Leaning Wall Mirror

Leaning Wall Mirror – Last week I posted some new gems. I got rid of the mirrored jewelry box and replaced it with a soft jewelry box. I love the new setup and I’m excited that it left more space in our living room… room for a leaning mirror.

I’ve always wanted a full-length mirror in our living room because we don’t have the space in our home to look over your entire look from head to toe. My wardrobe gave you glimpses of your hips, your bathroom mirror lifted your hips…so you had to imagine what the clothes once looked like.

Leaning Wall Mirror

Now, we have my own full-length mirror in our bedroom (from CB2, but no longer sold) and I couldn’t be more excited about it! You’ll know this mirror as the one I used in my brother’s master bedroom. Everyone has gone to this mirror and I can see why. The soft black, the hint of copper, the volume…all absolute perfection.

Diy Floor Mirror For Less Than $30

But this is the best part. When Ryan and Sarah are sent mirrors from CB2, the company mistakenly sends two mirrors! When I called the company, they told me to keep it instead of refunding it. What a result! It seems they don’t need the same mirror in their home, so I asked if there would be an extra one for our place. They let me happily.

So not only did I have room for a full length mirror in our bedroom… I got a free mirror. Yes please!

Finn & I placed the mirror in the bedroom closest to our master bedroom and we were instantly blown away. The mirror faces a small window, so a lot of light comes through and brightens the room.

The only thing I don’t like about the mirror is that it’s on the runway. In those early days I was afraid that one of us would bump into him and fall to the ground. Although it was quite heavy and didn’t slide on its own, I was very worried that I might fall.

Diy Leaning Framed Floor Mirror

After a few days of extra storage in our bedroom, I thought of a way to mount this mirror on the wall.

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After doing some research, I decided that the best way to secure a wall-mounted mirror was with the same furniture straps that you would use for furniture around your home. These straps are often used to attach heavy pieces to the wall at the back of furniture. This way, the furniture won’t fall on top of the child if he tries to climb out. I found these belt straps on Amazon and after reading the good reviews I purchased them.

Since I don’t want my glasses to fall off…or top down…I thought these straps would do the trick! You should use two straps for each item, and then you place one side against the wall and the other directly against the piece of furniture.

If I am going to secure a piece of wood furniture (or a wood mirror), I will stick one side of the tape directly into the wood. However, my mirror is metal and the back…

Floor Mirror Decor

It has two holes where you can mount the mirror to the wall with the furniture, but I didn’t want to mount the entire mirror to the wall because I like the “curved look”. So I got creative with the straps.

I removed the “wall” of hardware, so I was left with the “hardware” hardware and a long white strap. Then she pulled the strap across the back of the metal mirror. Since the plastic side is much larger than the metal hole, plastic cannot pass through. So I made sure that the side of the strap would hold firmly against the mirror.

I always try to include things in studios when possible (this is when it comes to finding your rope.) After finding two ropes, I flipped the device upright against the wall. If you can’t find a backing, the strap kit comes with heavy-duty anchors. If you can’t find a support on the wall, always use an anchor! This will ensure a strong bond.

With the wall brackets in place, I took the two strips attached to the mirror and screwed them through the mounting holes on the wall. I did my best to get a nice tight fit and then cut off the excess strap.

Diy Floor Length Mirror Frame Tutorial

My mirror is now mounted to the wall and I don’t have to worry about it falling off. Even though we don’t have kids or pets, it’s nice to know where this mirror isn’t going. I can walk very fast without fear!

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Now the rest of my room looks a lot more open! I have room on the right side of my dress and it’s not too short. Eventually I might put a plant right next to the plant, but for now I’m enjoying the extra space.

Every little change you make in this space makes me love you more. For now, there isn’t much change here. But you never know when you’ll need to shake things up!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you the best part. Since I only needed two furniture straps to secure the mirror, I was able to give Bridget the rest to take home. Now she can stop everything for Baby Mac to come!

Ways Mirrors Can Make Any Room Look Bigger

I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. Rory and Ellis marry Finn and Amy. Together, we’re building our Chicago dream home, one DIY project at a time. I think large floor mirrors can add elegance and bold design to any room in the house.

Since I’ve always been a big fan of using mirrors in the home, I knew I wanted to incorporate large mirrors somewhere when designing my next mirror space.

With the high ceilings and larger rooms than my previous room, extra large mirrors would make the look even better to keep everything in the right size and proportion.

Mirrors are one of my favorite pieces of decor, and there are so many reasons to use them in any space.

Neutypechic Solid Wood Full Length Floor Mirror Leaning Or Standing

One of the main reasons is that a small mirror adds height and lightness to a room, making it appear larger and brighter.

When positioned correctly, resting on floor mirrors can give your guests (and you) a second look through the mirror’s reflection, allowing you to focus on the design features of your space.

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Floor mirrors get their name because instead of being mounted to the wall like a traditional decorative mirror, they sit flat on the floor and lean against the wall in the corner.

Of The Most Beautiful Extra Large Leaning Floor Mirrors — Trubuild Construction

I prefer this height because I like the mirror to be about 3/4 of the wall when tilted.

Most floor mirrors require no installation, although there are ways to supply them if needed or desired.

Choosing the right size floor mirror is important because it can make a real difference to the look and function of a room.

As I mentioned above, find mirrors 3/4 of the wall height or higher, to get the proportions right to create a place for an exciting statement.

The Best Full Length Leaning Mirror

Below you can see some examples of different sized mirrors in a room with 8-foot ceilings.

With an 8-foot ceiling, the 72-inch-tall mirror would be 3/4 of the way up the wall.

At 9 feet or taller, I would have made it longer, at least 84 inches or more, to keep the same proportions.

I don’t think there is a bad place to use a mirror! These extra large floor mirrors can be used anywhere they can sit safely without getting in the way.

Self Full Length Floor Mirror 71

I often like to use them at the end of a hallway because it makes your eye think the normally narrow space is bigger and taller.

Another narrow space that can make a room appear larger is the entryway, and the design you choose is also a great way to welcome guests into your home.


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