How To Train A Puppy With A Clicker

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Clicker training is a positive reinforcement technique where you use a clicker to mark your dog’s good behavior.

How To Train A Puppy With A Clicker

The importance of using a clicker is that you can be very precise about what good behavior you are marking and rewarding, by clicking at the exact moment when your dog – for example – goes for a walk. While letting the leash loosen, or while looking at you. You seek his attention.

How Does Clicker Training Work

Clickers are small mechanical noise makers that emit an audible click when pressed. While they all generally work the same way, there are some differences between the devices that can make one more desirable to owners than the other.

The Karen Pryor i-Click Clicker comes from the Queen of Clicker Training herself! The Favorite Clicker is designed to give a quiet clicker, making it perfect for shy or nervous animals.

Note: This clicker must only be purchased from the Karen Pryor online store, as counterfeit versions are common on Amazon and other online retail stores.

Sensitive or anxious pet owners have really appreciated the gentle click sound of the Karen Pryor, noting that other clickers are too loud and scary for their pets.

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There are a few knockoffs of the Karen Pryor clicker floating around online. These are said to be of high quality, so be sure to buy from Karen Pryor’s website!

Our Opinion: The more I use this clicker, the more I like it. It’s super comfortable and the high button positioning makes it really easy to press. It’s also small enough that I can tuck it under my sleeve when I’m not using it, and I barely notice it’s there.

About: The PetSafe Clik-R is a ring-style clicker that can be looped around your finger, making it perfect for multitasking. Because it can easily be attached to your finger without getting in the way, it’s great for wearing around and looking good when you see it.

Users describe the click as a soft plastic click, rather than the loud metal clicks of some other clickers. Owners love the finger strap, which they found comfortable and incredibly useful.

Pet Training Clicker With Wrist Strap Dog Training Clicker For Dog Cat Horse

Our Method: This is my favorite clicker to use on the go because I can easily hold the strap and clicker in one hand. Having the clicker loop around my finger means there’s no way to let it go, so whether I’m taking the poop or fiddling with my treat bag, my clicker is always close at hand.

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About: The Petty Booth Box Clicker (also available at PetSmart) is a metal box clicker that emits a loud, piercing click that can be heard outside. Owners who find most clickers too quiet are big fans of this box clicker.

Owners who find that standard clickers are too quiet absolutely love these clickers for their loud, attention-grabbing clicks.

Due to the bulky size and the need to press on the metal, they are probably not ideal for people with reduced mobility. One individual found that the box clicker broke almost immediately. Unfortunately, box clickers are rarely found in stores, so finding replacements for this version can be difficult.

Pet Dog Training Clicker For Puppy Dog

Our take: I wasn’t a huge fan of Box Clicker. The reset button is annoying to press, and the content just feels cheap. I used a box clicker that I picked up at PetSmart – it’s possible that the one ordered online is of better quality, but hard to say for sure.

About: Acuity Pet Training Clicker is a collection of basic, no-nonsense clickers. With an affordable 4-pack, this is one of the cheapest options for getting the whole family to try clicker training!

People love how cheap and easy this clicker is, and many especially appreciate the included bracelet band.

Some find the click too loud for their liking. It also requires a fair amount of pressure to eject with a click – nothing to trouble the average adult, but possibly not the best for the mobility impaired.

How To Clicker Train Your Dog: Your Complete Guide

Our take: It’s a perfectly decent clicker, and the fact that it comes in a multi-pack should make you lose it. I didn’t find the clicker as comfortable to use as the Karen Pryor or the click ring, but it’s made of solid material and the price is reasonable. Not a bad first clicker to try!

About: The Care of Animals (COA) Multi-Clicker has a patented volume control option, which allows you to adjust the click volume depending on your dog’s sensitivity.

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It also allows you to increase the volume once your dog gets used to the click and isn’t scared of it.

Owners liked this variation, noting that the high setting is best for outdoors, while the second level has a fairly “normal” clicker sound, and the first level is softer and softer.

Dog Clicker Training Clickers Cat Training Whistle Dogs Clicker Large Button 2 In 1 Training And Education Ratchet Tool For Puppies Rabbits Horse,,green, Two Pieces Huseryt

At least one owner found that only two of the volume stops work, and they sound almost identical. Some also felt that the clicker is bulky and feels cheap.

Our Take: There is some variation between clicks, but not a ton. I agree with some other users – the plastic of the clicker feels cheap, and the device is quite heavy compared to other clickers. The rubber strap is also quite cheap and not as comfortable as the strap included with other clickers.

Target sticks are used to teach your dog to aim (getting your dog to touch his nose to the ball), which can be used for agility training, healing and more. The built-in clicker means you only need one device, rather than having to juggle an M-Stick and clicker device at the same time.

While the Click Stick is probably best for intermediate and experienced trainers, it’s definitely a great tool for building more complex routines and moves.

How To Train Labrador Puppies With A Clicker

The Clik Stik is extremely useful for all owners who are also working on agility training, as it works well as an all-in-one tool.

Our Opinion: I have fun with this clicker, but ultimately it’s the one I use the least time because we don’t do much with agility training right now.

When you begin clicker training, your first step is simply to make your dog associate the clicker with the treat.

When he hears a click, he gets a story! To begin, you will simply click and then treat your dog 10-20 times so the connection is made.

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Clicker training is also a powerful tool for counter conditioning. This is why clickers are often used to train dogs with a leash reaction. You can use a clicker to click and reward a dog that simply shows calm behavior around another dog.

While treats work best for most dogs, if your dog likes to play, a quick round of tug-of-war or a toss of a tennis ball can also be a great reward! You can use whatever your dog likes as a reward.

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What is your favorite type of clicker to use with your dog? How do you use a clicker in your training? Tell us in the comments!

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Meg Mars is the founder and director of marketing at K9 Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and loves dogs of all shapes and sizes! He loves iced coffee, hammocks, and dog hugs! Dog clicker training is an animal training technique that uses a “clicker” which is a box with a metal part that makes the sound “click!” makes It is also a philosophy because trainers who use this method do not want to force or punish the dog. Instead, they freely use the behaviors presented by the dog that they want to reinforce. This is a positive and fun way to interact with your dog. With this technique you can teach your pet countless behaviors, commands, games and manners. You can also give your dog clicker training to address minor behavior problems or severe aggression.

This dog training technique is easy for both you and your canine friend because it starts with a very simple exercise. All you need is a clicker and some treats!

Dog trainers who use this technique study animal education, which is important to understand the basics of this method. In clicker training we use two main learning principles: classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

First you will teach the dog the meaning of the sound “click” (classical conditioning) and then you will use the sound to mark and reward the behavior you want (operant conditioning). It is quite simple and we can summarize it in these 3 steps:

Puppy Dog Pet Training Clicker Whistle W/ Wrist Strap Obedience Training Tool Us

If you repeat the above steps, your dog will learn to associate the dog bed with rewards and start spending more time there.

Because it works! And it’s fun, easy and positive. There are many myths about dog training, some trainers will tell you that certain dog breeds cannot be trained in positive ways because they require a strong hand, or you may think