Lighting Sets For Living Room

Lighting Sets For Living Room – Whether you want to improve the lighting in a specific room or plan a whole-house lighting renovation, keep these room-specific tips in mind:

The concept of floor lighting is especially important in the living room/family room, an area of ​​the house where people gather for long periods of time and engage in various activities such as conversation, watching TV, reading and playing board games. games and laptop. “In rooms where people spend a lot of time, I like to ditch recessed downlights and instead use bounce lights from the ceiling for ambient lighting,” says lighting designer Markus Earley of Earleylight in Providence, R.I. “Bouncing the light from the ceiling creates a feeling of brightness in the room and avoids shadows or the downward direction of recessed lights.”

Lighting Sets For Living Room

Earley also prefers to reflect light from the ceiling because it suits the human tendency to visually perceive vertical plants looking up, compared to feet.

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To create atmospheric lighting that bounces off the living room ceiling, Earley suggests integrating recessed lighting into the room’s architecture. “Or if you have bookshelves or an entertainment unit that doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling, there’s an option to add a molding and put a linear fluorescent light behind it,” suggests Earley, who likes the new slim. A T5 fluorescent tube that is dimmable and has good color reproduction and a warm appearance.

Another way to create mood lighting in the living room is to wash the walls with light, which can be achieved with soffit or border lights, recessed lights or track lights directed at the walls, or even floor lights with recessed bright bulbs. upside down balls.

Work lighting in the living room can be provided with table lamps, such as adjustable pharmacy-style lamps placed near a reading chair or game table. “An apothecary-style reading lamp with an LED or incandescent bulb is one of my all-time favorite choices for task lighting,” says interior designer Cheryl Katz of C&J Katz Studio in Boston.

Accent lighting in the living room can be used to focus on an architectural element, such as a fireplace or a bookshelf, or on a painting, sculpture or plant. Overhead lights placed on the floor can be used as accent lighting for a plant, while track lights can be used as accent lighting for a work of art. When lighting an art collection, the brightness and warmth of the lighting type must be considered; For some lighting designers, accent lighting for works of art is a special area of ​​expertise.

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Modern Lighting Fixtures Bring Current Touch To Living Space

In a large living room previously lit with recessed cans and table lamps, new architectural lighting can consist of curtains running from two opposite walls (installed about a foot below ceiling height), a soffit installed directly above the fireplace (at ceiling height), and a table lamp placed next to the reading chair. Wall switches would control the case and sofa, or a keypad could control all the lighting with pre-programmed settings for “entertainment”, “reading”, “all on” and “all off”.

In a modest living room where a wall switch is plugged into an outlet, a homeowner’s solution that offers energy efficiency and versatility would be to replace the wall switch with a dimmer switch and add false lighting by hiding the fixture behind the mill. is added to the top of the bookshelf and connected to an outlet controlled by a dimmer.

Lumens: The lighting in the living room should be 1,500-3,000 lumens. Work lighting for reading should be at least 400 lumens.

Because the kitchen is heavily focused on cooking and cleaning activities, it is usually a gathering place, it requires careful consideration of tasks and ambient lighting. In particular, consider task lighting on the counters, where most of the work takes place, and above the sink.

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One of the main reasons why sinks are often placed next to a window is to take advantage of natural light, and this layout is still highly recommended by lighting experts. Amplify natural light with a ceiling-mounted or recessed light above the sink. Using under-cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate countertops without overhead lights that cast shadows on the person working at the counter.

When Providence lighting designer Markus Earley, associate professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, recently updated his kitchen lighting, he compared LED and CFL options for his under-cabinet lighting and chose T5 linear fluorescent bulbs, which are dimmable and emit a warm light. with a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 3,000 Kelvin. “My only concern with LED technology is that the LED chip is a tiny little directional light source, so a linear LED boat light has a lot of tiny light sources that create shadows,” says Earley.

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A basic lighting plan for a modest kitchen could consist of ceiling lighting to provide ambient light, under-cabinet lighting for countertop lighting, soffit lighting for task lighting above the sink, and pendant lights for task or ambient lighting above the kitchen. Shin. This traditional lighting scheme is suitable for many kitchens and can be improved simply by putting all the lighting on a dimmer switch and choosing energy efficient light bulbs.

A new lighting plan for a medium-sized kitchen may require recessed lighting on two opposite kitchen walls to allow ambient lighting to reflect light from the ceiling instead of recessed downlights or central ceiling lights, both of which primarily emit light directly downward. Valance lighting above the sink and under the cabinet would serve as task lighting.

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Lumens: The lighting around the kitchen should be 5,000–10,000 lumens, the work lighting on the counter, sink and area should be at least 450 lumens.

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Since the bathroom emphasizes personal care, which requires looking at oneself in the mirror, it requires careful placement of lighting. Too many bathrooms have a central ceiling fixture that creates shadows for the person standing in front of the mirror. “One of the best improvements you can make to your bathroom is to light both sides of the mirror,” says Patricia Rizzo of the Lighting Research Center. In small bathrooms, where you may have to choose between a wall light on the side of the mirror or an overhead light, lighting designers say always go for wall mounted. “You don’t want to create shadows in the bathroom,” says Rizzo.

In the general lighting of old bathrooms, there can be a lamp installed in the middle of the ceiling and a lamp above the mirror. The improved lighting plan would remove these fixtures and replace them with three wall fixtures, two on each side of the mirror and one on the opposite wall (offset from the position of the mirror).

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Lumens: The bathroom’s ambient lighting should be 4,000–8,000 lumens and the work lighting of the mirror should be at least 1,700 lumens.

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Outdoor lighting serves a number of purposes, including safety (on walkways), security, and pure aesthetics (showing off a beautiful plant or tree). San Francisco-based lighting designer Jody Pritchard says one of her first pieces of advice for landscape lighting is to choose quality fixtures for durability. “The outdoor environment is so harsh, especially on the coast, that it pays to pay a little more upfront so you don’t have to replace furniture every three years,” says Pritchard.

When planning landscape lighting, Pritchard recommends thinking threefold: light something close to the house, something in the mid-level yard, and something far away. “That way you create interesting focal points when you look out of the house at night,” he says. An overlooked advantage of outdoor lighting is that it minimizes the reflection of glass surfaces when viewed from inside the house at night. “If you offer something outside that’s lit, even a plant right outside a French door, you’ll see the reflection behind the glass,” notes Pritchard.

Avoid the mistake of using too much light outdoors. “People often think more is better, brighter is better, but outdoors, where you create a very bright area, you’ve also created very dark areas, which can be dangerous. It’s better to have low lighting around,” says Pritchard. .

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The front door is one of the few outdoor spaces where brighter light is acceptable, and a traditional lighting plan calls for two wall-mounted fixtures next to the door.

Lumens: The lighting of the front entrance should be 1,000-2,000 lumens; on tracks, at least 300 lumens is recommended.

The main focus of dining room lighting is the table, and lamps placed directly above the table can provide both ambient and task lighting for this room. Dimmers are especially desirable because they offer the flexibility to create a relaxing atmosphere when entertaining. Important note

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