How To Start Prius With Dead Battery

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How To Start Prius With Dead Battery

You have several options for moving your Prius out of the garage. You cannot put it in neutral without a 12V battery. But what you can do is jump on the vehicle in front. Here’s a picture I took from this website that shows where to put the jumper wire (little finger):

What Are The Reasons For A Dead Toyota Prius Battery?

You can place the black (negative) wire on the gold pin/nut at the 11 o’clock position. This should give you enough power in the system to put it in neutral (probably a little to boot). After putting the car in neutral, you can remove the relay that the indicator is pointing to (it is already removed in the picture). Then when you turn off the power, the car stays in neutral and you can move it.

If you don’t like it, you’ll have to jack up the front of the car and take it out of the garage. This can be achieved by using a lift with a rolling floor or by placing the front tires on wheeled carts.

I assume you can open the back cover the same way as above (using the system jumper as described).

My jumper cables are about 20 feet long and very low gauge (2 gauge I think). They carry a lot of juice and have always been useful. I have had them for over 20 years and have never regretted buying them. Getting them will be quite expensive, but worth it in the end, IMHO.

Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid

If all else fails, yes. This is a last resort, but it may be your only option if you can’t do it yourself. But that’s up to you.

The easiest way to pop a Prius is from the front junction box as shown above (and detailed in your manual). Instead of a 20′ jumper cable, which would be quite heavy, I would suggest buying or renting a battery starter like this one. The last time I called a tow company to jump start my Prius, they brought a battery powered device that made the process much easier.

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By clicking “Accept all cookies” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. A dead key fob won’t prevent you from getting in and starting any modern car. Here’s a trick to unlocking and then starting a Toyota Prius even with a dead key.

Toyota Prius (xw10)

Any modern car can be unlocked and then started even if its key fob is dead. Car manufacturers use a variety of methods to ensure that you are not stranded when the battery dies. The methods vary slightly between car manufacturers, but for all Toyota vehicles, the method of unlocking and starting the vehicle is the same. As our example, we will show the use of the Prius.

The first thing you should do is take a good look at the keychain. There should be a small button on the side. Press this button and then pull the end of the key ring as shown in the image above. The metal key will be magically revealed. This key then fits into the old school style driver’s door lock and then you turn it to open the door.

If you hold the dead key fob very close to the start button, the start button will activate. You can then press the start button and the car will start and move. If it doesn’t work perfectly, touch and hold the controller next to the start button for a moment, then press it with the controller to press the start button. It should work.

You can replace the battery in the key fob yourself. The plastic cover can be unfastened using the same hidden key as the lever. If you have any questions, please watch this video. Do not throw away the old battery. Carry it with you so you can buy a spare coin cell battery wherever you go. Most drugstores, home improvement stores, hardware stores, and similar stores have them in stock. The exact type of coin cell battery is printed on your old battery. They are usually placed in a special recycling bin, so don’t throw it in the bin or in shops. The Toyota Prius owner’s manual makes opening the tailgate from the inside look easy. This is not a simple two-step process.

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Dead Battery / Blown Fuse

It’s bad enough that you got into your Toyota Prius, hit the power button, and nothing happened. When you find that the trunk lid won’t open because the little black button that opens it is powered by a battery, it starts to annoy you.

You don’t need to open the tailgate to start your Toyota Prius with jump leads. Just like a regular car, there is also a regular car battery under the hood. Open the cover and you will find it under the black cover in the right rear corner. I’ve included a great video at the end of this article with step-by-step instructions on how to jumpstart your Prius.

But if you’re waiting for a repair shop or a friend with a car and cables and need to get into the trunk in the meantime, that’s a problem I’ll show you how to solve. You’ve probably tried to consult the owner’s manual and found the instructions easy to read. Simple two-step process: 1) remove the cover and 2) pull the lever.

If you’re reading this, you’ve discovered that 1) it’s not a simple two-step process, 2) there’s nothing in your trunk that remotely resembles any of these diagrams, and 3) it’s not easy to get into your trunk when the tailgate no space, they do not open.

My Prius Is Not Starting Up And Is Making This Weird Noise. It Is A 2010 Prius And We’ve Never Had An Issue! Let Me Know What You Guys Think 🤙🏼 :

Here’s a step-by-step guide to opening the trunk (aka trunk, aka tailgate) of your Prius when your battery is dead.

Press the button next to the seat belts on both rear seats and pull the seat backs.

To get started, you need access to the trunk from inside the car. Unless you’re extremely petite and skinny like a Barbie doll, you won’t fit through the narrow opening between the top of the rear seats and the inside of the roof. Of course, this is where small children can come in handy, but that’s a topic for another article.

Press the button and pull down the backrests of both rear seats. Now you can dig into the trunk of your Prius for the Holy Grail: the door handle.

Toyota Prius Questions

Hopefully you’re one of those rare people who doesn’t actually store anything in the trunk of their car. If not, step 1a is emptying the trunk.

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Once it’s empty, you can pull back the carpet to reveal the toolbox. You are looking for a small screen very close to the back door.

Pull this cloth to open the lid of the tool box. It should open easily, but if the lid is in the way, take a breath. It’s not trying to add to your bad day, it’s just locked down.

There are two locks on the left and right side of the tab. To unlock the tool box, the arrows on the locks must point to the side (left for left lock, right for right lock). If they point to your back door, they’ll laugh at you and leave the lid of your tool box locked.

Dead Battery Archives

Turn the two tool box locks at 3 and 9 o’clock. If the arrow points to the closed trunk lid, the tool box lid is locked.

There is a plastic cover in the tool box insert that protects access to the trunk lever. Delete it. This photo is without cover.

The tool box insert has a small plastic cover that protects access to the door handle. You can easily tear it off. If you feel better expressing your growing anger at the process, use a screwdriver and to hell with the owner’s manual… remove the cover and don’t use the rag to protect it. It is a cheap piece of plastic whose sole purpose is to cover access to the door handle.

I personally blew my cover. It was nice and will never block my access to the doorknob again.

How Do You Jump Start A Rav4

This is where the owner’s manual writers were seriously smoking something. The manual says that 1) this lever is easy to find and 2) you can pull it out.

First you have to feel that lever. It’s buried in the tailgate, and since you’re already reaching through the tool box lining that’s in the body of your car,

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