Large Round Trays For Ottomans

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An ottoman in the living room is often used as a footstool, a dinner table, or a place to store your signs. However, you can make it look more stylish by repurposing this functional piece of furniture into a fashionable item. Place a decorative tray on your ottoman, and you can easily use it as a coffee table.

Large Round Trays For Ottomans

We’ll share some great tips on how to choose an ottoman, tray and display items. You will also learn how to make a tray and create a beautiful and useful space in your living room.

Akola Aluminum Tray 41 Cm

There are hundreds of ottomans to choose from. Consider the best style that works with your room’s decor when purchasing one. Choose the best features, products and options. Depending on the size of your room, you can go with a large, medium or small ottoman in a corner, round or rectangular shape.

Consider ottomans that provide storage for throws, DVDs, sofa bed covers and distractions to hide from guests. Choose a solid fabric or leather ottoman that matches or contrasts with the formal, modern or casual look of your room. Take your time and try it out for yourself before going online to compare prices and check reviews.

Look for the right tray that matches the size and shape of your ottoman. Once you know the size, choose the type of tray you want. Wooden shelves work well for storing things like signs and magazines.

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Natural materials give the room a natural feel. Rattan, pollen, sea urchins and hyacinth are not particularly suitable for drinks or candles. The open weave can absorb liquids and drip onto your ottoman.

Willow Round Tray — Loft Furniture New Zealand

Trays with a lacquer finish add interest and versatility. The glossy hard cover prevents spills, and is easy to clean. Lacquer is much cheaper than natural products, but it lasts for many years.

Choose a tray with handles, which makes it easy to move around when cleaning or to use for a special occasion as a tray. Most have handles cut from the sides or glued on. Choose a tray with at least 2-inch sides for better storage.

It would be best if you made your ottoman tray in a simple and neat way so that it is not too crowded. Add shape, height and color. Useful items such as coasters, labels and signs can be hidden in the decorative storage box.

If you have enough space on the tray, combine coffee table books to create a picture frame. Arrange the books in odd numbers and choose their size from largest to smallest. Add a beautiful accessory like a cherry cloisonné plate on top.

How Big Should An Ottoman Tray Be?

A scent display will enhance the room with fresh flowers, incense, reed diffusers or an essential oil nebulizer. Another way to create love is to decorate the tray with bright lights, a decorative lamp or a triangular candle.

Follow this guide to help you create a fun display on your new tray. Divide the tray into three or four sections and place an item in each section. Choose items from similar categories to display together, such as books, collectibles, memorabilia, plants or candles.

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You can change weather conditions or create a new scene. Another option is to incorporate natural materials that add warmth and texture. Small ornaments, shells, driftwood, geodes and corals can give the tray a natural vibe.

Answer: a 19″ x 19″ or 14″ x 18″ tray for your ottoman. If you don’t have a coffee table, why not use an ottoman as a tray. This is useful when converting to a live table. The tray is perfect for turning your ottoman into a coffee table.

Inches Large Round Tray Wooden Ottoman Hi Gloss Modern Decorative Serving Tray With Handles, Serve Tea Or Coffee (black)

Liz, this is a great addition to the hotel resort. I much prefer ottomans to coffee tables. It really gives the place a sense of comfort.

I noticed that the Amsterdam Hilton’s luxury living room had an ottoman in front of some chairs with a dark wood tray similar to what you show. It served as a coffee table and the deep lip protected the ottoman from falling.

Amen, it’s amazing that the tray ottoman is such a great modern product. I think they are beautiful and fun to make. I’m glad you liked the article.

This story is very interesting. I love the style of the ottoman and the chairs. It adds to the beauty of the place. Thanks, Linda, for the thoughts and advice.

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