reversible and you can place the stairs and wardrobe on the left or right side. The compact Gami Montana mezzanine bed with usable space eliminates the need for other furniture and is therefore very useful for children’s bedrooms. Shop the matching Gami > mattress for the perfect loft bed.

This contemporary mezzanine bed gives your boys and girls a good night’s sleep. Gami Montana mezzanine bed furniture for youth, children and teenagers is made in high quality paper particleboard in ash white effect finish, gray oak effect finish and alder finish. This rustic Montana loft bed has some rounded edges and all edges have the same particle board finish. According to the safety requirements of European code NF-EN 747, this Gami mezzanine bed is not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

Loft Bed With Wardrobe Underneath

All GAMI brand mezzanine bed furniture is made in France by GAUTIER, a renowned French manufacturer and one of the European leaders in contemporary furniture. Gautier made his reputation with children’s bedrooms. This product is made of European E1 class panels, which have the lowest formaldehyde content. Not more than 4 mg per 100 g as compared to the strict standard limit of 8 mg per 100 g of the panel. Thanks to the high quality of Gami furniture, you can disassemble and reassemble your furniture without any damage. 8 Space-Saving Loft Bed Ideas for Tight Spaces Let the college kids come up with the ultimate bedroom space-saving trick: the loft bed.

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How To Build A Closet Loft (perfect Kids Reading Nook)

Opening up the amount of real estate a bed would normally occupy means more square footage for storage, work space or even a living room. Check out these great ways to incorporate a loft bed into your space.

Love a deal? The STORÅ Loft Bed, retailing for $299 (available at IKEA), is a versatile wood option that will add utility to any room. The lower area can do double duty as storage and living space with a small clothes rack behind the bed and a sofa underneath.

Many bedrooms in older homes and apartments don’t have much closet space. Don’t be afraid! You can turn the space under the bed into a closet big enough to fit all your stuff as shown here (available at Wayfair). Install wardrobe shelves, mount rods and hide everything behind bold curtains or elegant doors.

Hanging the loft from the ceiling rather than holding it from the floor creates an open and airy feeling and keeps the space below unobstructed. In the configuration shown here (available at Wayfair), the suspended bed can be raised to any height needed to fit the space. You can also design a home office area downstairs that is completely accessible and inviting.

Examples Of The Super Cool Loft Bed For Grownups

Three fit in one bed space in this double-height bed configuration. A ladder provides easy access to the top two bunks, although you can build a more permanent ladder for more stability and seating. The dead space under the bunk bed creates open storage for clothes and shoes, so you can access everything you need just meters from your bed!

Although this loft bed design does not offer a large room, it maximizes the floor space without obstructing the flow of the room. With enough space for some artwork and a rug, you’ll really have everything you need, with the added bonus of a nightly breakfast on the stove!

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This loft allows for serious storage space under the bed, from shelves to large drawers to a pull-out unit that fits snugly under the slatted frame (available at Wayfair). If you’re stuck in a small space and aren’t ready to downsize your luggage, a loft bed with ample storage to free up space is a good option.

Loft lighting and tech accents combine to create this gaming setup under a loft bed (available at Walmart). A simple desk, dual monitors and a top shelf provide essentials for serious gaming without overwhelming the small space.

Desk Under Bunk Bed In Teen Bedroom Uk & Irish Use Only Stock Photo

This sleek, minimal loft bed (available on Amazon) offers some living space underneath. Complete with a TV, pillows, two chairs, a table and a storage shelf, this loft bed idea combines two different functions into one.

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Your little princess deserves nothing less than a grand palace! Our Tiara loft bed, with ample storage and a desk, will fulfill all his desires and yours. We added 6 large drawers for storage, including a closet where she can organize all her clothes and pajamas. He can also sit inside the table to do homework or draw quietly. The design features 4 open shelves (3 beside the desk and 1 below) to keep his folders, books, pencils and notebooks close at hand. You also get 2 storage baskets (included) for easy organization! The final touch: we added another spot for bedtime reading or an alarm clock. Your little girl is sure to have sweet dreams in this stylish bed!

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SmÅstad Loft Bed, White White/with Desk With 4 Drawers, Twin

Besides being practical and comfortable, this great loft bed looks like something out of a fairy tale! When you place it in her room, the beautiful retractable handles will add a charming and feminine style. Another benefit: Your little girl gets her own secret hiding place – in the space under the bed, behind the wardrobe – so she can play as much as she wants.

This product meets all ASTM safety standards…and the large bed edge pieces with rounded edges and sturdy ladder, will ensure a safe place for your little girl to sleep.

All of our products meet or exceed North American safety standards and our packaging is tested and certified to minimize the risk of damage during shipping. This item ships in 3 boxes, make sure you have a friend with you. Requires 2 adults to assemble and tools are not included. If you have any questions about this product or need assistance, please contact South Shore Furniture 7-Day Support. You can contact customer support by phone at 1.800.290.0465 or live chat with an agent here: This product is made in North America from laminated particleboard and polyester. Accessories not included.

• Loft Bed: Treat your baby to a sturdy bed where he can sleep soundly on top!

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• Storage Storage: This product is a mini-fort with 6 large metal sliding storage drawers, wardrobe and adjacent space.

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