Land Of Nod Loft Bed

Land Of Nod Loft Bed – Shared bedroom for kids: My daughters share a bedroom and they love being together. (Most of the time!) I recently bought my oldest daughter a big girl bed and before making this very exciting purchase, I searched the internet for great bunk beds and single beds and “pinned” tons of incredible shared bedrooms. Scour the internet for inspiration. .

I decided on a Jenny Lind bed for my oldest daughter (my youngest got an Ikea toddler bed) and I couldn’t be happier. I have thought a lot about getting a bunk bed, but our room is too big for two beds and my girls are still small. (The Consumer Safety Commission recommends that children under the age of six not sleep in the upper bunk.)

Land Of Nod Loft Bed

The photo above is a great example of how beautiful two Jenny Lind beds look together. (Top photo credit: Dominique Vourillon)

Abridged White Glaze Low Kids Twin Bunk Bed Frame With Left Ladder + Reviews

Of course, bunk beds are a great option for a shared bedroom and there are many styles to choose from. There is something comforting about your own bed. Like sleeping in a cave!

The Perch Bunk Bed should be every modern furniture lover’s dream bunk bed (and that includes me). The Oeuf bunk bed is lower than the ground making it safer. Available in birch/white and walnut/white and twin-over-twin.

The Simple Bunk Bed from Land of Nod is also one of my favorites. I love the fresh, clean look of this bed in natural stain, but it’s also available in espresso stain and white. The simple bunk bed is available in twin over twin and twin over full.

If you have a long room, I see two single beds along the wall, like Sunrise in Domino magazine and in Mark Ruffalo’s upstairs bedroom, you can achieve a similar look with Ikea’s ODDA bed. House Bunk Beds With Slide Twin Over Twin Floor Bunk Bed Wood Fun Playhouse Bunked Frame For Toddlers Kids Girls Boys Teens, White

If you want to leave elegant contemporary furniture, you will love the Room and Board fashion bed. Moda is supplied in all white or espresso or natural accents. Moda is also available with eight other accent colors (allow extra time) that will make a room truly unique. Available in Twin Over Twin and Twin Over Full. Contemporary furniture is also wonderful, if you like incredibly beautiful modern furniture, that is!

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Bunk Beds Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

The Emerson bunk bed was designed to look as if it was made from salvaged wood. It almost looks like Stickley furniture to me. (If we had sons, my husband would be in this bed.) Available in Twin Super Twin and Full Super Full.

Christina, from Full House, created her daughters dream bedroom on a budget. All the furniture was purchased from Craig’s List or thrift stores and the sewing was done by her mother. Wow!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s children shared this stunning bedroom, designed by Anne Joseph, temporarily while she was on location. His bunk bed was from Posh Tuts and very expensive, you can find a painted MYDAL bed from Ikea for less.

The Young America Mix Bunk Bed is available in 20 colors. Simple design and excellent quality make this bunk bed ideal for contemporary or traditional bedrooms. Available in twin over twin, twin over double and double over double. Contemporary bedroom furniture is also beautiful and colorful.

Seven Reasons To Buy A Bunk Bed

A shared bedroom can be just as beautiful, luxurious and fun as a bedroom for one. I tell my daughters they are lucky to sleep every night! Welcome to the third episode of our Kids on the Mind series! This week we’re focusing on home designs that respect your style and your kids’ needs. A balance of both factors is possible, and below we’ll show you how to make smart design choices that look practical. Read on for helpful tips, great photos and lots of design inspiration!

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We start with safety, because it should be your first priority when it comes to your children. Obviously children have different needs at different ages, and we won’t go into the ins and outs of baby proofing, although there are some excellent online resources to guide you when you’re ready to explore. In general, large furniture must be secured to the wall, as this prevents dangerous (and sometimes fatal) injuries.

Things like shelves, clothes and bookshelves need to be stored, and there are products that can help you achieve this goal. Whether you’re buying anti-tilt devices, furniture security straps, or furniture that comes with its own hardware to do the job, do your research and most importantly, do what it takes to keep your home safe!

Also consider protecting the furniture itself. For example, retailers like The Land of Nod include bunk bed safety information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, including age restrictions, fire safety and mattress requirements. Again, do your research and prioritize safety when it comes to your children.

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For some, safety is about deliberately choosing eco-friendly, non-toxic furniture, bedding and colors to make the environment healthy for children. Brands are increasingly appreciating these concerns as consumers become more safety conscious. Calvin Studio is one such brand, and they offer green, sustainable furniture for adults and children. Below we see 3 blocks, a set of three geometric nesting tables/stools:

In addition to safety considerations, think in terms of practicality. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Example: Consider adding a beautifully designed art table to the living room so you can spend time together as a family. This gives you a chance to relax on the sofa while you watch your little one (instead of going back to your child’s room to check on them).

Node Campaign 3 How awesome is this land of chests? Complete with wide wooden drawers (practical), it also has brass drawers and corner brackets (elegant). See, it is possible to have both practicality and style!

The Wheelhouse Bookcase from The Land of Nodis is unusual, classy and retro-modern. The circular design is unconventional, however the four internal shelves and small scale make it ideal for storage and display in small spaces (and makes it accessible to small people).

The Land Of Nod Wrightwood White Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Below is gorgeous interior blogger Camille Stiles’ baby boy nursery – isn’t it amazing?! The Victorian Roll Arm Upholstered Daybed is from Restoration Hardware, and is the perfect place to crash after a late night feed. Stiles recommends adding an oversized piece to complement furniture designed specifically for children. Once again, practical style meets!

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When designing your home with children in mind, include furniture that can do double duty. That way, both adults and children can enjoy them, and you make the most of the space you have available. For example, below we see a desktop in the loft area of ​​a home. However, you can apply this concept to the dining room if you’re short on space, turning your dining table into a place for kids to do homework and art projects.

This cube paper holder from The Land of Nodis is both a modular shelf and a paper holder, making it possible to display your little one’s favorite things as well as giving him easy access to paper. In other words, creativity is at your fingertips!

And don’t forget that you can choose display shelves instead of wall art in one part of the room! The books in the downstairs space actually serve as wall art, as the fabrics are colorful and whimsical. In addition, this solution frees up floor space (which is not the case with book shelves).

Build A House Bunk Bed

We finish by focusing on storage, which is always a challenge when it comes to kid-friendly spaces. Instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of toys in the room, make them part of the room! The custom built shelving features recessed rings underneath that hold Tubtrugs storage containers. The selection is quick, and the storage is beautiful.

In fact, there are plenty of stylish storage cabinets available, allowing you to find options that complement the decor in your living room or family room.

You can always choose a bench or ottoman with hidden storage. Children will love to hide

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