Kid Bedroom Decor

Kid Bedroom Decor – When Melanie from Austria renovated her children’s bedroom, something as simple as adding a large rug lifted the room into a more inviting atmosphere. “It also gives the kids a good place to play on the floor,” says Melanie. “It only takes a few simple changes to make them fall in love with their home again.” Here are nine more tips from some of the homes we’ve visited over the years…

When we visited Helen in Denmark, she was in the bedroom with her 4-year-old daughter, Vila. “I used a BILLY book bag that I hung on the wall as a room divider between me and Willa,” says Helena. “And the kitchen units with wheels under my bed saved extra space to give Villa more room for games and toys.

Kid Bedroom Decor

We made smart use of space in Natalie’s tiny New York apartment. “Growth is beyond imagination,” says Natalie. “Turning the closet into Huck’s bedroom (3) was easy – and there’s still enough room for us to find a story to sleep in!”

Stylish Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

When we visited Teresa in Portugal, her little girl Maria (3) had a space-saving bed that became her play area. “I love everything in my bedroom,” says Maria. “But I love my bed the most. Sometimes it’s a tent or a phone, and sometimes it’s a car. “

Sanna from Finland makes sure she has a place where her twins Vilho and Vieno (3) can help get dressed. “I like the Finnish saying: ‘pienella Abhilla,'” says Sanna. “It means ‘small effort, big result’ – and it reflects how we live with our children.”

If your child is lucky enough to have a large bedroom, make it one that you can enjoy together, with a large sofa and regular children’s furniture – where you can read and be together. “I like spending time with Oswald (5),” says Dorit, “laughing, painting, building things.” The game is not just for kids!

Anki from the Netherlands used her bedroom as a bedroom for her little boy Wolf (4). “It’s its own little world,” Anki says. “The wolf likes it because it’s like a secret den – and it’s a place where he can leave his toys outside.”

Our Twin Bedroom For Boys { Monochrome Kids Bedroom Decor }

Helena from Denmark revamped her daughter’s storage with purple-lined boxes. “A good storage space encourages Will (4) to organize his shelves,” says Helena.

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Cecilia’s daughter Anaïs (4) loves the color blue – we quickly learned this when we visited the family home in Sweden. Cecilia says, “Our house documents are who we are.” “So this applies to children as well. It’s great that Anaïs has a bedroom where she can express her personality and abilities the way she wants. “

Sanna from Finland loves to draw her twins. “I covered their table with cleaning cloths,” he explains. “That way I don’t have to worry about falling apart.”

Jump into relaxation Four ways to set the right mood with LED lights. Stay a while on the balcony1. To help your kids stay organized, keep things at their height. Closet storage, benches and hangers will be used more often if children can easily reach them. Try adding some bins to hide their toys and other items.

Coolest Kids Bedrooms: 8 Awesome Ways To Create

A body-style bookcase holds books, toys and other items stored in this children’s room. The bottom row of the bookshelf contains numbered storage bins.

2. Many craft and hobby stores sell glow-in-the-dark paint additives. Try drawing stars and moons on your child’s ceiling or a cityscape on the edge of the room. As a result, they will enjoy turning off the lights at night.

3. Try to create a continuous center by painting the walls with chalkboard paint. You can get chalkboard paint in the color of your choice.

Design Platform created this playroom for a child’s heart and imagination with your cleverly designed walls. Colorful plastic chairs and a white table complete the look.

Playful Décor For A Boy’s Bedroom

4. Removable wall products are becoming more expensive and the number of styles and trends is increasing every day. Call them temporary wall tattoos and let your child enjoy decorating their home so you know you won’t have to fix it later.

5. Children are collectors, so collecting is easier. Photos and postcards should not be glued to the cork board. Try hanging them on a rope in front of a window or hanging them on a rope on the wall to create a harmonious border around the room.

Lavender-colored walls create a calm backdrop for this bedroom. Playful patterns and metallic stickers add personality and fun.

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6. All children need a place to show off. Galvanized steel is inexpensive and available in sheets at most home improvement stores. Just attach it to the wall and you have an instant magnetic board.

Bedroom Furniture And Ideas For Any Style And Budget

7. Check your local arts and crafts store for peeled cork. You can cut out any shape, just peel off the bag and stick it to any wall for some fun hanging around. For a more elaborate design, try using a pumpkin carving stencil, transparent paper, and a projector, as seen in the magazine.

Magazine: To fulfill her daughter Dylan’s “puppy” request, Mandi Gubler hung a pumpkin stencil on the wall and placed cork paper ( on the wall to cover parts of the image. He then drew a design on the chalk and wall, made a hole with a hand knife and secured it with small copper nails. He filled the rest with white paint. Check out the magazine for step-by-step instructions on this project.

8. Put a wall around the room instead of a traditional growth chart. You can use non-toxic water-based paint to engrave your child’s handprint every month. Watch them grow together.

9. Be sure to install different types of lighting in the child’s room. All lighting is essential, but so is a reading light. It can help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas That Your Child Will Remember Forever

Brass reading lights (a target find) help draw attention to simple, graphic images and wall decorations. The bears and pom-pom pillows that decorate the bed are also from Target.

10. If you are painting a dress or other furniture you know your child will grow up with, make sure they help. The child can also add their own signature with hand or fingerprints to make a dotted design.

Give your tiny home a personal touch with these DIY decorating projects. They will love our interesting furniture updates, wall designs and furniture colors.

Enhance your small kitchen with great decorating ideas. Space is key in a small kitchen, so take inspiration from inspiring photos of rooms that combine style and functionality.

Kids Bedroom Home Tour

Keep the truck off the floor by turning wall shelves and stretchers into colorful and kid-friendly places to store stuffed animals.

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Step up your science game with these three clever Easter egg decorating ideas that add “eggs” to the egg experiment.

Put those companions in their place forever with our favorite toy boxes, baskets, bookshelves and hammocks.

Don’t confuse clutter collection. The things you love can make your home look artistic when properly displayed.

Amazing Kids’ Bedroom Decor Ideas — Melanie Lissack Interiors

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